The Gang leader's daughter

arranged marriage
YA Fiction Writing Contest
enimies to lovers

Emilia is dead, or at least that's what everyone thinks.

Once she turns eighteen she can come out of hiding and when she does she catches the eye of the college's resident bad boy.

Problem is, Ace is the leader of the rival gang, but that's the least of her worries.

What happens if he's not the only one who has their eyes on her?

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Jane POV God this lesson is so boring, I think to myself as I look out of the window, hoping something a little more interesting may occur out there.  My head snaps around as the bang of the door, being forcefully swung open and hitting the wall behind it makes me jump. "Ouch, f**k" I grumble to myself as one of my colourful dreadlocks whips me in the eye. The whole class turns in my direction, I hadn't realised I'd said it so loud. I put my head down and look at the blank page that stares back at me. Hearing giggles coming from next to me, I crane my head to the side and shoot glares at my so-called friends, Nate and Ellen and they shut up immediately, Ellen mouthing a 'sorry'. I hear the chairs in front of us screeching against the floor as they get filled with the door abuser and his four friends. I lift my head with an eyebrow raised as I see an unwanted arm resting on my desk, followed by the jerk leaning in towards me. "See, not even your own hair likes your face!" He laughs, along with his whole posse. Dickhead! The dickhead in question? Well that would be Ace Blanco, all I know about him is he is pretty high up in a gang and he thinks he runs the school. Which of course he does, along with the rest of his gang members. You can tell who they are by the flaming skull tattoos they have and the way they all dress the same way, everyday they turn up to college in a dress shirt and jeans, sporting a quiff. They really do look like absolute dickheads! I ignore him and he soon turns around. How I wish I could wipe that smug grin of his f*****g face, what was the point of him showing up to this class, apart to make my life a misery, There is only ten minutes left of it. I try my hardest to ignore him as he turns to my desk and starts drumming his fingers on it. Can I get away with spearing his hand with a knife right now? I claw at my cargo pants, holding myself back from lunging at him with every hand movement he makes.  After the longest ten minutes of my life, the tutor finally ends the class and Ace's group are the first to leave. I let out a long sigh along with a growl, my fingers still clawing at my legs. "Calm down, we'll go to the canteen and get some tea. Danny and Blane will be done in half an hour, then we can go." Ellen tries to reassure me, her long black hair hiding half her face. I sit down at one of the tables, gripping at the cup that holds my chamomile tea, taking deep breaths, Ok so a little confession, I have a minor anger problem and Ace f*****g Blanco does nothing to help it! We can hear the arguing between a male and female approaching the canteen from down the hallway. "You can't just dump me. Do you know who I am?" The guy says. Oh, wait it's the dickhead. "Yeah a f*****g t**t!" And his little w***e. I am generally not a mean person, but if you piss me or my friends off, I hate you. I will hate you until the day you die. And these two are two of the most hated people among my friends. They both deserve each other and any karma they may have coming to them. "Why is that such a problem for you now suddenly?" "Because she's my f*****g sister, Ace." Teagan squealed, making all our ears ring as she stepped through the doors of the canteen.  I hung my head, trying to hide behind my rainbow dreadlocks while listening to their shouting match, my eyes wide after the comment she had just made. "And you were better than her." Are you serious? Does he really think that will help him out of trouble here? "I have to look at you both everyday, knowing that you've f****d. So I'm taking you out of the equation." She doesn't look upset, just pissed. Really, really pissed. "I know you don't really want to do this, baby." "I don't have a choice." She flicked her perfect golden hair, put a cup under the coffee machine and pressed a button. "Fine suit yourself. Don't come running back to me though, because I would have found someone better by then." He huffed and stormed out, slamming the door against the wall as he left. Fucking door abuser!  "Well, that was quite a show." I jump as Nate and Ellen's brother, Danny sat down next to me. He looks down at me. "you ok?" he asks confused. "She's ready to kill." Ellen answers for me. Danny mouths an 'oh' at her. You see, my friends know that once I get like this, the only one thing to calm me down is to beat the s**t out of something, or someone. And they would rather it not be them so they've learnt to keep their mouths shut. I take a swig out of the cup and nearly spill it down me when the door to the canteen crashes open again, in walks the dickhead himself, trailed by his little cronies.  Ace goes nowhere without the four of them, Rodrigo who is huge, like 6'4 with muscles that burst out of the tight shirts he wears, he has his dark brown hair in a side quiff and his green eyes stand out against his tanned skin. Gabriel is very similar, he has the same height and build, his hair is a shade lighter, but he has it in the same style as Rodrigo, but the main difference you see when looking at him is the piercing blue eyes he has.  Ruben and Lucas are identical twins, they're slightly shorter than the other two guys, but still taller than average, about 6'2 they're less muscly, but you can still tell they workout. Their jet black hair is styled back into quiffs and both of them have huge brown eyes that make you think of puppies. I look around as Ace stands behind me, he's not as tall as the other guys, 6'1 maybe, I'm 5'8, so not short, but where I'm sitting I come face to face with his groin and with the mood I'm in, if he pisses me off again I could get him right where it hurts. "What can I do for you Ace?" I say through gritted teeth, looking up into his deep blue eyes. "I wanna sit here. MOVE!" He shouts, raking his fingers through his jet black hair. "We were just leaving anyway, weren't we Jane?" Ellen said before I could get a word in. I stand up, leaving my cup. He wants my table, he can have my s**t too!  I raise to my feet, a fake smile on my face. "Of course, the table's all yours." Dickhead. "We were just going home anyway." I say politely. Blane pulls his beanie onto his head of blue hair and Danny and Nate do the same, covering their black hair and we walk out of the college site. "What are we doing tonight then?" Nate asks. "I've got the club tonight." I say, pulling the sleeves of my sleeves over my icy hands. "We're working tonight too." Danny says, thumbing between himself and Blane. "We'll be there too then." Ellen and Nate say simultaneously. God it's weird how twins can do that! After a fifteen minute walk, our group splits up, Ellen, Nate and Danny going to their house, Blane to his and I arrive at my three storey townhouse, closing the door behind me.  "Aunty El." I shout, hearing a distant response from upstairs. I see the small woman coming down the stairs, carrying a washing basket on her hip. "I gotta go to the club tonight." "Ok, sweetie." She puts down the basket onto the floor, smoothing down her floral blouse. "Work or play?" "Both." I give her a cheeky grin. I run up the stairs, taking two steps at a time, pulling off the rainbow dreadlock wig and wig cap and I put it on the mannequin head that sits in the corner of my room as my long brown hair cascades down my back in waves. Once I am free of the itchy fake hair I pull the baggy band hoodie over my head to throw it into the washing hamper in the bathroom, along with the khaki cargo pants. Oh did I forget to say, to the outside world. I am a complete fake!   

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