Chapter 1

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ROXIE I couldn’t help but stare out of the taxi window as we approached my home. I have been away from my pack, the Blue Shadow Moon Pack, for nearly six years. I was sent away by the alpha’s son. I was supposed to come home after a year, but I didn’t want to return. I didn’t want to see the i***t who hurt my feelings. For the last few years, I have stayed in my uncle’s pack, The Crimson Forest pack. It was an eye-opening experience. The training was intense, but I excelled at the top of the class. The alpha had every member train at the age of fourteen, which in the Blue Shadow Moon pack, you couldn’t start training till the age of sixteen. The forest comes into view, pulling me out of my thoughts, and the taxi takes the turn towards the pack. I could sense wolves in the forest. I couldn’t help but sigh; this is going to be complicated. The alpha’s son Lex. His full name is Alexander Morgan, but everyone calls him Lex. I don’t; I never have. I always call him Alexander, as I know it pisses him off. He’s my brother’s best friend. They are six years older than me, making them the right age to find their mates. Speaking of mates, I thought my mate would be in my uncle’s pack, but he wasn’t there. The age of finding our mates is nineteen. I could find mine now, as I’ve just turned twenty, but I haven’t. I have to admit, everyone wants their mate to be a virgin, but I didn’t wait. I knew whoever I ended up with had probably been with other people, and I don’t like the stereotypes where they have to wait for their soulmate, especially women; what if I didn’t find my mate till I was twenty-nine? I would be the oldest virgin known to man, especially in the werewolf community. I would be the laughing stock of the whole pack. The main reason for coming back home to my pack was because my brother had found his mate. Jason, the i***t who thought girls were boring at the age of ten because they were too slow at running. But it all changed when he hit thirteen, and he had his first girlfriend, who happened to be the worst; she picked on me like there was no tomorrow. She was evil. When I left, I was happy to learn that they had broken up and his mate was not hers. His mate is Sofia, but I don’t know anything about her as she’s not from this pack. My father likes her, but I think he would say that even if he didn’t, just to get Jason out of his house. It has been the three of us, as my mum passed away when I was ten. My uncle, my father’s brother, comes to stay once a month to check on us. My father was heartbroken when she died. I never wanted to suffer like that, and watching my father go through the pain of losing his mate always made me second guess whether I ever wanted mine. When I was forced to leave, my uncle was there; I wasn’t too thrilled to go, but I had no choice but to leave. I wanted to die right there and then. Alexander never gave me a real reason except one that a thirteen-year-old would take seriously, but he also left me with an image of him that I would never forget. But he told me I was too young for him and that he could do a lot better than me. You might have guessed that at thirteen I had a crush on him, well, more like years. He was hot back then, but I don’t know what he looks like now, as I never added him to my social media accounts. But I feel he has been stalking me on there, as my brother has liked a few photos that a brother should never like. I wanted to forget about him. The packhouse comes into view as the taxi goes around the corner. The taxi drives past it, but I can’t help but look at the place; it hasn’t changed since I left. It’s like a hotel to most people, but most pack members who live there are members without homes. Many lost their homes due to rogue attacks or even just by weather alone. The taxi driver goes past, and a few seconds later my house comes into view. I can’t help but smile. The house was the same as it was when I left. But it looks like my father has placed more flowers in the flower beds around the house. He made it for my mother before she died, and we used to water the flowers together. The taxi came to a halt outside. I opened the door and climbed out. I looked around, but there was no one in sight. I walked around the cab and grabbed my bag from the driver, who was waiting for me to pay him. It’s been a while since I’ve last been here. I handed the driver the money. I didn’t mind him, as he never talked to me, which I liked as I was nervous about coming back. But judging from the driver’s face, I think he knew to leave me to my thoughts as he was a wolf from the pack. The driver climbs back into the taxi and drives away. I can’t help but stand and stare. I never felt so nervous about being back home. “You ok there?” says Bex, my wolf, smirking. I groaned, “yeah, just trying to figure out whether this is a good idea or not,” I said to her. Bex looks at me and sighs, “We needed to come back; we trained hard, and not only that, we might find our mate.” Bex has been on about our mate for the last year, but I’m still not keen on the whole thing. “You never know; we might have two,” she says, smirking. Damn, why the hell did I have to have the horniest wolf known to man? Bex laughs, “I like men and women too.” I smirk, remembering the last encounter we had. As I said, I’m no virgin by any means, but I do like to have fun when I want to. I have kissed a girl, and as Katy Perry stated, she liked it. I can tick it off my bucket list, and I must admit that I liked it too, but I prefer men. Bex looks through my eyes at the house, “Nothing has changed,” she says. I sighed, “Well, let’s get this over with,” I said to her. Bex nods and goes back slightly but stays close enough. I walked to the front door and knocked on it. I waited for a few moments until the door opened. There stood my father with a big smile on his face. “ROXIE,” he shouted as he pulled me into a hug. I can’t help but drop my bag on the floor and wrap my both arms around him. I can’t help but inhale his scent, pine trees. I missed it so much. I can feel Bex purr in my head as the scent overtakes us. My father moves back slowly and smiles, “I thought you were coming later on,” he says as he bends down and grabs my bag. “I have planned a family meal for all of us.” My father walks in, but I can’t help the groan that slips past my lips. My father looks over his shoulder at me with raised eyebrows, “Rox, we haven’t seen you in six years,” he says as he turns around to face me. He places my bag on the couch, “I know we face time and email all the time, but that’s nothing like seeing you in the flesh, and besides, Jason wants to see you.” I stare back and sigh, “I know, but I have not long come in, and I just want a hot shower first,” I say, “Maybe a little sleep. Have you ever been on three different types of transport? Two of them had a screaming baby and one annoying passenger who had a problem with everything. The human was lucky Bex was sleeping, or I would have let her come out to play.” My father smirks, “I would have liked to see Bex take charge,” he says. Most werewolves get their werewolves at twelve, but I had mine at ten. I was there when my mother was killed, which brought on my first shift. My dad was nearby, but Bex protected mum’s dead body when he came to save us. I didn’t turn back into my human form for three days as I struggled with it all, but my dad got to know Bex. My father made Jason stay with Alexander and his father as he made out that I was upset and didn’t want to see anyone. No one in the pack knew I had my wolf; only my father and me. I never understood why he kept it a secret till one boy shifted early and Alpha Frank made him train. He was a year older than me, and he witnessed death too. My father must have thought I would have been made to prepare early, but when we announced that I had my wolf, the law changed for girls to start training when they were sixteen and boys at fourteen, which angered me, as we are all the same and I have to admit, women can kick more ass than men anyway. My father cleared his throat, “Where did you go?” he asked as I shook my head, pulling away from my thoughts. “Nowhere,” I smiled. “It’s only the four of us. No one else for the meal.” My father looks at me and nods, “It’s only the four of us; no one else is coming here. Everyone is away on business. They will be coming back tomorrow,” he says. I stared at him, and I knew that he was lying, and he was doing it now. Fuck, who the hell did he invite? I sighed and ignored the feeling I had, “I’m going to my room,” I said as I walked over to the couch and grabbed my bag. My father watches me, “Food will be ready in about three hours, and you get to meet Sofia,” he says with a smile. I looked at him and nodded. I didn’t say anything as I knew I hadn’t had the energy to talk more. This evening will be challenging, and not knowing who else was coming was worrying me slightly. I placed my bag on my shoulder and headed to the stairs. I walked up, walked towards my bedroom door, and opened it. I stood in the doorway, looking at the room. My father hadn’t changed anything; it still had purple on the walls. The posters I was into when I left, and judging by the smell here, my window hasn’t been opened in a few weeks as it smells stale. I dropped my bag on the floor and headed over to the window to open it. I opened the window, and a fresh gust of air came into my room. I sigh. I looked around, wondering what the hell I was going to do, but I had a thought. Maybe I should sort some things around here first, make it more me. I might as well, and I have three hours to kill. Also, it will keep my mind busy from overthinking the meal that my father has planned for the evening.
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