Chapter 2

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LEX She’s finally coming home today. Tim had confirmation that she would be there, and I was happy. “f**k,” I said to myself as I stared out of the office window. “I need to know she’s here.” “Calm the hell down,” says Blaze, my wolf, with a smirk on his face. “Good things come to those who wait.” I groaned, “You have been saying that for the last six frigging years to me,” I said to him. Blaze laughs, “I know, and you still get your pants in a twist.” I looked out the window, but there was no taxi or anything. I need to keep myself busy. I walk away and head out of the office, and I walk straight to the gaming room to find James and Sofia going hot and heavy. I groaned out as I walked in on them. “For f**k's sake, go to your room and do that,” I yelled as I turned around to avoid looking at them. Jason laughs, but I knew Sofia would be bright red. She gets easily embarrassed as she’s shy, but she knows how to have fun. “You can look now,” Jason said as I turned around to find Sofia was still flushed. I couldn’t help but smirk. Jason is my beta, which makes Sofia my beta female. Since we were three, I have been friends with Jason, and our fathers are friends too. Jason smirks, “It won’t be long, and you get to see your mate,” he says as he sits on the couch, pulling Sofia closer. I smiled. “Yeah, and you get your sister back too,” I said as I walked further into the room and took the chair opposite them. “I can’t wait to meet her,” says Sofia. “When was the last time you saw her?” I don’t say anything, as the last time I saw her was when she left six years ago. Jason’s sister is my mate, Roxie. I found out she was my mate when I turned twenty, but she was only thirteen at the time. It’s against the law to tell your mate that you are mates if they are younger than you, so I had to wait. I would have found out a year earlier, but my father had me stay in alpha school for another year to get further training. When I found out she was my mate, I found it hard not to tell her. It was affecting me too much; having her around and breathing in her scent made Blaze horny, and he wanted her constantly. Jason and I were players back then, so you would find us with women all the time. He had enough of Roxie one evening and snooped in her room to find her diary. Jason was thrilled to tell me that his sister had a crush on me, but when you hear your friend tell you that his little sister had a crush on you, I told him that she was my mate. He was shocked but took it well after needing a few breathing moments. After a long chat, we told our fathers what was going on. Tim’s brother, Keith, was staying with us as he was on his monthly visit to see his brother. He also found out that evening and mentioned that she could go to school in his pack. The mate bond towards her was too strong for me to handle, as everyone noticed I had to control Blaze every time she was around. We came up with sending her to school in Keith’s pack. When they told her, Roxie wasn’t having any of it, which led to me doing the most challenging thing ever; I had to find a way for her to leave. And I found it in the worst possible way, and I knew I hurt her a lot. She left without saying anything to me after that evening. I felt like a jerk, but she was a child; I had to deal with her being away from me and becoming the best alpha I could be. I knew I had to prepare for her return as I wanted to make sure she knew she was mine. I was pulled from my thoughts as I could hear Jason talk. “None of us have seen her for six years,” says Jason. I glanced over at him, and he had a sad expression. “We talk and text, even face-time, but it’s not the same as seeing her face to face.” Sofia nods, but she looks between us. “Well, I can’t wait,” she says, “I get to have a sister now.” Sofia came to us from another pack, but she had no family, as they all perished in a fire a few years ago. She was an only child too. We both smiled at her. I sighed. “I bet looking at f******k, and her social media accounts haven’t helped,” Sofia says. I could feel Blaze look at me, but we both stayed quiet. “Lex hasn’t seen anything on social media,” says Jason. “Rox blocked him from everything.” Sofia looked at me with raised eyebrows, “Why?” she asked. I’m still trying to figure that one out myself. Sofia looks at Jason. “Jas, please tell me you have let him look at them,” she asks him. Jason smirks at me, his eyes never leaving mine. “Oh, I have, but she has now blocked me because the love-sick i***t liked her photo in a bikini.” I groaned. Sofia stares at me, and I hear Blaze laugh in my head. “You never,” she says. “I couldn’t help it. I thought she looked hot, and in all fairness, it was the first time I had ever seen her since she left here,” I said, trying to defend myself. I have to admit, seeing her in the photo was a huge turn-on. I even got it on my laptop as I saved the picture. My mouth fell open looking at it, and my c**k went hard as f**k. She has changed since she left. When she was younger, she was skinny with blonde hair, and her blue eyes were slightly dull. She was small. But the photo I saw was of her in a bikini. She was tanned and still blonde, but she was toned in all the right places; she had curves too. “Yeah, I know man, but did you have to like that one,” Jason asks. “I don’t like all her photos, especially those she’s in bikinis as she’s my sister.” I stared at him but smirked. “Don’t,” Jason says. “She knew it was you and even threatened to chop my nuts off.” I can’t help but laugh. “I can’t see that happening,” I said to him. Jason looked at me for a moment, his face expressionless. He must have had a mind link come through. After a few moments, Jason comes back, but the corner of his mouth lifts into a smirk. “Well loverboy, she’s here,” he says. I stare at him; Blaze looks at him and moves to attention at the mention of the arrival of our mate. I go to move, but Jason stops me. “Hold on there,” he says. I glanced at him and frowned. But his face had a weird expression in place, “Rox told dad that she didn’t want anything, but my father told me to tell you that she knows about the meal he has prepared, but she wants it to be the four of us.” I couldn’t help the snarl that escaped my lips; that wasn’t happening. I have waited for six frigging years to see her. She was supposed to be back two years ago, but she never came. “Hang on,” says Jason. “My father told her that the four of us will be there, but you and your father can come later once we have settled down to eat.” I sat back down and frowned. “I guess that’s fair,” I said to him. “I think you should all wait,” says Sofia, making us both look at her. Sofia stares at us, “She will be overwhelmed with everything, and she has just come home from traveling; also, she may need sleep,” she says. “Babe, my sister’s not like that,” says Jason. “She will want to see us, and this guy was her crush back in the day; she will want to see him when she knows he’s her mate.” Sofia stared at him, unconvinced. “I don’t know,” she says. Jason and Sofia looked at each other, but they had blank expressions. They must have carried on talking through the mind link. I got up and walked out. I needed to get away from them, they might have a lover’s argument or something, and I had no intention of being a part of it. I walked through the packhouse and headed to my room. I needed to be ready for later, and I was going to see my mate after waiting for six years. I just hope to convince her why I had to let her go and that I have been waiting for her.
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