Introduction and Copyright

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The stealing of any idea, content is punishable. Plagiarism is a punishable offence. So don't steal anything from this . This story is a fiction and does not relate to any real life incidents. The places, names and characters mentioned in the book are purely fiction and does not resemble to exact places. Before you proceed to read the story, here's a warning. The story is a ride of various emotions, imperfect characters and carefree lifestyle. Sometimes you may feel like slapping the character or hugging them but please refrain from doing that. Enjoy the ride :) Also this story may seem slow in beginning but it's good I promise. Thank you for reading. All rights reserved Sanjana. Z Come say Hi to me on Instagram : san_2045 Twitter : San Also I have a f******k page for you to see latest posts, updates regarding my book. Facebook page : The Scripturient All love
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