Chapter 1. Dad's Calling!

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Does this ever happen to you that the person you want to ignore or you have been ignoring just can't take a hint? Like they are so persistent in getting you talk to them that it creates annoyance. If you are familiar with this concept then please join the club! I groaned for what seemed like the tenth time looking at my mobile screen. Having no option I lift the phone from the coffee table while sliding the green icon. "Hello?" I whisper, my jaw already clenched and my hands fisting my loose satin top. I "Hello! Sanyukta? Cara hope I am not disturbing you." Yes you are! I sigh at my subconscious snarky tone and am almost tempted to do the same but refrain myself. "No dad. What's up?" I ask trying to sound casually and not like someone who would rather not be talking but doing something else. "Did you get the invitation cara? Veini? And what about your mom? Is she coming?..." "Dad!" I interrupted, "Yes we received it today morning. Congratulations I guess. I don't know if I'll be able to make it though. But I'll definitely call Rihanna." Rihanna, my step sister was getting married next month according to what my mom said after reading the invitation. That's great news for her and I was happy like every stepsister but I was in no mood to go stay with her family for one whole month. Nah. "La Bestemmia! You are her only sister cara and you cannot not come to the wedding. She'll be upset. Whatever it is you can cancel if not I'll talk to them. You can drive to your work from here. It's not a big deal" It is a big deal to me. This is the reason I don't like my dad very much apart from the reason that he left us when I was just a child and remarried someone else. And it was not out of pettiness that I was reluctant to attend my sister's wedding but it was out of annoyance. I can't stand them for some reason. "Dad can you please drop it? I said what I said. Besides it's long drive from there. Mom will attend the wedding. And that's it." "But I want you to fulfill your responsibility as her sister. And we have shifted honey, don't you remember? It's just a twenty minute drive from your office. So I don't want to hear anymore excuses. You're coming tomorrow. " I slumped my head on my knees while stifling my groan. How could I forget? They shifted last Christmas and bought more better looking mansion. It's like God wanted me to suffer. But I won't. My dad can't tell me or order me to do certain things if I don't want to. "No I'm not going" I yelled angrily while pressing the red icon harder than necessary. Take that dad! "Sanyukta? What's the problem hun? Why are you yelling?" I heard my mother's worried voice from the hallway and the loud footsteps approaching. Raising my head I look towards her approaching form. With creases on her forehead and her long brown hair tied in a loose bun with some strands adorning her forehead with her hollowed cheeks she still looks gorgeous. Her pale yellow tunic top was sliding off her shoulder indicating that the top was loose. It was definitely due to her sudden weight loss. "Dad called. He cannot take a hint, can he? He wants me to go stay at his house for a month for Rihanna's wedding." I huffed in anger while crossing my arms like a stubborn child. I looked at my mother who narrowed her eyes at me while standing right in front of me. I ignored her stare and turned my head at side, finding the painting hung on the wall more interesting than her narrowed eyes. Though mum always tells me that it was their mutual to part ways I find it difficult to believe because I had seldom seen her crying at late nights. It went on for years. She did not move on in her life, still loves my father. I think she have not talked to him from last fifteen years. The last time I saw them together in the same room was fifteen years ago. After leaving her he moved in with some woman whom he met at his work who already had a daughter. They moved together and settled in New York city. Rihanna is older than me by two years and being the oldest she got my father's attention and lived with him. "Mind your tone. He's your father. And you should go. Its your sister's wedding... " "But mum... " I whined "Listen to me. Just because he couldn't fulfill his responsibilities doesn't mean you cannot. Don't be petty. I'm sure Rihanna expects your support as you are her only sibling. Can't you be there for her?" "Yeah I mean. I'll think about it." I sighed while she moved away and sat beside me. She did have a point. It's not like I'm going to stay there forever. It'll be only for a month and also I'll be working from there so I just have to stay for a limited period of time with them. Only have to endure two meals of the day for a month. Yeah I can do that. Besides how hard can it be? "That's my girl. I know you'll make the right choice. " She smiled flashing her pearly whites while her eyes shone. She is so silly at times. "Fine I'll call him and apologize." I exhaled dramatically while she beamed like a child on a Christmas morning. "Good. I'll be upstairs." I nodded as stood up and headed towards the stairway, her heels clinking against the floor as she walked. It's these little things that makes her happy. I think me talking with my dad is what makes her happy. She always wanted me to have a good bond with my father but after what he left I was heartbroken and rarely spoke to him. It's actually a surprise that he called me today because he only calls on special days or weekends but then again it was his favourite daughter's wedding. Okay. I can do this! I took a deep breath and saw that mom had disappeared already. Gaining a bit confidence I picked my phone from the table and dialed my dad's number. I couldn't help but tap by feet against the floor as the ringing continued. "Hello" I spoke meekly, my voice caught up due to nerves. "Sanyukta?" His surprised voice echoed back. Of course he would be surprised. I never call him back when I'm angry or let's just say in general. "I'm sorry for earlier. I just... It was a shitty of me. Uh... about staying at your place I'll think about it." I closed my eyes tight while biting my lip. I am hopeless at apologies. "Eccellente! That's great cara! You made your old man happy." He sounded ecstatic as if I have agreed to stay. "Hmm...okay dad. I'll call you back soon." "Si. Si. Is your mum coming then?" His curious tone irked me. Yeah like she'll stay there in his mansion for a month. How can he even expect? "No dad she's fine here. Goodbye" I huffed as I disconnected the call. It is so tiring to talk to him. I try very hard to not be mad at him but he gets on my nerves. It seems like I am going to be staying at his place for a month. It's the choice that'll make my mom happy. With that thought I jog towards the staircase. As soon as I near my room I hear a low hum of Can't help but falling in love with you from my room. I stand near the doorstep, observing my mom who has a huge grin on her face while she's busy folding my clothes. My lips automatically curl looking at her. Deciding not to disturb her rhythm I tiptoe inside my room. "Hey ma" "Did you apologise?" She asked not even sparing me a glance. Rude! "Yeah I did and he seemed happy about it..." I trail while a pink sweater catch my attention. Without thinking I reach for it, "And he was asking about you. he even asked you if you are going with me... " I bit my tongue. s**t. I was not supposed to tell her that. You don't have a filter, do you? "He asked about me?" She questioned while trying to appear casual and nonchalant but there was a different pitch in her tone. She's so innocent at times. I think she secretly hopes that they get back together and give me happy family. Well it would have been better if it happened years ago, would have saved counsellor fees. But we cannot have everything we hope right? I mean if he would have loved my mom as much as she loved him then he would have never left her alone with a nine year old. He left her all alone to take of a nine year old who was heartbroken for years. And due to her Indian roots or maybe it was her but she stayed in the same house and never moved on. Like there is still hope. Psst. "Yes ma." I nodded while rolling my eyes at her. "Uh... Tell him I'll be there. In church. I guess you already did but yeah" She fumbled while arranging my clothes. I nodded my head. Though it was not true but she did not need to know that. I mean he'll find out on wedding day so that's that. "Oh my God! I'm hungry. What's for dinner?" My stomach growled on cue. She groaned while looking at the huge clock. "It's dinner time already?" "Yeah ma." I nodded my head. I shake my head as her face looks torn between cooking or lounging. So to ease her work I think of offering to cook tonight. I love to cook. Cooking is a art I have mastered cause my mum worked for most of the time during my teen years and I had to feed myself. She once told me that a girl should know to cook. Something her mom told her If a girl cooks tasty food than she can manage the marriage with taste. Her mother had passed that piece of wisdom to her and she passed it to me. "You know if you're going to go it's going to be so quiet. I'll miss you." She suddenly says while looking at me, her voice rasp. "Ma it's not like I'm going for a year. It's just a month. And after that I'll be back. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon." The thing with my mum is she hates to be alone. When I go to office she goes to classes to spend her time because she can't stay alone in the house. So for college I studied here in city so she doesn't have to live alone. Also she happens to be the youngest mother so she doesn't exactly fit in with the ladies here. "Oh God! I have to bear you presence for whole life now? Tsk tsk" She teased. "Hey you love me." "Eh. Cause I don't have a option now. Do I?" "You're mean!" She laughed. "God I'm hungry. Can you make some spaghetti and meatballs?" Ma ordered. "Your order is my command mam" I bow mockingly in front of her erupting a laugh. Laughing, she shooed me to get to my task. Though she's a Gujrati at that she loves to indulge in meat. Marrying a Italian guy had its perks and effects. She loves Italian dishes, traditions and most of all wine. Red wine. It is no surprise as I'll find more wine bottles in this house than anything else. I head towards the kitchen to get started on my dish. As soon as I step inside the kitchen my phone start to vibrate in my pocket. I check the caller ID. It's my boss. "Hello? Mr Samuel? Fancy getting your call this late!" I mock him while balancing my phone between my ear and shoulder. "Oh cut the crap. It's Sam btw. " "Sam? Okay. Thank you I didn't know that. Can I hang up now?" Sam is my best friend I wouldn't trade for world. And I love to make his life difficult. It's what I live for. "Miss Sassy Pants I just called to inform you that from tomorrow our new head is arriving. I think you know that already. Anyways he's coming after almost three years I guess so I expect you to be on time." "Yes I'll be on time sam. Anyways I think tomorrow I will be going to dad's place. I mean I am thinking but yeah." "Okay? But it's not in morning right? I mean it's alright. You can come late if you want. I can talk to him. I'm sure he'll understand." "Thanks but there will be no need for that. I'll be in time. Anyways I'm making spaghetti. Up for it?" I asked while busily searching on the stand for a spaghetti vessel. "No thanks. I want to stay alive for tomorrow. Maybe some other day when I'm ready to die." "You're full of s**t. I hate you." "Aw I love you too. " "Ugh. Bye. I'll see you tomorrow." I smile as I hung up the phone. He's such a sap. I have been a company secretary for three years now. More like his PA. He is very professional and all business in office but outside he's a free spirited, funny and pian in ass best friend. But I love working for him. He's very hard working and is a good businessman. Something I aspire to be one day. Yeah one day ***
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