Chapter 2. Not a pleasant Surprise!

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Face your fears. Are you familiar with this concept? I mean it's easier said than done. It's not exactly fear more of a dread. The drive to my father's house was not difficult. We live in the same state, just two hours journey. I did not knew he was living in the city. As much as I know him I thought he would be somewhere far off living in jungle area. But then again people change. My mum and I live outside the city area, away from the prying eyes of the city life. It's not exactly a village but it resembles one. Even though it's not that developed I love everything about it. It was my mum's idea if living there, not moving. I can understand that knowing that my mother is a nature person. She loves flowers so much that we have so many varieties of them growing in our garden. The flowers I don't even know the names of. But if you ask she'll even give you their Latin name and what exactly they symbolise. It's home. Cause it holds so many memories. Also I'm so glad that dad decided to give that to mom instead of taking it as well. I think the home comforts her. I squint my eyes trying to read the board placed on the side of the road carefully. I twist my lips as it shows that I'm getting closer. Slowing down is not an option cause well speed limit. Take the turn I slow down after spotting the board that read Miller's Estate. I roll my eyes as the bold letters are craved and coloured in gold. You can do this! I motivate myself as the big brown gates stare at me almost tauntingly. Releasing a huge breath I didn't know I was holding I speed up towards the house. I frown as the gates won't open. I gasp at the sudden knock on my car's glass window. The muscular dude was staring at me like I stole his food. He was accessing my car and me. As much I wanted to roll my eyes I resisted. "Ma'am may I know your name?" His voice was surprisingly low, like it didn't fit well with his strong demeanor. But hey don't judge the book by its cover. "I am Sanyukta. Mr Miller is expecting me" I tried to give him a smile but failed. Well I think I failed because he didn't return it. "Yes Ma'am. Just a minute I'll buzz you in." For the first time he smiled, showing his yellowish teeth. I nodded, not knowing what to do. "Thanks" "No problem Ma'am. And welcome to the residence." I sighed as he signalled with his fingers to the guy who was sitting in the small booth that I failed to notice before. In a fraction of second the door was sliding open and he gave me a thumbs up. In few seconds the gates were fully opened and I drove inside. As soon as I entered the doors were closed again. This is it! The final nail in coffin. Turning ahead I gasped looking at the building in front of me. With pale cream paint and red paint on roof it resembled something like a mansion. The three storeyed building was standing proudly with greenery by its side. The inside was actually so much bigger than I thought. Like there was swimming pool on the right side for crying out loud. Looks like dad created a beautiful nature for himself in city. Thankfully the garage door was open so I easily parked my car beside a Range Rover. Taking my hand bag and mobile phone I shut the door. Stepping outside the car a smile lit up my lips as the fresh smell of roses hit me. It was so comforting, like being home even when not. It is unexplainable. Locking my car I walked out of the garage, flinching at the sudden sound of the doors that emitted a loud bang. The beauty of this place stuck me. Living here must be so peaceful. You have everything you need. Almost everything. Glancing at the view in front of me I tried not to let out a squeal. Just a few steps ahead there was a beautiful large swing with the wooden chairs and a table. It would make such a great reading spot. Lying down on the swing with a book in hand and a cocktail on the table. The sun rays peeking through the huge trees whilst the cool breeze blow past. That would be a good day. I jog past the swing with the new found spirit. Maybe living here would not be so bad. After few steps I stopped near the huge bronze door. Pressing the bell slightly I wait for someone. I clutch my phone tighter and my feet were impatiently tapping against the floor. As soon as the doors were opened I was greeted by the older gentlemen. He smiled looking at me and gave a nod. "Ciao Signora. Please come inside. Sir's been waiting for you since morning" I nodded though the last part was a bit hard to believe. As she fully opened the door and walked in front of me I stepped inside. Before I could admire the pretty view I heard loud footsteps. "Hello cara." I looked at the source of the voice only to see my father rushing down the stairs. Before I could form a reply I was being hugged. My arms were trapped at sides so I just stayed put. "Look at you. You look so changed. You've grown so much since the last time I saw you." Duh! It was two years ago so obviously I have grown. I had it at tip of tongue but I controlled myself. This tongue biting is so difficult. How does my mum do it? "Um...yeah. Hi dad" I said after parting awkwardly. I took a deep breath as I literally felt the air squeezed out of me. Yeah well I think it's acceptable after not seeing a person for a long amount of time. "Thank you honey for coming. I'm happy." He said while grinning. His face had such a huge smile but suddenly it dimmed after he looked sideways. His brows narrowed in confusion as he looked down at my hands. "Are you not staying?" He enquired, his face puzzled. "I am staying dad. That's what I said on phone right?!" "Cara then where's your luggage?" I laugh and hit my forehead. I forgot my luggage in the car. Very dumb of me. "Sorry I forgot it in the car" I answered while smiling sheepishly. "Sì? Don't worry butler with get it. Just give him the keys." As soon as he mentioned the butler was standing in front of him. Wow it seems he runs a tight ship around here. And who calls them butler? Like wow that's rude. "Signora." The same man who opened the door appeared before me and took over the keys. "You have a nice house" I commented to fill the silence after the said butler took my keys. It was actually gorgeous. With huge L shaped couch and two love seats and huge coffee table and with several paintings and vase it looked like a celebrity living room. "Grazie. You liked it?" He smiled though there was hint of something in his eyes. Something I couldn't read. Of course I liked it. It was really difficult to not like it. "Yeah it's beautiful." "Do you..." The loud ringing of my phone interrupted him and startled us. I lifted my phone while giving him a sorry look. "Excuse me" I politely asked while moving towards the love seats. "Hello ma." I answered. "Sanyukta​ have you reached yet? I just saw the weather report and it's going to rain." My mother asked her voice all huffy. Like she had run for a while. "Yes mom. Calm down. I just reached here a while ago." "Thank God. Well you should have called me Miss Sanyukta. I was worried." She tried to sound angry. Key word tried. She's a patient person so anger is something we can't acquaint with her. Like she's more tolerant and patient than me and my father. "Mum just arrived here like about five minutes ago. Chill I'm fine." "Yeah okay. I'm glad you reached there before rain." "Yeah. So what are you doing?" "I was just watching this news channel with Mrs Hudson and I saw the weather report so called you. Did you meet your father?" "Oh. Yeah I met him. I'll talk to you later. He's waiting." "Okay. Bye and please behave baby." "Mom. Don't call me baby. I'm a full grown woman." She laughed at the other end of the phone. I could imagine her shaking her head. "Okay young lady. Bye. Love you." "Love you too." "Was it your mom?" My father asked as soon as I walked towards him. "Yes dad" I replied not really interested in expanding. Sensing my tone he nodded his head. "Well Stacy and Rihanna are on the way. Why don't you go to your room and freshen up? Butler will bring your luggage up." "Yeah okay. Which room am I staying in?" "The second room on first floor. Left side." "Okay. Thanks." He nodded while walking towards the couch. Without waiting I started walking towards the huge staircase. They were wide, like we see in movies with the splitting in two after few steps. Walking towards the left staircase I frowned as there were no family portraits,instead the huge paintings adorned the wall. It did not look like a home. There was no personal touch, everything seemed so professional and delicate. But then again I'm not the one here to suggest. Their house, their choice. I halted as soon as I spotted my room. The mahogany door greeted me. Slowly turning the knob I unlocked and stepped inside the house. The soft violet carpet was spread throughout the floor. Walking further the first I noticed was the white bookshelf and how well it blended with the peach walls. Unlike the living room and hallway this room had a personal touch. Hell it's like I would decorate if given a chance. I smiled spotting the study table right beside the book shelf and a few feet away a huge television with several cds stacked in the shelves each side of the television. What made it more beautiful was the small vase with fresh red roses in it right beside the bed. The huge French windows were the way to the gallery. I couldn't contain the excitement. They made the room more lively aside from the huge wardrobe right beside the white door, which I assume is the washroom. I opened the French windows and soon a strong gust of wind hit me. I shivered and wrapped my arms around myself. Stepping out I let out a laugh. This was the perfect location as the huge swimming pool was visible along with the entire right side of the house and the roads leading to it. It was such a lovely view. Just then I heard a knock on the door. Turning around I yelled, "Come in" "Luggage Signora. Liked your room?" He asked while handing my keys. Butler's English was difficult to understand cause he had a thick Italian accent. But one thing I found endearing was whenever he talked he has this huge smile on a face. "Yes. It's good. Sorry I didn't get your name?" "Io sono Alexander Butler." Oh. Oh God I assumed my father was disrespecting him when in fact he was calling him by his last name. Wow I surely assume worst of him. "I am Sanyukta, well you already know that. Anyways Alex, Can I call you Alex? Who decorated this room? It's beautiful" He did not look offended when I called him Alex instead smiled. "Signore did. From past one week working on room." Oh. "Thanks for bringing my luggage Alex." "Prego. Do ya want to drink anything?" "Can you please make me a coffee? One cube sugar and with skimmed milk please. Thank you." He nodded and exited the room. Glancing at my wrist watch I sighed. It was sharp nine. And I have to be in office by 10:30 or else I'll be trouble. Well not exactly in trouble considering Sam is the boss but today we'll have a new boss. Kind of and I don't want to screw this up. Unpacking my luggage I quickly pick out the outfit for the offside and rush into the bathroom. After a warm, relaxing shower I dress myself into a crisp black button up shirt with tight black pants and decide to carry my blazer and wear it later. After applying my favourite chanel coco mademoiselle perfume, the perfume I have been using since I was sixteen and lip gloss along with kohl and eyeliner I am ready. Taking my laptop bag and my handbag I descend down the stairs. Halfway through the stairs I hear my father's raspy yet loud voice. Its hard not to hear. His accent is like that. "Ah there she is. Sanyukta come meet your sister and her fiancé. They just arrived." I shake my head at his enthusiasm and turn towards the direction his hand is pointing. As soon as my eyes landed on him I felt as if all the oxygen was knocked out of my lungs. Breathing became extremely difficult task. Several questions were running through my head but one particularly I wanted to scream out loud was, 'What the hell is he doing here?'
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