The Lycan King's Luna

small town

“Hello, Elle.” He said.

“Hello.” I said awkwardly in response, fear and disgust crawling all over my skin, like insects.

The reality of my situation just dawning on me, I don't think there is anything my alpha can do to save me from this monster of a man.

My hands were shaking but I hid them, behind me.

“ Let me explain your role to you, I need pups and I need a mate to get that. Since my true mate is dead, I need a chosen mate. That’s where you come in." He paused.

I nodded.

" I have chosen to mate with you.

In two weeks we would perform the mating and bonding ceremonies, and you would move to my pack and house, is that clear?.”


A weakling finds herself mated to the king of Lycans (Oscar Brent), after she had been promised to another.

The Lycan King, has roamed the earth for quite some time and has finally found his mate in the most unlikely of places.

Elle's happiness depends on the king's ability to defeat the monster with a rare power, who has refused to abide by the rules that protect the mate bond.

He has vowed Elle must be his, mate bond be damned !!

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Chapter 1 :
Introduction "Patrick pass me the ball " "come on Patrick, I'm free " "No you're not." Patrick Bordeaux deadpanned "Take the shot Frank." " its too far I can't make the shot" "Pass it to me, I've got a better shot." "you ain't got game Bordeaux." "maybe, maybe not" One of the young teenage boys , frank missed the shot. "Aaaagggrrhhh." Everyone groaned But mostly, Patrick knew he was only allowed to play because they were one man short. "Patrick, you're in charge of retrieval. " A burly kid said to him. "Come on Elle, go get the ball, you know you're the ball girl." No answer. "Elle please go get the ball." Patrick ordered his little sister. "But I get it all the time , yet you guys never ever let me play. Its not fair." she complained. "Elle, the ball now,!!" Patrick snapped losing patience with her. "I'll get you your ball then I am going back to find mum and dad." "Fine !!." Patrick shouted "Fine." Elle huffed stomping her little legs as she went to find the ball. When she did, she threw it at Patrick's head. "Ouuch Elle !, what was that for.?" He growled. Little Elle made a face at her brother, while sticking her tongue out at him. Before turning around to skip down the path, leading back to her parents. She got distracted by a line of peegee hydrangea shrubs in the distance and deviated from the path and rushed into the forest to see. she ran around giggling at a set of three colorful butterflies. Then she heard a menacing growl followed by a small whimper. Ducking quickly, Elle crawled on the forest floor, following the sounds and through a tall brush she saw a man that she knew was the beta of the other wolf pack, and his mate. The man had his hand wrapped around the woman's neck, her feet's were of the ground as he slapped her twice. " You want them don't you, you little whore." The man was saying, you think I don't know what you're planning?, you think I don't know you want to sleep with every male in the pack? Despite the fact that you carry my child? when we get home you will dutifully face your punishment and then you will be in your cage for two weeks. That should teach you how to behave. He sneered. The woman was now weakly struggling , still trying to get the man to loosen his grip so she could breathe. Elle gasped when the man released the woman suddenly and she fell to the ground with a slight thud. The woman was pregnant. The man turned at the sound and Elle knew she had been caught, she squeaked when their eyes met and took off as fast as her little legs could carry her. She ran and ran hoping to reach her parents before the man could catch her. But she was a pup and the man was a titled wolf. She ran, slamming into the beta, the force fling her small body a few feet away from him, her glasses fell of her face, she quickly picked it up and put it back on. The man reached her in two giant strides and picked her up by her neck . " You ever speak of what you saw and I would kill your entire family and wipe them of the face of this earth. Do you understand me ? "yes sir." Little Elle squeaked out fear almost completely paralysing her. Tears flowed down her cheeks as she willed herself to screams her lungs out. "Now wipe those silly tears of your face and get out of my sight.!!" he growled. Elle quickly wiped her tears with the inside of her sundress and ran off like her bottom was on fire. **** Ten years later Elle pov "Elle slow down or you'll choke on the pancakes." My mum warned slightly alarmed, as I continued to stuff my face with the delicious pancakes she'd made. I usually don't eat like a troll, but it was time to leave for work and I was running five minutes behind schedule. After gulping down my coffee and giving her a good bye kiss on the cheek, I raced to the door, hoping to get out before she belted our her usual warning to be extra careful, on my way to work. "Pfftt." Like I was going to fall onto the road from the side walk. “Elle !! don't forget we are expecting a guest over for dinner tonight.” “Okay, mum byeeee.” I said rolling my eyes at her over the top excitement. "Bye dad." I shouted as I shut the front door and began the thirty minute walk to the office. But I know he heard me. sometimes, I wonder how my parents feel watching me leave the house everyday to go to school and now work, knowing what awaits me outside. I have been bullied all my life, Its like an unending spiral, I mean who is still being bullied at twenty two, with a useless degree in Business analytics. This is Brentwood, where the meanest bullies live and home to the Royal Lycan pack, although the king is never here. I let the familiar sounds of dried leaves crunching under my feet, ease my mind, as I rush down the side walk. My name is Elle Bordeaux, I am twenty two years old and I work for Brent inc. the town's only global conglomerate. The company is owned by the king himself and the Brent family have always owned most of the town. I wrapped my jacket tighter around my body as I walked, not because I was feeling cold, but out of habit. Being bullied all my life, means I have always strived to stay hidden, to not be seen. So no matter what I wear to work , I always have a jacket or a hoodie to go with it. My home has always been my only happy place. My family, my only reprieve. Because with them I don't need to hide, they love me and that's it, end of story. But my experience in the town is totally different from every other wolf or Lycan. I am pretty sure that I am the only wolfless she wolf in all of Brentwood, if not the entire states. That right there, is the trigger, I guess people just dislike you, because you don't have a wolf. Some call it a disability, I don't know what to call it , because I have every ability a werewolf has, just no wolf. I am pretty enough though, with a stunning face and a tiny mole right on the right side of my top lip. My mom swears I look like actress Kaylyn Slevin, bar the mole of course. I have a small waist and just enough hips for an hour glass figure. Its a lot, for a Mateless wolfless she wolf in this town to handle, but I get by. I don't care much for my looks though, because they have only added to my misery, and as a result, I don't go anywhere without my thick rimmed glasses and braces. Its a big turn off for most guys. I hurried into the building, heaving a sigh of relief, my slight panic dissipating. I nervously pat my hair, to ensure my platinum blonde hair, is still in a tight bun atop my head as I near the security check area. At five foot seven, I am not short, supernaturals are naturally tall, but I am taller than most she wolves, I don't know why or how. Bullying has been a part of my life since I was a kid, and I had hoped it would end after I get my wolf at sixteen, No such luck. But since I got every other trait of a werewolf except an actual wolf, I again hoped I would at least get a normal satisfying life when I find my mate at eighteen. Still no such luck. After that I hoped every year that I would find my mate till two years ago when I finally accepted that I was an anomaly, a factory defect from the moon goddess who forgot or omitted me when she assigned wolfs and their mates. Whatever, I still love her anyways. I think the moon goddess is a fantastic, woman and goddess. She gave us all these special abilities, with wolves, and longer lives. So I am grateful to her, and even though I don’t have a wolf, I still have the strength, speed, eyesight, healing ability and long range hearing that wolves have. So I can’t really complain much, because if I didn’t have any of these abilities, I could have been dead by now. I silently nod at the security staff, and get no response, because Goddess forbid they speak to the w***e of Brentwood, the famous mate snatcher. I swipe my ID card as I make my way into the back office of the reception area. At Brent Inc. I am the head receptionist, mostly because I am the oldest and most experienced receptionist they have. we are called secretarial receptionists. I started here when I was eighteen,fresh out of high school, everyone in my pack that can work, works to earn their own money, so we don’t have to rely on stipends from the pack. I like working here because it’s the best company and it pays the highest salary at all levels in this town. But there is no perfect organization and Brent Inc. has its flaws. Every three years the corporation, takes in new employees at entry level one or two. Level one is for those fresh out of high school, while level two is for those fresh out of college. After four years at Brent Inc. I have graduated from university, (I attended online,no need to put myself through the bullying again.) But I have been overlooked for promotion thrice ,due to an unofficial technicality. Those in higher positions require s****l favours to give you the promotion, you deserve. They don't pull stunts liked that with the Lycans, who are their fellow pack members. So unmated she wolves pay the price at any level in the organization. I am not a prude, although I don’t show it outside, my house, I have refused every type of overture from the unmated males at Brent Inc. I take off my navy blue jacket hang it one of the hooks in the break room, before heading to the kitchenette to start the coffee machine and get set set for another day of errands, insults, abuse and bullying. I have considered leaving Brent Inc. and Brentwood entirely, but I would miss my. family and getting permission to leave the pack, would be a problem. My alpha has never granted anyone permission to leave except via mating. He strongly believes that if we stick together we will be better, considering the poor economic situation and status of our pack. I pour my self some coffee and get behind my small desk, I go through the files on my desktop and my desk. And finish the left over work from yesterday. By the time I am done, I can hear the incessant beeps as people swiping their ID's non stop as they get into their offices. The sounds of their shoes and their chatter filled the entire building as the day began. The hordes were about to come for me. My trainees arrived and after chairing a brief meeting everyone left for their posts and various departments. Welcome to the crazy life of mine. The office phone beside my desktop began to buzz. “reception,!! Elle Bordeaux speaking.” “Elle get your lazy ass up here and get me the popsonovich project file.” “Head receptionist s' office.” “Elle, you stupid pup, you have one minute to explain to me in person, why the receptionist assigned to my department can’t function properly or perform simple tasks.” “Elle here.” “The copier is spitting out my documents, b***h go get them all arranged and tidied, then be in my office in five.” “ Elle Bordeaux?. “ You lazy, useless excuse for a wolf, my dept meeting started five minutes ago, where the f*ck is your stupid ass.? “Miss Bordeaux’s off..” “Slut,You have two minutes to get down to conference room five, with my presentation materials or your ass is suspended. I have mailed it to you, now get it done.” The errands keep coming non-stop, some are more vicious , while others just throw insults. This is why I always wear flats, and have developed a thick skin. By Lunch hour I had some reprieve. But then everyone began to rush back in from lunch with fifteen minutes to spare. That was definitely unusual, most people start strolling back in, two to six minutes after Lunch time. Then department heads began to call impromptu department meetings and a flurry of emails were being sent to and fro, everyone was sending mails except my department, even the four managing directors weren't left out. This was turning out to be a strange day. Something big was most definitely going down, the directors rarely sent this amount of emails. ping, The sound of an email hitting my office inbox. told me I had a message. " Miss Bordeaux, please meet with the managing directors in front if the reception at five pm, for an initial inspection of your department. From: Harrison Head of HR. I stared at the message, for a long long time , before the buzzing of my phone brought me back to the present. My phone buzzes a reminder at the end of the day, at five pm. It helps me regulate when to leave the office and avoid my colleagues. I rushed out of my office like my a*s was on fire, while struggling to pull my unruly hair back into the perfect, tight bun I’d had this morning. But I only managed to get a half satisfactory loose bun back in place. I know I looked worm out, but I didn’t mind. For the four years, I had been working here I had never seen the CEO of Brent inc. in person. Gregory Asharvin who was also the governing alpha of the Royal Lycan pack is a strict ruler that favored the strong over the weak. That’s why my pack so suffering and struggling to survive. He isn’t a fair leader but at least we know that we are all under the protection of the Royal Lycan pack. Gregory and the four directors of the company emerged from the lift, just as I reached the front of the line where all the receptionists on the grand floor had lined up. They took their time to reach us,as they inspected the entire ground floor, before making their way towards us, while we waited. “Who is Elle Bordeaux, the head receptionist?” The only female director asked. She looked like a prima Donna, in her sexy grey suit showing off her trim physique, she was a Lycan. I thought to myself as I stepped forward. They all looked me up and down, judging me, evaluating and critically analysing whatever they were judging me and my team on. I nervously adjusted my thick rimmed glasses, and tightened my lips over my teeth to ensure my thin braces, don’t peek out. Their faces morphed into one of disdain, disgust and whatever else they thought of me. but I didn’t move and held my breath, my head stiffly slightly bowed in a show of respect, that I didn’t feel at all. “Brianna.” Someone suddenly called loudly, authority dripping from the voice, causing me to visibly shake and then stiffen further as I looked up to see who. It was Gregory, they had tiny name tags on the top left of the breast pocket of their suits. I stared at him, the man who decided the fate of my pack. He was tall and handsome like a Lycan should be, with his blonde hair cut in a military style. His eyes were an attractive green. His lips curled up in disgust as he spoke to Brianna about the unnatural flowers and trees in the reception. He didn’t want to see them when he came in by ten am, the next day. “You all should look your best and be on your best behavior tomorrow. “ He said finally turning to address me and the others in my team. Then he turned on his heel and left, the others following him out. I heaved and wheezed loudly as I took a deep breath, trying to get in as much air as I could get into my air starved lungs. I had forgotten to breath through my fear, nerves and anxiety, I was scared they would find me wanting, inadequate and wolfless. The truth is they could find any reason they to kick me out, if they wanted to and no one would lift an eye brow at it. When I had gotten enough air in my lungs, I rushed into my office put on my jacket and made sure I looked well put together for the walk home. As I swiped my card out, my phone beeped along side the card machine. Then a second later , a frenzied beeping began from my phone. I sighed, the frenzied beeping indicates a member of my family, a Bordeaux was texting me. I pulled the phone out of my bag to read the message but gasped when I saw the time. Thirty five minutes past closing time. I should have been home by now, No wonder I was getting messages. The texts were from my mum and my sister. Two from my mum and one from my sister. Mum: “Mirabelle freeman Bordeaux where are you? You are supposed to be home at least ten minutes ago.” Mum: “Elle, make sure you get that skinny ass of yours home, before our guest arrives.” Renee: “Lil sis, you need to get home as soon as possible, mum is getting hyper. I know this isn’t what you want, but you can’t run away from it. See you soon.” Sh*t, I needed to be home as soon as possible, because dinner is for seven pm. Another problem with dinner was the mystery guest. Who the f**k was he? The alpha had refused to tell my parents who he decided would be my chosen mate. Not that it was his job to choose a mate for me. My dad thinks there must have been some financial reward for the alpha's family and for the pack. But, I don't care, I plan to reject who ever the alpha had chosen for me I would not be mated off like some old maiden from the eighteen hundreds.

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