Chapter Two

807 Words
"Wake yo lazy ass up girl! I found someone just for you!" A loud voice said, I groaned in annoyance and tried falling back to sleep. "Get yo ass up!" Skylar yelled, jumping around on my bed. "How about you get yo ass off my bed and leave me alone." I grumbled sleepily, shoving my face in the soft pillow. "No can do, hurry up! Matt can't distract him forever!" "Then give up because there's no way in hell I'm gonna get- OH s**t f**k!" I yelped, feeling my ankle get yanked as my body flew off my bed and onto the floor. "What the hell Sky, why did my mom even let you in?" "Because I'm considered part of the family now let's go! Get up and get dressed!" "Son of a bitch." I mumbled, sitting up and going to my dresser. I grabbed some shorts and a tank top then changed, knowing Skylar was too engrossed in her phone to even notice me. When I finished getting dressed I looked up at Skylar and tiredly gave her a thumbs up. "I'm ready, let's go." She jumped up and shoved her phone in her pocket, taking my wrist and dragging me out of the house. "Bye Mrs. Saunders! I'll be back soon!" Skylar yelled just as we shut the door, causing my eyebrows to furrow. "Hold up! Why did you say I'll instead of we?" I asked her but she ignored me, pulling me along faster. "Dude, Skylar, what are you about to do to me?" I questioned, feeling fear stir inside me. She remained silent, continuing her run as she dragged me along behind her. After a couple minutes we both stopped in front of two cellar doors and she turned to me with a frown. "I'm so sorry Tori but this is for your own good." I chuckled nervously, "what are you-" I was cut off when she gave me one hard shove and I fell down the stairs of the Cellar, hitting my head on the ground when I finished falling. "Fuck..." I groaned, holding my throbbing head as I weakly watched the cellar doors close. I started seeing double as I slowly felt myself slipping into unconsciousness. A very familiar face came into view and that was when I went out like a light. **** "Hey, wake up!" I groaned, wondering who that male voice was. Slowly opening my eyes, I blinked a couple times until it finally clicked with me who he was. My eyes widened and I jumped up, feeling wide awake and panicked. The memories came rushing back to me and I scanned my surroundings, seeing it was all real. "Whoa, are you okay? You hit your head pretty hard earlier..." He said, standing up from his previous squatting position. "Jason Wright." I said aloud, watching him raise a brow. "Yeah, that's my name." He said, giving me a weird look. "Oh s**t! Skylar really just did this to me! Oh my god, that little- ugh!" "Not trying to be rude or anything but I think you should take it easy, especially after suffering a blow like that to the head." He said warily, almost as if he was afraid I would attack him. "This can not be happening right now!" I yelled, pacing back and forth. At this point I couldn't care less that he was watching me, I was in too much disbelief and shock to comprehend this whole thing. "Okay, Jason, are we in a Cellar?" I asked, watching him furrow his eyebrows and look around. "Yeah..." he said slowly. "Okay. Are we locked down here with no way out?" "Yes, I've search high and low for an escape but there isn't one other than the entrance but they locked us in." "So you're telling me that we've been tricked to come in here just so we could be locked down here for who knows how long? Hmm?" "That seems about right, yeah." I began to laugh humorlessly and leaned against a wall, sliding down it and putting my face in my hands. "I can't believe it." I said, continuing my humorless laugh fit. "I really suggest that you should get some re-" "No!" I screamed, looking up at him with an angry look. "If I have to be locked down here with your stupid ass then I most definitely will keep my distance." "I'm sorry, alright? I'm not the one who wanted any part of this so don't you dare pin this on me." He narrowed his eyes at me. "I wasn't pinning anything on you, asshole." "I know you might still hate me from what happened a while ago but I already apologized for it, many times too." He told me and I listened to him. "Sometimes it's best to just forgive and forget."
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