Chapter Three

828 Words
"Forgive and forget? Wow Jason, you have some nerve telling me to forgive you and forget what happened." I glared at him, shaking my head in disappointment. "We were ten years old, Tori." He said, sitting down on an old mattress. "So what? You were- I mean, you are an asshole." I sneered, standing up and going up the stairs. "Where are you going, princess?" "Don't ever call me that again and what I'm doing is none of your business." I told him, trying to open the cellar doors but they weren't opening. "I'm gonna call you whatever I want too, princess, and they locked us in. We aren't getting out until we're let out." He said so I turned and saw him smirking at me. I walked back down the stairs and groaned in agitation. "f**k! We're locked down here together all alone!" I pulled at my hair in frustration. "Chill princess, it could be a lot worse." "Stop f*****g calling me that! There's nothing worse than being trapped down here with you, out of all people, it had to be you!" "You can't be mean to me forever, you know. If the two of us are trapped down here in this small ass Cellar then there's no way in hell you can stay mad at me. We need each other to survive." "I don't need a dumbass to survive." "True, but you need someone else's body heat to share with in order not to die of hyperthermia." "I won't die, I can handle the cold." "Okay, lets see how long you can last without me then." He smirked. I felt my eye twitch as my patience for this man began to drop by the second. "I bet I can last this whole time we're in this cellar without you and your ugly ass." I told him, glancing up and seeing a window. My eyes widened and I quickly ran over to it, taking a brick and smashing it. I grinned when the glass shattered and I climbed up and out, the only problem was I got stuck half way out. "Just great!" I yelled, hearing someone chuckle from behind me. "Need some help?" Jason asked from behind me and I frowned, feeling a little nervous. You can't blame me though. I'm stuck half way through a window all because my hips and ass is too big and I have a man w***e standing behind me, and, he has access to my lower half which is very nerve racking. He could take my f*****g shorts off and r**e me! "No, I don't need f*****g help! Just stay the hell away from me!" I told him. "Fine, I'll go. Have fun." He said. I heard him start to leave and I panicked, he wasn't really gonna leave me was he? "Wait." I said, hearing him stop walking. "Yes?" "I need help..." I sighed in defeat, hearing movement then someone's hands grab my hips. I squeaked and my eyes widened, not expecting him to grab me there. "Before you yell at me for being a p*****t, I have to grab your hips in order to get you out easier." "Just hurry up!" "Alright! Oh and by the way, you have a nice ass." "Oh my god, stop looking and just get me out." I said, my cheeks turning red. In the matter of seconds I was being yanked out but I barely moved. "Yeah, I don't think grabbing my hips was making it e-" I abruptly stopped, feeling him stand in between my legs. "Uh... Jason?" "Don't worry, I'm not gonna take advantage of you. I'm not like that even though everyone thinks so." I frowned at his words and opened my mouth to speak but before I could I was ripped out of the small window. We both flew back and I landed on top of him, we were chest to chest. I stared at him and he stared at me, it was like a trance until he spoke. "Your big ass t**s are pushing up against my chest." I blinked and quickly rolled off him, covering my breast from his view. "Pervert." I stated, watching him sit up and scowl. "Okay, first off, it wasn't my fault that your t**s were against me, secondly, it was very hard to control my pal down there when you and your nice ass t**s were touching me." "That is definitely something I didn't need to know." I groaned, feeling grossed out. "Well, you know now so get used to it." He smirked, standing up and dusting himself off. I watched as he walked over to the old mattress and laid down on it, staring up at the ceiling. I stared at him, wanting to say something but I decided against it. Just because he helped me with the window doesn't mean I'll give in to him. He's still the asshole I hated since fifth grade and that isn't gonna change.
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