1. The Gods and Goddess

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Third Person’s "Mother, are Gods and Goddess true? Are they real?" A small seven years old boy curiously asked out of the blue with his little voice while he is sitting at the wooden chair and his hands settled above the wooden table gazing at his mother who is cooking in front of him. "Yes, they are true, Lexus. Why are you asking?" The mother smiled answering her son glancing at him while she is preparing food for them to eat. "My playmates said that one of the Gods visited their home and from that onwards they received a lot of good things," Lexus explained with amusement in his eyes. The mother chuckles and says, "I see. That's why. They are lucky then." "On the other hand, one of my friends told me that one of the Gods visited their home too and after that, they became unlucky, unfortunate, and they always mourning and sorrowful. Why is that, mother?" he wondered with a crease on his forehead. Then she turned off the gas and started putting three plates and three glasses of water. "I feel sorry for your friend, Lexus." And before his mother says more, he opened his mouth again to ask, "Mother, how many Gods and Goddess there are and what are their powers? What does each God and Goddess possess?" She let out a soft chuckle again and she took a seat in front of him. "You have a lot of questions as to your seven years old of age, Lexus, and I must say that you are growing very fast. Listen to me very carefully, all right?" "I am, mother." So, he leaned closer to her as he's all ears to what his mother is going to say because he's very clever at his young age. "Eleven immortal Gods and Goddess are living above the sky and outside of our world and the Father of all created them to protect each element and its properties from the downfall. They have been living across the whole system for a thousand years past until now. The name of the firstborn son is Octavius and he is the God of Thunder and Strength. He is the King of the Gods and he holds the power, justice, and law. And you will recognize him because he has the symbol of a thunderbolt on his hand wearing an overall color yellow clothes..." Meanwhile, in his palace, Octavius is half-n***d for he is only wearing yellow clothes on his lower region while smashing big rocks with his thunderbolt creating a thunderous sound. "Followed by his brother, Rex, the God of the Fire and Sun. He is also the God of war, dedication, jealousy, and zeal. And you'll recognize him because he has a symbol of the sun in his crown at his head, he wears an overall color red clothes with an unbreakable sword in his hand..." she continued talking. Whilst, Rex, the God of Fire and Sun is peacefully sitting in his hot and boiling and firing bathtub that his unbreakable sword is at his side. "What's the name of the third God?" Lexus asked furthermore. "The third God has a name of Davis and he is the God of Water. He protects and commands the seas and oceans, and he possessed the power of healing and health. You will recognize him as he is holding a trident in his hand with his crown that has a symbol of waves, and he wears overall blue-green clothes..." she mentioned calmly and respectfully. On the other hand, Davis just jumped out of the water that his tail became feet and he landed perfectly on the ground and his clothes appeared in his body before he sat down on his throne. "Next is the God of the Wind and his name is Embre. He is the protector and he also commands the sky, music, speed and he is the messenger of all the Gods," she recited with a smile. "What does he wear and how will I recognize him?" Lexus queried amusingly. "He carried the symbol of cloud in his crown and he wears light blue clothes just as light as the wind.” She grinned. Hereafter, a swish sound appeared that less than one-second Embre got home to his palace, and he sits down on his throne calmly and says, "I hope Octavius received the message." "While the fifth God is the protector and he commands the Earth. He is also the God of nature, agriculture, and calamities, his name is Hagel," The mother continued speaking to her son. "So, the God of Earth, Hagel, was the reason earthquakes and eruption of volcanoes happen, mother?" Lexus asked curiously. "Maybe or maybe not. There's a lot of reasons why we are experiencing an earthquake. The God of the Earth is not the only God who can make an earthquake, Lexus, and that includes a tsunami in the sea or something bump into something big that's why the earth is being moved," she explained thoroughly. He nodded but still, curiosity is visible on his face. "I see. What does the God of Earth look like, mother, and what symbol does he carry on his crown?" he asked more. "The God of the Earth, Hagel, has a symbol of rock on his crown and he has a cape that is made out of rocks. He wears an overall color brown clothes as well," she answered nicely. In the meantime, the ground is shaking and that is when Hagel, the God of Earth came out, and his appearance transformed from a solid rock into a man with a cape of rocks at his back. "And the sixth God, mother?" Lexus queried again. "The name of the sixth God is Oyel and he is the God of Light. He possessed the knowledge and wisdom out of all Gods. And you can recognize him as he wears an overall color white clothes. He has no hair and crown and that is because he has a white and shimmering pearl right on his forehead," The mother precisely described Thereupon, a small tiny light is flying in the sky as he watched all the mortals from above, and then, he flew more until he got home into his palace and his appearance changed abruptly into a form of man. He sat down on his throne and a book suddenly appeared in front of him for him to write down what he saw and discovered. "My playmates said that the God of Light is also the master of the riddle, mother," Lexus mentioned politely. "He is, my son. No mortal and even immortal can be as smart as he is and that is because he knows everything," The mother replied with her sweet smile. "I also heard, mother, that the God of Light has a twin. What is his name again?" he asked then rubbed his chin as he thinks. "The God of Light's twin is no other than but the God of Darkness, Molan. He is the protector of the night and he commands the dreams, he also possessed the feeling of being dread, terror, unlucky, unfortunate, and all that is not good. He wears an overall color black clothes with a symbol of the moon on his crown at his head," she spoke seriously. On the other side, black smoke is moving in the air until everything went black and that is the time he showed up in his true form as a man with a black stick on his right hand with a symbol of the moon in his crown at his head. "He might be the one who visited the house of my playmates, mother," Lexus earnestly recited. "As far as I know, Gods come down in every planet once in a while to visit some places to give fortune, wealth, and also sorrow and bad luck. They did that to communicate more to us mortals and for us to know and to never forget that Gods and Goddess exist in our world and they can see and they know everything that is happening in here," The mother stated as the matter of fact. "Now I understand. But I still didn't know them all. What's the name of the eighth God, mother, and what does he look like?" he questioned more. She chuckled. "Listen to me very carefully and I will tell you everything that you needed to know, my son, Lexus. The eighth God is the protector of the living like us mortals, animals, plants, and all living things in the whole world as he is called the God of the Living. He is also responsible for heaven, fertility, and youth, and his name is Thomas. You can recognize him as he wears an overall color green clothes and he has plants all over his body with his crown that has a symbol of a leaf." While Thomas, the God of the Living is walking in his garden at his palace and he is giving all of them a smile for he is delightful seeing them all alive. "And the ninth God, mother?" Lexus asked again. "The ninth God is the opposite of the God of the Living but They are not twins compared to the God of Light and Darkness. The God of the Living is far from the God of the Non-Living because Palato is the God of Death and he is the King of the underworld we are all living. He wears an overall color gray clothes and he carries a pitchfork on his hand with his crown that has a symbol of a bone at his head," The mother's smile vanished as she talked about the God of the Non-Living seriously. Anyways, Palato, the God of the Non-Living is sitting on his throne underneath the whole system while facing a mortal and the one line of them in front of him. "You killed so many mortals and because of that, you'll stay here with me. You are not going anywhere but to hell. Next!" he smirked talking to an old small fat man. "It means Palato, the God of the Non-Living took all the dead mortals? And where did He take them all, mother?" Lexus curiously questioned. "Correction, my son. Yes, he took all the dead mortals but he will be the one to decides where to take them whether to hell which is his kingdom, or to heaven which is the kingdom of the God of the Living," The mother told correcting her son. "Ah. I see. How about the tenth God, mother? What is his name and what can he do?" he added. "The tenth God's name is Isaac and he is the protector of past, present, and future time as he is the God of Time. He also possessed wealth, prosperity, and luck. And you will recognize him as he wears an overall color gold clothes with a stick of a time on his hand and he has a gold crown at his head," she described exactly with a smile on her lips. However, the God of Time, Isaac just got out of the portal as he travels through time with his stick of time. "No one must mess with time, " he said earnestly as he just fixed who messed up with the time. "And he must be the God who visited my friend's house. So you mean, mother, the God of Time can pass through back and forth in time anytime, and he knows what happened to the past, present, and also to the future?" Lexus smiled. "Yes, my son. Isaac, the God of Time can travel through time, time to time and he is the only God who knows what happened to you in the past, what is currently happening to you, and what will happen to you," The mother answered laughing. "And last but not the least, the Goddess of Love.” His smile got even bigger just mentioning it. She chuckles and says, "You tell me, my son, who is the Goddess of Love?" "The Goddess of Love is the only Goddess amongst all Gods and her name is Lovinia. She is the Goddess who is responsible for sexuality, desire, family, and beauty as she is the most and gorgeous woman across the whole system. And we can recognize her because her beauty is one of a kind and because she is wearing a very priceless, the seductive color red long dress with a crown that has an eye above her head as it symbolizes that 'the beauty is in the key of the beholder' and 'Eyes is the key to the soul'," he recited merrily. Thereon, the Goddess of Love, Lovinia, walks into her palace waving her hips seductively and sexily with her glamouring color red long dress until she reached her throne and sat on it then, she hit the ground with the use of her whip. The mother smiled. "You know her very well, my son." "Of course, mother. Because without her I won't be here with you today and we won't be called family.” Lexus grinned answering his mother. "But do you know that there is a prophecy about the twelfth and last God?" she spoke again. "Twelfth God? There is one last God, mother?" he surprisingly asked. "Yes, Lexus. I heard that one last God will rise according to the prophecy," she replied. "What is he or she the God of then?" he queried more. "I don't know too but there's a hearsay that the last God or Goddess will be the end of all, the time he or she is born as he or she is known as the God/Goddess of Destruction," she told seriously. "Destruction? Then, he or she will be the one to dictate when or how to destroy something or someone?" he added. She shook her head. "I don't know. That is just hearsay anyway." Then, she smiled. "Let's not judge just yet because we never know what's gonna happen. And what did I say if you heard a gossip?" "Never believe it unless you've seen it with your own two eyes," he answered smiling too. "Very good, Lexus," she replied rubbing the hair of her son as he already knows what to do. All of a sudden, the door was slammed to open that both of them immediately stood up when a man rushed in and found the two at the table. "Father!" Lexus shouted with a smile. The father looks at his wife and son with frightened and worried across his face. "Let's get out of here now before they get to us or they will turn us to become a slave." "What are you saying, honey? Who's 'they' are you talking about?" She became worried and then, she approached her husband. "The Hungarians, my love. They've been hunting and killing people who get in their way," The father answered. "Don't be afraid, father. We will fight them. We have power," Lexus bravely announced without knowing the real world he is living in. "No, Lexus. We are not going to fight them even we have powers," The father replied anxiously then, he looked at his wife. "The queen of the Hungarians is here too and...she can absorb powers. She'll burn us alive. Now, we have to hide and go somewhere far from here. Let's go!" And so, they began moving and collected their important things, and when they are at the door two Hungarian's blocked their way out. The father stood bravely and immediately hid his son and wife at his back to protect them against the two Hungarians. "Leave us alone!" The father yelled angrily. "Show no mercy," The two Hungarians simultaneously recited broadly. With that, the two Hungarians released their power of fire and the other one has earth, and the fight began between the two. The father fights back that his both hands became iron and he attacked the two opponent while his wife steps back and hid their son at her back. Meanwhile, the whole city has been captured by the Hungarians that their queen is on the air above them all and just watching the chaos that they have been caused. "South people, surrender in my command or you are all gonna die! Show me your King and no one will harm!" The devil and greedy queen announced. "Stop this war, Lucia! Here I am, the King of the South," A husky and masculine voice yelled, and a man showed flying to the air to face the enemy. She smiled. "Very well. Are you going to surrender or this war is never gonna end?" "How dare you, Lucia!" The king angrily replied. She laughed. "Miguel, Miguel, Miguel, my father's best friend. You are no fight against me and we both know that so if I were you, surrender, and no one will harm your people." "Now I know why your father disowned you! You are ruthless and have no mercy to people! But whatever you do your younger sister is powerful than you! Elizabeth is better than you! And you will never gonna be like her!" he furiously insulted her. And that's when her face changed into a madwoman. "You are right. I and my younger sister are never the same, and I never wanted to be like her. I am me and for your knowledge, I am more powerful than her now." "Really? Then, why is it that the North Kingdom is still standing until now? It is because you can't beat her and you never will!" he smirked arrogantly. "I see that you have the power to oppose me. Let's see until when you will surrender." She glared at him and she quickly attacked him that he landed on the ground with a loud sound. Everyone stops and all eyes are at the King who landed on the ground while Lucia slowly went down until her feet settled right beside him. "Surrender or all of you are gonna die," she declared and she glanced around her and she can see through their eyes that they are afraid of her which she likes seeing. The King grunted in pain after a short battle between them and he slowly sat up to face Lucia in front of him. "You are a devil, Lucia." "Glad you know. So now, surrender, or I'll finish you right here in front of your people?" She grinned sweetly asking him like an innocent girl but truthfully, she wasn't. He gritted his teeth glaring at her and then, he roamed his eyes around and he can tell that his people have no fight against them so, he heaved a deep sigh when he had decided. "You will not harm any of my people, Lucia or blood will shed," he threatened. She chuckles and replies, "What a brave little King they have. Hahaha! Now, give me your crown." She then stops laughing and became serious as she laid her hand in between them. The king pulled the crown in his head and even it's not what he wanted, he gave away his crown that Lucia took and burned it with her power of fire. "Take them all to the kingdom and imprison them," she told eyeing her troops and she flew to the sky going back to her kingdom. To be continued...
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