2. The Prophecy

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To the kingdom of Lucia, dark clouds are what makes her castle scary and dreadful sight to see while she uncovered the gold mirror that has a black blanket and a face mask showed up. "Callus," Lucia mentioned the face's name inside of the mirror. "My queen, how are you doing?" A husky and big voice spoke. "I conquered already the East, West, and South Kingdom, Callus. But I am still not happy," she admitted gritting her teeth angrily. "I know why, my queen. It is because the North Kingdom is still standing that is owned by your younger sister, Elizabeth, and her husband, King Zarro together with their three sons," he recited and he grinned after talking. "Shut up, you ugly face mask!" she screamed furiously and she walks going to the window and gazed from afar because she felt nothing but envy for them. Callus then pursed his lips after he got yelled at. "I am just a face mask so, how can I be ugly?" he mumbled to himself. "You can see the future, right, Callus?" she called without glancing at him and just gazing in front of her. "Yes, my queen. Wanna see what the future brings?" he invited with his big smile encouraging her more. "No," she answered and turned to face the mirror again. His smile then disappeared. "Then, what do you want, my queen?" "I want to see what are they doing right now," she highly and fiercely spoke. "Your wish is my command, my queen," he replied and he opened his mouth bigger to show what's happening right at the moment in the North Kingdom. However, in the middle of the night in the North Kingdom, the door opened and a moan is echoing in the whole room. "King Zarro?" A lady physician greeted. "The Sastre is here, my wife. Just stay still and never let go of my hand, my queen Elizabeth," King Zarro pleaded and held the hand of his wife tightly while he is stopping himself from crying because of his wife's condition. The Sastre approached the bed and she checked the pulse of the queen with her two fingers then, she also palpated the queen's neck and caressed her big baby bump. After checking the condition of the queen, the physician faced the king. "How is she? How's my wife, Sastre, the old physician?" he asked anxiously. The old lady shook her head once. "The baby in her womb, my king...was gone," she announced melancholy bowing her head to give her sympathy to them. "No, no, no. Cannot be. It cannot be!" he yelled devastatingly and he cried still holding his wife's hand tightly. "The Father of all, I know you can hear me," he called out inside of his mind, and with his eyes close desperately then, he let go of his wife's hand and he came out to the balcony with his knees on the floor, begging and pleading for mercy. "Please Gods and Goddess, I am begging and asking for your mercy!" he growled that the sky started to roar because of the noise he made as he possessed the power of thunder, strength, and fire and also of becoming a metal which his hands turned into a metallic alloy. He bowed his head fully touching the floor already with tears starting to pour his eyes as he begged and asked for mercy to the Almighty God. "Hear me, the Father of all! Please...save my wife and my child! I've been your servant for many years and I never did something against your will! Just this one, Father of all! Please! I will do everything and anything you want just to save my wife and child! Please! Please!" Because of the voices and noises, King Zarro created numerous thunderbolts that are flashing through the sky, the wind is blowing heavily too that volcanoes and the lava on it as well started to boil, the seas and oceans are having big waves resulting of having earthquakes to the ground that gives anxiousness to the whole kingdom which makes all of the people wake up because of what is happening like a very big calamity are about to come in the middle of the night where everybody is unaware on their sleep. Moreover, while everything is moving around them, the Sastre noticed the big baby bump of the queen moved so, she looks to the queen who is still unconscious but when she checked her pulse again, it changed. Sastre's eyes widened because of the incredible scenario she just had witnessed. "My King, my king!" The old Sastre called out. King Zarro immediately stood up and go to the side of his wife again and held her hand tightly. "What happened? Are there any changes?" he worriedly questioned. "You won't gonna believe this, my king, but the child...she's alive," The old Sastre announced with her big eyes because of surprise. "Really?" he was shocked too because of the news so, he put his face closer to his wife and kissed her forehead lovingly. "Thank you, Father of all. Thank you, Gods and Goddess. Thank you so much," he whispered merrily. On the other hand, the eleven Gods and Goddess abruptly gathered around in the palace of the Father of all and they took their seats to their thrones. They all glanced at each other as they all sensed a powerful kee and with that, They started to ask one another. "Is that You, Octavius who let out a powerful kee?" Lovinia curiously asked. "Me? No, that's not Me. I came here because I sensed the powerful kee too. I have nothing to do with that," Octavius denied waving his hands to them all. "Then, who was it?" Palato questioned with his deep voice. "It's surely not Me," Rex commented to the side raising his hands at his side as he surrenders. "That kee is very powerful. Who would have a powerful kee like that?" Oyel queried more confusingly. "I was sleeping when I sensed that powerful kee so, it's not me," Embre and Thomas said in sync that makes them look at each other. "Same. I was sleeping under the water when I sensed it," Davis second the motion. "I know where it came from," Molan spoke Everybody stops and they all looked at Molan and that's the time a very bright light appeared in the middle of them all that they covered their eyes but when they recovered, they stared at the light. "Greetings to all of you, my sons and daughter," A broad and husky voice talked. And as a response, all of them stood to their seats and kneeled to the floor to show their gratitude and their greetings to the Father of all who created everything including them. "Rise and take your thrones, my sons and daughter," Father of all spoke again and they all took their thrones and their attention is on him. "The day has come for my sister to rise," he declared. "Your sister, Father of all?" Lovinia was the first one to asked amongst them all. "Yes, my sons and daughter," Father of all responded. In the meantime, the old Sastre is in the middle of the thighs of the queen while King Zarro is at his wife's left side and still holding her hand tightly. "Are you sure, Sastre, this is the right time my child will go out?" he uncomfortably questioned. "Yes, my king. Or if not now then, the child will not make it. We have to take the child now in the queen's womb or both of them will suffer," The old Sastre replied while trying to maneuvers the baby out by herself. Slowly, the old Sastre pulled and pushed inside of the queen until the baby cried so loud the moment she was born. And the time the baby cry, all of the Gods and Goddess stood in their seats as they felt again the powerful kee just like a while ago. "The child..." Isaac mumbled. "The baby...is she is your sister, Father of all?" Lovinia asked again. "My sons and daughter, please welcome my sister, the Goddess of Destruction," Father of all proclaimed. All of the Gods and including Lovinia gaped in surprise after their Father's announcement to his sister. Whilst, the Sastre covered the baby with a thick blanket before she gave it to the parents which are the King and Queen of the North Kingdom, and the time he held his youngest daughter a black crown appeared around the head of the baby that surprised him. "What is this?" he wondered while staring at his one and only daughter's head. The Sastre approached and she saw the black crown around the head of the baby too which make her eyes became even bigger and she got goosebumps. "Oh, God," she gasped. "Why, what's wrong, Sastre? What is the meaning of the black crown on my daughter's head?" he questioned worriedly. The Sastre looked up to meet the eyes of the king and they stared at each other. "King Zarro, the child...your youngest and only daughter is a Goddess that the prophecy has been telling to. She is the twelfth Goddess and she is known as the Goddess of Destruction with a power same as to the Father of all, endlessly. And that means...she is the end of all the mankind, mortals and immortals, Gods and Goddess as she is the opposite and sister of Father of all who created everything and everyone across the whole system." The eyes of King Zarro widened because of the unexpected news he heard ever in his entire life. "My daughter is the Goddess of Destruction? She's...the Father of all's sister? No, no," he said shaking his head disapprovingly. "Believe me, my king. Your daughter was written in the Legendary book." "Legendary book? There's a legendary book?" His eyebrows creased because of confusion about all she is saying. "Come with me and I'll show you what I am talking about," she told and she pulled the arm of King Zarro gently because he's still carrying the baby in his arms. King Zarro glanced at his wife that has no movements and with that, he left the room following the Sastre to where she is going. Not until then, they arrived at the sacred library and even it is dark and night the book in the middle is shining and lightning. They both walk going to the book and the more he gets closer, the more it's glowing. She turned to him and their eyes met. "King Zarro, this is the book that I'm talking about. All the legends were written here by the book itself." "No, no. That's not true," he denied and shook his head in disbelief. "See for yourself, King Zarro," she told and she opened the book to the last page. She wrote her name in the blank space but the book erased it then, she gave him a look. "See?" He was speechless to what he undoubtedly saw and that's what makes him looked down at his daughter in his arms. "My King, look, what happened a while ago was written here already," she told pointing to the book. "Let me see." He stepped closer to the book, and his eyes wander. "It was dark and everyone was already sleeping, however, Queen Elizabeth's life of the North Kingdom was in so much pain that she couldn't even move on the bed until she lost her consciousness when a Sastre came and she checked the queen's condition. Unfortunately, the baby in the queen's womb died, and because of that her husband, King Zarro cried helplessly as he mourned but he didn't lose hope and he prayed, begged, and pleaded to the Father of all, Gods and Goddess with so much determination inside of his heart that made him moved. And so, He granted the wish of King Zarro and gave life to their unborn child which awakened all the Gods and Goddess because they sensed a powerful kee that all of them gathered in the palace of the Father of all and they questioned one by one who released that kind of power but, none of them know. Father of all then showed up and faced his sons and daughter and he announced that his sister had risen, meanwhile, the Sastre decided to take the child out of the body of Queen Elizabeth or else, it will be risky so, she pulled out the baby gently and the moment, the child was born she cried that it echoed in the ears of all Gods and Goddess which made them all stood dumbfoundingly. And that was the time Father of all introduced to them all his sister and she is no other than the Goddess of Destruction. King Zarro then held his youngest and only daughter when a black crown appeared on the child's head which wondered him but the Sastre didn't because her eyes widened seeing it. She knew about the prophecy in which the twelfth and last God/Goddess will rise for she is the most beautiful and lovely daughter but yet, she has the most undeniable and endless powers amongst all living and non-living things including to the Gods and Goddess in this world and across the whole system because she is the opposite of Father of all who created everything and everyone. Nevertheless, she will give life to all and at the same time, will give you death whenever she wanted to. All mortals, Gods, and goddesses will kneel before her feet and worship her because the moment she was born the end of all is near for she is known as the Goddess of Destruction," he read what's written in the book with amusement on his face. To be continued...
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