The Demon King Forbidden Bride

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#Dreame Writing Marathon--Love Story Contest

Audrey being betrayed by her best friend and lover fled her home and settled in a mansion she purchased which is haunted by a demon lord who dominated the house and also loves his calmness, and serenity and doesn't want anyone lurking around his turf.

what will be Audrey's reaction as she finds out about the demon living in her newly purchased mansion?

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Chapter 1

Everyone has a dream-like: graduating, finding an internship job in a big enterprise while some will inherit their family's assets. But that was not the same for me, Audrey Wellington. I have decided to pursue my dream, just like my twin sister Aubrey Wellington who is a known actress in the whole of the US. Owning a large store that’d contain the clothes which I designed has been the source that kept me going during my last days in college. I have always been devoted to designing since childhood which has made it easier for me to design and create my brand. Things drastically didn’t take a good turn as my parents attempted to stop us from pursuing our dream. Aubrey who was strong-willed for passion left our hometown San Francisco to pursue her dream, being a gorgeous lady with good acting skills Aubrey was able to kick it off in a year, which made my parents ignore the differences between them to support Aubrey who was now a known actress. At Harvard University, I was sitting in the hostel thinking of how to explain things to my parents as they were all waiting for me to get back home after graduation to inherit the Wellington assets. “Hey, Audrey! You’re lost, what’s on your mind?” Almyra, who was my roommate, inquired as she sat next to me, snapping me out of my trance.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Myra. I was just wondering how things would go after leaving college” I explained with both hands placed under my jaw. “That sounds easier! I have already sent out my application letters to different companies. However, I got a call for an interview from two companies and I’d like to get the job. That’s what you should do Audrey and I wish we could work together in the future” Myra asserted with a face full of smiles. “Myra, are you even listening to what you’re saying? You know I’ve got no interest in being a company worker, I just want to create my brand and have my store. I believe it’d be hard to achieve that as my family is already awaiting my return and you know I have no interest in the inheritance” I massaged my temple which is throbbing with migraine as I’ve been up all night thinking out a plan but in the end, I got nothing. 

“My friend, remember! You have Myra. I’d have an idea” she winked at me who was looking disheveled with dark circles around my eyes. Hearing about an idea, I sat up my tired body and turned to Myra, “say it” I let out curiously.

“You’re the heir of the Wellington group, you should know that you can’t escape that so I suggest a dual role, you can manage both the company and your brand at the same time” She advises with a creased brow. I stood up from the bed, biting my lips as I thought about Myra’s idea. “This seems to be a good starting point, but how do I get to manage the whole enterprise? No! That’s impossible, I would obviously not have time for my store” I thought with a gloomy face. I had made up my mind that owning a store was the only thing I needed and I wouldn’t want anything to disrupt my plans. “I’ll give it a thought” I uttered to Myra who nodded in agreement and turned towards the washroom. She ran her hand through her hair and stopped abruptly like she had recalled something urgent. “Right! We’re hanging out today at the pub downtown with the others, I’d like it if you would go with me” She let out with a cute face trying to persuade me. I hissed and ignored her as she was standing before me. “Look, I know you’re worried that you can’t come up with something. But come on girl! The pub is the best place to overcome your worries, just have a few glasses of drink with friends. Your mind would be relieved of all worries and you would be able to think wisely” Almyra asserted as she supported her back on the wall facing me as I was now laying on the bed. “Look, Myra, I want to be at the party but I’m a bit occupied today. I found an agent who’d assist me to find an apartment and we scheduled our meeting for today. I don’t know when I’ll return so I might skip the party, you know how important this is to me” I explained as I curled up to my yellow teddy. “You! This is our last day together in college and you’re planning to spend it elsewhere, that’s mean!” She grunted and walked into the washroom. I sighed deeply, how would she understand my worry? I need to get an apartment soon and start up my plans immediately. “Beep!” My cell phone vibrated from an incoming call, disrupting my thoughts. “Hello, is this miss Wellington?” The caller inquired, “yes, may I know whom I’m speaking with?” I retorted lazily as I had no time for a prank call. 

“This is agent Gomez. You requested an agent from our agency.”

“Oh, yes! Yes.” I quickly got up from bed. “There are few apartments available for rent, if you’d like to check them out now I’ll be at the new coffee shop opposite Harvard college” I smiled triumphantly as it would be easy to locate the agent.

“Of course, Mr. Gomez, I'll be out in a bit” I responded, and ended the call. I moved to the closet and wore a peach flare skirt, a black off-shoulder crop top, and a pair of white Nike sneakers. “Myra! I’ll be out for a while” I uttered and left with my purse. 

A few moments later, Myra stepped out of the washroom drying the last beads of water on her body glancing around the room as she called out to me, she sighed deeply as she sat on the bed "could she have sneaked out to avoid going to the party?" she thought to herself as she got up from the bed and took a long stride towards the closet to get dressed. 

Although I did inform her before stepping out, I’d hoped that I’ll be done on time, so I could join the rest of the party. I crossed over to the coffee shop and stepped in. “There are many people here” I took out my cell phone and called him while glancing around the whole place. I saw a man waving at me. I smiled and moved toward him. “Mr. Gomez'' I greeted as I sat on the seat before him.

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