Her Redemption

one-night stand
first love

Hazel having parents inspired by love believed in true love but was betrayed by her boyfriend. Her father suffered from heart failure after her mother died, struggling to sponsor her father's surgery and take care of her little brother, she became a stripper in one of the high end clubs and slept with a masked billionaire.

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Chapter 1

"Hey!! honey, you are so lost in thoughts, don't drown yourself with sorrows I told you there is nothing like love, the earlier you understand that the less hurting you will feel, I know you are a devotee of love because of aunt and uncle, but you have seen where it landed you, just calm down, take your bath so that we can go out there are many things we need to catch up on. This is California you need to start all over again Haze, I'm going upstairs call me when you are done cleaning up" she gripped my hand tightly "I wish is that easy to move on Bett, all that is in my head is suicide I'm just tired of everything, but it's fine, I will give it a try and remember you promised to help me find work I still need to get a nanny that will be looking after dad in the hospital"

 "That's not a problem, I will introduce you to a few clients tomorrow just chill baby you are with me now, everything will be alright soon and you won't be needing any man in your life best". She left after calming me down, I sighed, my life is messed up, It's still hard for me to believe that my boyfriend of five years betrayed me, I walked up to the bedroom she prepared for me, took my bath, and dressed up in a plain gown with a flat black shoe "Bett am ready I will be in the living room" I shouted striding down the stairs, "just a sec Haze I will be done in a bit" she retorted, I sat on the sofa going through a daily magazine. ''hey hottie, what are you wearing, you look drowsy and unappealing, are you going for a condolence visit? Please follow me to my room I have something for you'' she dragged me to her walk-in closet and brought out a few dresses ''You don't expect me to dress like this, the dress is so revealing'', I explained trying to reason with her, ''babe you look hot and sexy nothing is revealing about this dress''

 ''But....'' I wanted to say something but she cut me off  ''I don't want to hear anything, just put on the damn dress let's leave, is already late for crying out loud.'' I dressed up, put on five inches high heels, did my makeup, and left with my best friend in her red Maserati, we stopped at one of the five stars restaurants, ''Bett don't you think this is too much, you don't have to treat me to such a high-end restaurant I'm not used to all these best''

 ''Chill honey, this is just the beginning, you will get to see the world too'' we entered the restaurant and a waiter walked us to our reserved suite, she ordered many cuisines, because I was being careful not to waste her money, the waiter got us two glasses of orange juice, ''what are your plans? you know what I do to earn a living, will you come work with me at my workplace they are still recruiting girls"

"No, I don't think I can do your kind of work''

 ''Alright girl, you can think about it, no one is ever going to force you to do what you don't want, I will always be here for you best girl'' I glimpsed outside while sipping my juice, my gaze met the back view of a male which is perfectly structured. I was mesmerized by the view when Bett snapped me back to reality, I rested my eye on her before looking back at the same spot, but the figure has disappeared ''is everything alright Haze? You look lost'' she inquired with a concerned look ''nothing dear, was just looking around to get familiar with the city'' I responded immediately to ease the suspicion, ''then get ready for another fun babe'' we ate our food, sort the bill and left the restaurant in her Maserati, we went to different places, I will say we toured the whole city, and I'm happy, it's like a huge burden had been lifted from my shoulder, she helped me to apply for a job in some companies, we bought some pizza, and ice cream then went to the park. I watched the kids playing with their parents while taking my ice cream, I had a view of mom, dad, Jackson and I having a happy time together, I felt lost and sad till Bett grabbed me to go play with the Merry go round.
  ''I enjoyed myself thank you for today, I don't know what I would do without you'' I gave her a hug and a peck ''that's fine, we are family now, I will take care of you as my own sister'' she hugged me patting my back. We went back to the parking lot, she drove to the supermarket where we get groceries and left afterward.

  I was in the shower when I heard my friend talking in a loud voice ''Haze am going out now, see you later'' I stepped out of the shower when I'm done putting on my pajamas I went to the kitchen, and prepared some bacon, left some for Bett and grabbed mine with a glass of milk, I strolled to the living room, sat on the sofa, took the magazine on the table and started reading it when my phone buzzed ''is a call from the hospital, f**k!!! what is wrong now? I have not arranged enough money for dads maintenance", the call Kept on ringing till it cuts and started beeping again, God!!, ''Hello"

 "Hi miss Jones the Hospital is planning to stop treatment on your father its time for you to renew the payment, else your father will be moved out of the hospital'' the nurse explained ''don't do that please, I will get the money soon, sorry ma please can you continue giving him treatment, I will bring the money

''No, we're instructed by the hospital not to take care of your father till you renew your payments, I'm sorry miss Jones I can't help you'' she mumbled and end the call.

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