Chapter Two- Distract Me From My Grief

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Wendy The guilt has been riding me all week since I spent last Friday night with Jayson. I shouldn’t have had s*x with him, but it was all I could think of to get my mind off Taylor at that moment. Jayson was perfect that night. He felt amazing. I love Taylor, but he didn’t have all of the skills that Jayson has. s*x with Taylor was good. Don’t get me wrong. He just couldn’t get me to the big O without help from my vibrator. Taylor definitely couldn’t last as long as Jayson did and, sadly, it is probably because Jayson has a little more to give in his pants than Taylor did. F*ck. I shouldn’t be thinking like this. I shouldn’t be thinking of Taylor’s shortcomings, though it was not an issue truly. He still made sure I was pleased, even if he had to rely on my vibrator to help him. I shouldn’t have had s*x with Jayson either, because he’s my boss. Now if anyone else finds out and I get any advancement in his company, they can use my sleeping with him as a reason I got whatever privileges. I don’t want to be the girl who is accused of sleeping her way to the top in her job. I really hate that I can’t seem to stop taking glances at Jayson every chance I get. He never really closes his office door, and my desk is almost front and center to his doorway. He also usually has the curtains opened so anyone can see into his office anyway. He does it on purpose, so we all feel at ease when approaching him with anything we need. He is a great boss. I need to focus back on my work. I realized I’ve been covertly staring at him for the past twenty minutes. I looked down at the folder on my desk to continue reading. I couldn’t focus on the words. I just stared at the page as my mind wandered again. I felt a soft shake on my shoulder. I jumped, being startled back to reality. “Are you okay?” The timber of his voice reached my ears. My shoulder heated where he touched me. I wanted his hands all over me. Get it together Wendy. I snapped my head up to look into his face. I shouldn’t have done that. “Uh, yeah, yes.” I stuttered. “Okay, because I called for you. Will you join me in my office?” I awkwardly nodded my head. He moved back to his office. He waited for me to pass by him before entering behind me and closing the door. I panicked a little, but I realized the curtains were open. He surely won’t try anything while everyone can see in. “Have a seat please.” He is talking to me in his professional tone. I sat in the closest chair to me. He moved to sit in his chair. “How are you?” He asked with a look of concern in his gorgeous baby blue eyes. “I’m fine.” I raced out. “Good. I wasn’t sure after--.” “Can we forget about that please.” I rushed out a little harshly. “Uh, sure.” He said a little uncomfortably. “Good, is that all you wanted to know? I’m fine. I’m good.” I said. I don’t know who I was trying to convince more him or me. “I didn’t call you in here to talk about, you know.” I slowly released the breath I was holding. I remained silent so he could continue. “I know you have been wanting to litigate and I’m sorry I haven’t been able to find something for you to get your feet wet on, but I finally have.” I perked up. Handling my first case in court is a perfect distraction. “Perry is going to be taking the lead, but he needs co-counsel. I suggested you and he agreed.” I don’t exactly like Fred Perry. He’s a bit lecherous in my opinion, but maybe I am just reading into things. He doesn’t give me good vibes, but I need this experience and I could wait a long while before I get another chance to litigate, even if someone else is lead. “Okay.” I replied as neutral as I could sound. He smiled. “In all honesty, you will be working with me more than with Perry. You know I don’t litigate, and this case is very important and serious to Jordan and Jeremy. You will be working on research with me to cover every aspect possible. Perry will litigate because he is the most experienced and we need the most experienced lawyer we have on this particular case.” I wanted to deny him then. I can’t work closely with Jayson. I won’t be able to control myself. I’m having a hard time right now. His cologne is doing things to my body I don’t want to happen right now. I need this though. I’m also intrigued by the seriousness of this case. He passed a thick folder over to me. I read the name under the file number. Sunlife Solar. I looked back at Jayson in question. “There is a long story behind this case. I’ll try to give you the cliff’s note right now. About two years almost ago, Sunlife wanted Jordan to create an altered battery to fit their solar panels. Jordan went to work on the battery, but he had to create a completely new battery. When Jordan and Jeremy were meeting in California to sell the battery to Sunlife, a lot of nefarious things came to light.” “Jordan recognized Sunlife was trying to lay claim to fifty percent of the patent of his original battery that made him a billionaire. They were also tying their company to The Green Company. Jordan warned the lawyers then and told them if they didn’t stop, he would sue them.” “Sunlife is now trying to claim that they should get a percentage of the patent for this new battery because they commissioned it in a contract. They are also accusing Jordan and Jeremy of stealing the design of the solar panels created to go with the battery that just made The Green Company a billion dollar company. Jordan put the patents in the company’s name. Jordan clearly didn’t steal any designs for the solar panels either, but Sunlife is drowning, and this is their last ploy to stay afloat. I think they also want to hurt Jordan, especially for figuring out their deception.” “Wow.” I said. Jayson nodded. “Are you up for this task?” “I am.” I nodded too. “Okay. I want to get started quickly. I was going to see if you wanted to come over tonight so we can read through all of this.” I lowered my head. “I don’t want to have s*x with you.” I heard him take a small breath in. “Look at me.” He commanded me. I lifted my chin to look at him. “Are you ashamed of what happened last Friday?” I swallowed. “I just shouldn’t have pressured you into it. I wasn’t thinking I was stupid, it was a stupid mistake. You’re my boss.” I saw him flinch slightly like I hurt him, but I can’t be sure. “Understood. I’m not asking you over anyway to have s*x with you. I meant it. I want to start reading through all this.” “But this isn’t that much.” I said as I lifted the folder, he handed me. He turned in his chair and lifted a box that thudded heavily on his desk, meaning it was full of folders most likely. “There are three more boxes like this.” I gulped. That is a lot of work to get through. “We are going to be working late into the night and I don’t think we’ll make much of a dent.” I commented. “I know, but the sooner we can get to work on making a dent the better. We are on a time crunch.” “I may have to spend the night.” “Probably the weekend.” He commented. I took a couple of fast breaths. I wrung my hands a little in my lap. “Okay. I need to go home and pack a bag. I’ll get an Uber over to your house.” “No need. I can take you to your place and wait for you to pack whatever you need.” I nodded. “We’re going to need a lot of supplies.” I said. “Like what?” “Coffee and food for one. I’m going to need notepads, post-it pads of different colors, highlighters, pens of different colors, that kind of stuff. It’s how I take notes and process things.” “We can stop by the store on the way to my place and you can grab whatever you need. I will be paying you for your time even though we’ll be at my house.” “Okay then,” I replied. “Good, now, since it’s the end of the day, finish up whatever you have to clean up and any work you have put back into the folders for the others to deal with. This is your only focus from here on out.” I got up and made my way to my desk to clean it up and get ready to leave. I sent mom and Kya a quick text that I would be out of the house for the weekend for a work-related endeavor. Mom didn’t question me, but I felt like Kya was a little suspicious. I’ll explain to her later. Jayson was at my desk by the time I pulled my purse out of the bottom locked drawer. “Ready?” He asked, loaded with the boxes. I nodded and grabbed a couple from his burden. We walked to the elevators and made our way out to his truck. I nervously buckled myself in. The last time I was in his truck I ended up in bed with him. No brain stop thinking about that. We have work to do. A sensation memory of how deeply Jayson was f*cking me crossed my body. Not you too body. He’s, our boss. We’re still grieving about losing Taylor. You’re just going to have to be satisfied with my vibrator from here on out. I scolded myself. I turned on Jayson’s radio and, to my surprise, he left it on the station I love to listen to. I don’t mind listening to magic fm occasionally, but mom brought us up on her music and I like it a lot. Dad loved the music too, though he liked more of the rock bands before he passed away when I was really little. I felt my eyes well up with tears missing my dad and Taylor crossed my mind. I turned my head to the window to carefully wipe my right eye before Jayson noticed I was starting to cry. It didn’t take me long to pack enough for the weekend. We were already at the office supply store. I pushed a cart towards the things I needed. For everything, I grabbed Jayson grabbed extras. I looked at him. “I can’t afford all that.” I told him. “I’m buying and we’re probably going to need it.” I thought about that for a second and he was right. I shrugged and looked through, finding what else I needed. Jayson added more things, including a printer and replacement ink and printer paper. I looked at him again. “What? I don’t have a printer and we may need to print things out.” He was right. The printer he chose could copy and fax as well. We had a whole cart full by the time we headed to the check out. Jayson paid and my pockets were grateful for it. I wouldn’t have been able to afford it all. I have some money saved, but I’m still paying on some school loans. That takes most of my money. I got one fully paid down by selling my car. Now, I just have to rely on mom giving me rides or borrowing her car. I helped Jayson load his truck. I brushed my auburn hair off my shoulder before I climbed back into the passenger side seat. Jayson climbed in. “What do we want to eat?” “I don’t care.” I replied. “How about subs?” I shrugged and nodded. We pulled up to the sub shop and got out. He held the door open for me to enter. He stepped up behind me and I’m tall for a woman at five-nine, but I felt small with Jayson standing behind me. He leaned his head to my ear. It is packed in here. “Get whatever you want to eat. It’s going to be a long night and I need to grocery shop so there isn’t much food at the house.” I did as he ordered me. I got two subs and some fries with a large cola. I’ll still need coffee. Jayson ordered almost as much as me except he added two huge slices of their chocolate cake that they sell for dessert. He paid and we piled back into his truck. “We still need coffee.” I reminded him. “On it.” He turned his face to me as we waited for the light to turn green and winked. The line at Starbucks was thankfully not too bad. We ordered our coffees and finally headed to Jayson’s. My phone chimed with a text. Kya- Are you okay? Me-Yeah. As best as I can be. Kya- Where are you really? I know it’s not work-related. I’m worried about you. Me- I’m with Jayson. We just pulled into his garage. Kya- Are you sure you’re ready for that? I’ll support you no matter what. Me- It really is work-related. Jayson has asked me to finally be co-counsel in a major case for Jordan and Jeremy. Kya- Really? Are you ready for that? Me- Yes, I need this distraction. We have a lot of information to read through and he wants to get started this weekend because there is a time crunch. Kya- You don’t have to use work as an excuse if you want to be with Jayson, just so you know. I think he likes you. Me- I’m serious Kya. If you don’t believe me, ask Jeremy about Sunlife. I didn’t receive a reply after. I helped Jayson carry everything in. “Everything alright?” He asked. “Yeah, just Kya.” He nodded. He dove into getting the printer out and setting it up. I set things out across the table. I wanted everything in reach for both of us. “Can you grab my laptop from my room?” He asked. I nodded and went to his room. I paused, looking at his big bed. I was fighting with myself. Okay, body and brain you can remember for a minute, and we need to focus after that. All that happened, every sensation washed over my body as I remembered how good it was. “You, okay?” I was startled out of my memory. I glanced at him and moved to his desk to get his laptop. I saw the time and realized I was reliving the memory for more than a minute. Really? I scolded my body and brain. He felt so good. My body protested. That may be, but we’ll never have him again boss remember. I got lost in reading and writing notes. My shoulders and back were aching from being hunched over for hours. I glanced up and noticed Jayson had put a pair of reading glasses on. I have never seen him wear them before. He looked sexy in them. His hair was a mess like he'd been running his hand through it a lot. I sucked my bottom lip into my mouth and chewed it. My heart had started to race, and I could feel myself getting wet as my body snuck a quick reminder in on all that Jayson can do to my body. I stood and stretched to distract myself. I made my way to the fridge to get my other coffee. I need the pick me up clearly. I rubbed at my shoulder while I looked in the fridge. I knew what I was after, but I just stared. I felt him crowding me. I could feel his heat and I didn’t want to move. “Cake?” “Huh?” I asked. He reached in and pulled out the cake slices. “Cake.” He repeated and moved to set them on the table before returning for forks. I grabbed my coffee and his. I set his coffee down and mine. I climbed back on my chair and continued to rub as best I could at the kink in my stiff shoulder. Jayson moved behind me and brushed my hand aside. He gripped my shoulders and started to work the kinks and stiffness out. His hands felt so good. I closed my eyes. All I could think was I wanted his hands all over me for the second time today. My underwear flooded. I moaned as he really worked out a knot. I stiffened. I didn’t mean to moan. “I think I’m okay.” I tried to brush his hands away. “No, I can feel the knots.” He continued to work them out and as much as I fought, moans of satisfaction leaked out of my tight lips. He’s killing me with his hands, and I love it.
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