Chapter One- Tragedy Strikes

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Jayson I looked up at the knock on my open office door. I had to take a subtle breath as I looked at Wendy. She is beautiful and yet I can’t make any advancement in my feelings for her. She’s dating my best friend, Scott’s little brother, Taylor. Lucky sonofab*tch. Not only that, she is my employee. I don’t have a no-dating policy, but I’m still establishing my business and I do want to be seen as having some established morals as the boss. I smiled at her. She returned it. “What can I do for you?” I asked. She made her way to the chairs on the other side of my desk and sat down. “I was wondering if you wanted to go to the bar and club with me. Kya wants to get out and she convinced Jeremy to go out. My mom offered to watch the kids. Jeremy is trying to convince Jordan and Alaina to go out too. I just don’t want to be the loner and, since Taylor is in Afghanistan, I thought you would be a safe option.” I want to scream yes at her to get to be with her outside of work and maybe dance with her. I leaned back in my chair to ponder what she asked. I ran my hands through my dark dirty blonde hair. I need to ask if Kya can fit me in, in her salon downstairs soon. I watched as she swallowed at my hand movement. She won’t enact on anything she feels for me if she does just as I won’t enact on my feelings. I like Taylor. He’s a good guy. I let out a sigh. “Sure, I could use a few beers and to let loose.” She grinned and clapped her hands together in front of her chest. “Thank you, Jayson. I’ll owe you one.” I wanted to say she doesn’t owe me anything, but I’m not above using that situation to my advantage if I deem it worthy. “No problem.” I replied. “Do you want us to pick you up at your place?” “Us?” I asked. “Yeah, Jeremy is going to order a car service for us.” “Yeah, that sounds good. What time?” “About seven.” “Seven.” I confirmed. She stood and made her way to my office door. “Thank you again. I really appreciate this.” I nodded. My heart is hammering in my chest. It smells so good now in my office. Her vanilla perfume is tickling my nose. I had to control my reaction before I had a hard on from imagining a fantasy where I could bury myself in her beautiful body all night long. I really need to find someone I can relieve some of this built-up s*xual tension. I decided to facetime Alaina. I could use a Hope fix anyway. I pulled my phone out. I thought against it and just got up. I made my way out of my office and headed for the elevators. Wendy can’t go upstairs, but I still can. I pressed the button to call the elevator. I stepped on when it arrived and pressed for the twentieth floor. When I stepped off the elevator, I saw Jocelyn sitting at her desk steadfast as ever for my sister and brother-in-law. “Good afternoon, Jocelyn.” “Hey Sugar. Visiting your sister?” “I’m actually here to visit Hope.” I winked and she smiled. I stepped around her desk and went up the stairs. I opened their office door quietly in case they were on a call. I’m glad I did. Jordan was behind his desk on the phone and Alaina was in a hushed conversation with her second in charge, Nick. They waved at me as they saw me. I waved and tiptoed to the play pack next to the couch where Hope is playing quietly. She looked up at me with her crystal blue eyes and grinned. She crawled to the edge and pulled herself up to stand. She lifted her little hands to me. I couldn’t refuse. I lifted her up into my arms. She reached her tiny hand out and tried to touch my face, but she touched my lips instead. I kissed her hand. I bounced her around with some twirls. She laughed and I felt guilty for a second. I looked at Jordan and he was hanging up the phone. I sighed. He came around to us as I sat on the couch with Hope. Jordan sat next to me. “Needed a Hope fix, huh?” “Yeah, and I love that she’s an elevator ride away now.” He smiled and leaned over to kiss Hope’s head. Hope cooed at her daddy. “So, Wendy asked me to be her date for the bar and club.” “Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting out for a night. We’ve been so busy, and Kya should celebrate that her business is officially opened fully for customers.” “Oh, that’s why we’re celebrating?” “Well, that and just to get out for the night,” Jordan replied. “Sounds good. I haven’t been out in a while.” Jordan chuckled because he hadn’t been out for a long time. I don’t think since his bachelor party really. Jeremy came in while we were talking. There has been so much stress Kya and he have had to deal with over the past six months alone. Jordan took Harper from him, and I let Jeremy have Hope. After they snuggled them, they set them in the play pack together. Harper and Hope are two peas in a pod. Sometimes it seems as if they are brother and sister. Harper is nine months old, and Hope is seven months old. They babbled their happy babbles to each other. We smiled at them. I wonder if I’ll ever be a dad. I think I’d make a good one and I know any child of mine will be well taken care of in this family of ours. I wondered too if I was getting baby fever like Jeremy had back in fall before he discovered he already had one. I dismissed it. I showered and shaved when I got home. I put on a pair of dark blue jeans and paired it with a medium blue button-up shirt that make my baby blue eyes pop. I may be going with Wendy, but if I can find someone who shows some interest, I know she won’t be opposed to me having fun. I heard the honk of the car service. I grabbed my wallet, keys, and phone. I tucked them in my pockets. It’s luckily warmed up a lot in this late April weather. I won’t need a jacket. Jeremy got a stretch SUV type black limo. I was impressed. I opened the door, and everyone was settled in a seat. They smiled and I greeted them as I climbed in. I moved to sit next to Wendy. She was wearing a tight red dress and I had to subtly swallow with how amazing she is looking. F*ck! I hope I can control my body’s reaction. She smiled at me. “You look nice.” I complimented her. “Thank you.” I was glad it was a short ride to the bar and club. Jordan led us to the VIP section. Beers and shots were immediately presented to us, and I took the shot as fast as was appropriate. This may be a long night. I needed a couple more shots before the ladies got all of us on the dance floor. Wendy smiled as we all danced as a group. The music changed and Selena’s “I Could Fall In Love” started to play. I think the music is messing with me. Wendy wrapped her hands around my shoulders and pressed into me. I could smell a hint of strawberry in her hair as I held her to me as we danced. The strawberry mixed with the vanilla and my knees wanted to get weak. She’s not ours. She has Taylor. Thanks brain. I know, but my jealousy monster is trying hard to rear its ugly head. Wendy and I get along really well all around. She is easy to talk to outside of work because she knows what I’m referencing if we’re talking about work in any way. She’s funny and bubbly. She has a don’t play with her side too. Jeremy got to deal with it a little bit when Kya and him reconnected. She rested her head against my shoulder, and I am fighting with my d*ck. It would be so easy to slip away and have her. I know she’d feel amazing. I need to think of something else. I started thinking of all the upcoming clients we’re about to take on and how long and boring the work can be. Wendy jolted and stepped out of my arms. The song was pretty much done. She clawed at her clutch purse attached to her wrist and I heard it. Her phone was ringing. She tried to make her way off the dance floor as she answered her phone. I followed her to try and help her get through the bodies crowding around. She cleared the bodies and pressed her hand to her other ear to hear whomever was calling. “I can’t hear you. Hold on.” She screamed into the phone. She made her way towards the bathroom area. I was still following her. I kept a little distance, but I saw her legs wobble and I rushed forward to grab her before she hit the floor. She had fainted. I could faintly hear someone calling her name through her phone. I adjusted her in my arms and took the phone. I put the phone to my ear, and I heard Scott’s voice calling her name. “Scott?” I said. “Jayson?” He said with a rough tone. “What happened to Wendy?” “She fainted.” “Oh No!” “What is going on?” I asked Scott. There was silence for a few seconds. I heard him clear his throat. “Taylor was killed in an ambush. His dog tried to save him, but one of the bullets struck his head. He was found with Prince lying on his body. It’s unsure if Prince will make it.” Scott let out a harsh sob when he finished. “I’m so sorry.” There was silence again for a moment. “Take care of Wendy please.” “I will.” I promised. “I’m here for you too.” I added. “I know thank you. I’m going to go.” “Okay.” He hung up. I carried Wendy to the VIP tables we were at. “Wendy!” Kya said as I approached. “What’s wrong with her?” Kya demanded. I sat with Wendy in my lap. I cleared my throat. “Uh, Scott just called her. Taylor was killed in an ambush.” Tears filled Kya’s eyes as she rushed to crouch in front of me and ran her hand over Wendy’s body trying to soothe her little sister and hugging her head to her chest. I sat there feeling guilty because I wanted Wendy. I feel like fate intervened and took Taylor away from her. She’s going to hate me if she ever finds out where my thoughts had briefly gone. She started moaning softly as she came too. She looked around and reality sunk in. She shot into Kya’s arms sobbing uncontrollably. ~~~ Three Weeks Later I caught sight of Wendy’s hair as she pushed her chair out from her desk and stood. I hate that she is no longer her bubbly self. I’ve barely seen her in the past three weeks. The longest I have seen her is at Taylor’s funeral. It was tragic, but at the same time, we learned that Prince pulled through surgery and survived. He’s in a long recovery, but that seemed to brighten Wendy and Scott a little bit. She has barely been at work, and I was fine with that. I told her to take all the time she needed. I want to help her. I stood from my desk and approached hers as she was collecting her purse and straightening it out before she leaves. “Hey.” I said. She looked up at me and gave a meek smile. “Hey,” She replied. “How have you been?” I asked. “You know.” “Yeah, I guess I sort of do, though not to the extent it has affected you.” I said. “I just wish the pain would go away.” She whispered. “You can take more time off if you need to.” She shook her head. “No, staying at home just makes me wallow too much. I need to be distracted I think.” I thought about what she said for a few seconds. “Would you like to come hang out at my house? We can order pizza and play games with the guys or watch a movie, something.” Her eyes said that she was about to refuse me. She shook her head, and I was ready to leave her to not impose on her any further. “You know what. Yeah, I think I will.” I smiled. “Can I come with you now?” She asked. “Sure, let me log off and lock up my office.” “Okay. I’m going to head down and let my mom know I’m going with you. I’ll meet you downstairs.” I nodded. She turned and headed for the elevators. I logged off my computer and grabbed my things before leaving my office and locking the door behind me. I made my way to the elevators myself. I didn’t have to wait long before I was getting off in the lobby. Wendy was waiting by the security desk talking with Clinton and Daryl. I can see the compassion they have for what she’s going through. “Ready?” I asked. She nodded and we said good night to Daryl and Clinton before heading to the parking garage and my truck. I pressed to unlock the doors and opened the passenger door for her. I held my hand out to help her climb up. She’s tall, but for a woman it can still be a struggle climbing up in my truck. I closed the door for her and made my way to the driver’s seat. I got in and buckled myself in before starting my truck. She reached over and turned my radio on, and I didn’t mind. I let her flip through the stations until she found something she liked. She chose one oh six point three peak fm. I like the station. It plays a good mixture of older music with some of today's songs. We drove mostly in silence to my house aside from whatever was playing on the radio. I parked in my garage, and we went inside. “Make yourself at home.” She kicked off her heels. “Want a beer?” I asked. “Yes, please.” I moved to the fridge and grabbed a bottle for her and me. I twisted the top off for her. She took a long pull on it as she wandered into my living room. She sat on my couch, and I noticed how her skirt and button-up dress shirt didn’t scream comfortable, and I wanted her to be comfortable. “I’ll be right back.” I said as I made my way to my bedroom. I pulled out one of my t-shirts and some of my sweat shorts that she could cinch the string in to make her more comfortable. I chose a shirt and shorts for myself. I changed quickly before grabbing the clothes for her and bringing them to the living room. She had turned on the tv. “Hey, I brought you something to change into if you want.” I presented her with my clothes. She brightened slightly. She stood after setting her beer on the coffee table. “Bathroom?” “First door on the left.” She took the clothes and made her way past me. I grabbed my beer I had set on my kitchen island and brought it in the living room. She came back out and, though my clothes swim on her, she looked more comfortable than she had. She had her clothes folded neatly. She set them on the side table next to where she sat on my couch. She pulled her legs under her. “What do you want for pizza?” “Anything as long as its not spicy. No peppers either.” “Do you like pepperoni?” I had to ask because the spicy is a grey area with people and pepperoni. “I like pepperoni.” I ordered a meaty pizza, and I was about to add pineapples to half before I decided to ask her. “Do you like pineapples on pizza?” “Love ‘em” I smiled because she’s a girl after my own heart. I got some cheesy breadsticks too. She finished her beer. “You want another one?” I asked. “I can get it.” She stood and went to my fridge and grabbed two. She set a second one down for me next to my mostly finished one. She sighed after she twisted the top off and drank several gulps as she settled back down. She looked around my living room. Her eyes landed on me. “This is so nice. You have a nice place.” “Thanks.” I noticed how tired her beautiful brown eyes looked. She snuggled into my couch as we watched tv, waiting for the pizza. We didn’t wait too much longer and there was a knock. I grabbed the pizza and set it on the coffee table. I moved to grab another beer, paper towels, and plates for us. She had lifted the breadstick box cover and was poised with one in her mouth as she took a big bite. “Swowy.” She mumbled around her bite. I smiled. “No worries.” She was adorable in that second. “I’m glad you are eating.” She finished her bite. She reached to pile a couple of slices of pizza on her plate with more cheesy breadsticks before she sat back. “I haven’t felt like eating much. I’m hungry, but everything in my house reminds me of Taylor. I love him, but my house and especially my room is feeling like a tomb. I can’t really sleep or eat. I can’t do much except cry. Sorry. I shouldn’t be burdening you with all this.” “No, I can get it. If you want stay here at least tonight. We’ve been drinking and if it allows you to get some sleep you’re welcome to stay.” She looked at me and bit on her lower lip. She looked nervous but nodded. I let go of the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. She ate her fill of pizza and drank a lot of beer. I really can’t blame her. She looked over at me and smiled. I returned her smile. She sucked her bottom lip in and chewed it. It was sexy as hell. She maneuvered onto her hands and knees and crawled towards me. My heart raced. She leaned in and brushed her lips against mine. “What are you doing?” I said in a whisper. “Kissing you.” She said. I don’t want her to feel pressured. “Wendy.” Was all I could say as I breathed out. She grasped my face and slipped her tongue into my mouth. I was fighting how good it felt to have her kiss me. I pushed gently at her shoulders. She looked at me with her nose so close to mine. “I don’t want to take advantage of you.” “Jayson, please. I need a distraction. I need to get out of my head, even if for a little while.” She pleaded. Those words undid me. I stood and lifted her in my arms as I carried her to my bedroom. I can regret this later, but I have wanted her for so long and I can’t deny her plea. I laid her on my bed. She sat up and lifted my shirt over her body. She was naked from the waist up. She moved to untie my shorts and I began removing my clothes. I opened my nightstand drawer to get a condom. “You don’t need one. I’m on birth control.” I wanted to groan. She was naked and pushing my blankets down before I could truly commit the look of her to memory. I climbed in beside her. I reached for her and began kissing her. She kissed me and I touched her soft skin. I ran my hand down her body to the apex of her th*ghs. I grazed her folds before pressing my finger into her to test her. She was so f*cking wet. “Jayson.” She said against my lips in a plea. I shifted and moved between her legs. I want to take my time, but I want her so badly. I ran my tip against her, letting her coat me. She stared into my eyes as I pressed into her body. She felt so tight and good. She gasped as I slid myself inch after inch into her body. “Oh god you’re so big.” She exclaimed as I finished penetrating her. I held myself still for a little bit, letting her adjust to me. She planted her feet and began rocking her body up into me. I guess she was ready. I f*cked her slow at first. Her hands were everywhere on my body as she chanted my name in her pants and moans. I was lost to her. I’m forever going to be hers. I have never had a woman like her in my bed. I reached around and lifted her hips so I could go faster and get deeper into her body. “Yes, right there. Yes, Jayson.” She moaned out. I am going to c*m soon. She feels so amazing. I pounded into her body, and I felt her walls begin to tighten around me. I felt myself swelling even harder as my orgasm was approaching. She clawed at my shoulders and screamed as her orgasm struck. Within a few more strokes I stilled and came deeply in her body. I growled out my release. This felt so perfect. I don’t want to give her up now that I have had her. She is everything I’ve been looking for. She wiggled and I came back to my senses and pulled out. She immediately got out of bed and went to the bathroom. I felt her loss so quickly. I heard the toilet flush and the water turn on. “Will you cuddle me to sleep?” I nodded. She collected my shirt she abandoned and pulled it back on along with her underwear. I pulled my boxers and shorts back on. She climbed back into bed, and I did the same. She laid on her side and I spooned her. She grabbed my hand and held it to her chest as she settled into my bed.
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