Chapter 2

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Michael: I understand you and you're not wrong but try to understand us, we all worry about you, for your safety. Marilou: I know... you even more than the others, huh? Michael: Lol it's a bit normal don't you think? You mean a lot to me and I would do anything for you. Marilou: I know it very well and it's reciprocal... I can't bear to lose you, you know? I will never get over it Michael: You won't lose me, we'll always be together I promise. 《 Marilou 》 shouted a female voice. Marilou turned around abruptly and hurried to get up, her head still turned towards the place where the voice was coming from. 《 Yes?》 She replied to Claire whom she had just seen. 《 There are people looking for you 》 Claire affirmed to marilou. The latter stepped back, bumping into Michael. Three men had just appeared in front of her all dressed in elegant looking black. 《 What do they want from me?》 She questioned, still addressing Claire as if men were incapable of understanding her language. 《 Hello... I am Florent chief of the royal guard. I'm accompanied by some brave soldiers... but don't worry they won't hurt you》 One of the men exclaimed with such modesty that Marilou would never have been suspicious of them. 《 And what do you want from me?》 Asked Marilou. 《 The king sends can imagine it》 Michael: What does the king want from him, can we know? Florent: Please follow me? Marilou: But what do they want from me? I don't understand...I didn't do anything wrong (turned to Michael and tugged him by the collar) eh Michael tell them, tell them you I didn't do anything. Michael: It's true Marilou has never hurt a fly so explain to us what the king wants from her otherwise she won't go anywhere... you have no right to bring her like that. Roger: Let's see Michael for a bit of outfit...this man is a representative of the king and you could be in serious trouble just by opposing them...try to keep calm please we'll get away with it. speak calmly okay? Florent: This gentleman is quite right, but to prove my good faith to you, I am going to explain to you what I know to show you that we came in peace. Florent made a sign to Marilou to approach, she hesitated a moment before freeing herself from the grip of Michael who refused to let her go. Florent turned on his heels and Marilou followed him, nevertheless observing a reasonable distance between them. Florent: You see Madame... Prince Louis is seriously ill and nobody knows about it and the king hopes to keep it a secret. Marilou: So what? I don't know them, how does that concern me? The King has plenty of resources he could heal him in one click. Florent: Well...the king hoped that you could cure see, he went around the villages but it seems that no one can cure him except maybe least he hopes so. . Marilou stepped back Marilou: How so? Who told you I'm a healer or something? Florent: Let's see Madam, your exploits are counted in the four corners of the world... in fact the King found out about it completely by chance, in a village where we had gone, an old man told us about it. According to him, a young girl named Marilou would have cured him of an unknown illness that almost killed him. Marlou: ...... Florent: We also heard that you cured a man who had the plague when he came back from the war... you saved a lot of people Mademoiselle and the King is grateful to you, believe me. But who more deserves your help if not the King himself? After all, you live on his land. Marilou: Are you threatening me sir? Florent: Never, far from it... but understand that it is a duty that you have there towards your King. Marilou: So this choice that you claim to give me isn't really one. I am obliged to submit to the orders of the so-called King .... be grateful to him to eat,to drink and have a roof? to somehow live. But we beat this roof with our hands, under the blazing sun and the smile of Lady Moon. With an ax and hard work. We take care of our cows and take care of milking them with our hands look (holding out his red hands) We are the ones who make the rags that we wear, we are the ones who harvest without the help of people, we cross kilometers to have water for the harvest and our needs and yet we are obliged to give 50% of our harvest to the King to feed his troops. So I don't see why I should be grateful to him. Florent: Maybe you're right...I could go into some detail explaining to you how the System works, but I'm afraid that your experience is not very limited to understand anything. Marilou: I'm a child but I'm not stupid Florent: I could never have such a thought about you. Marilou: I really want to follow you... not because he's the King but because I have the power to help him. Florent: Wise decision. Marilou: But on one condition Florent: Which one? Marilou: My village will have to be exempt from all taxes whatsoever and we will no longer give half of our food to the King's soldiers and more importantly... We want your help to build schools, hospitals and everything we need. will need. Florent: Well... I have to talk to the King about it first, but I think he won't mind. Marilou: So much the better because without that, I won't move from here. Florent: You have my word, I will see to it personally Marilou: I don't know you... what tells me that you're not a liar and a thug who has no words? Florent: Believe me, Miss, I always keep my word even if I have to give up my life. Marilou: Wait for me here... I'm just taking some things and I'll follow you The guard stood in front of her, blocking her way. Florent: It won't be necessary, you'll have everything you need at the palace. Michael: No, don't do that, Marilou, I'm begging you... Marilou turned to look at Michael with a worried look, her stitches tight. The anger could be read on his face. He took 2 abrupt and determined steps but Roger pulled him by the arm. Florent turned around for a brief moment to observe him before continuing. Florent: After you Miss
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