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Marilou is a very weird young woman capable of working miracles. Beyond all her ability to change certain things and cure all diseases as strange as they are, she is a young girl of age who is very sensitive and afraid of her powers.

The King whose son is ill forcibly brought her to his kingdom, but when his task was fulfilled, he did not want to let her go. We cannot leave someone so powerful unattended, she could turn against us. Said the King. Marilou suffered greatly but she soon discovered that she is not the only witch in this palace although more powerful.

Little did she know that those with whom the King was fighting were Wolves and that her lifelong friend was also one. Constrained by the King, she created rings for vampires to fight against wolves. Little did she know the consequence of her actions.

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Chapter 1
It all started with Marilou, a young girl that her mother carried in her womb for 3 long years. Her mother experienced so much misfortune and rejection during this period that she decided to leave her native village to live in a small village of about 150 inhabitants. No one asked her about her pregnancy or her past. Marilou was born during a beautiful starry night, it was in summer, a hot night but the wind began to blow when jane had her contractions, everything became cold suddenly. A rapturous wind was blowing louder and louder and the sky was rumbling, the cattle were panicking and thunder was ringing. All were surprised and when finally with the help of some lady connoisseur Amelia gave birth to a girl whose face radiated, everything ceased, giving way to a lit night and a sky filled with stars. Marilou had no task of any liquid whatsoever, a breath of fresh air accompanied her exit. Charlotte looked at her husband in horror, understanding nothing as if she was looking for an answer, an answer her husband couldn't give her. Marilou was washed and treated like any baby. His mother made them promise not to say a word about what had happened, they all accepted anyway no one would believe them. A few hours after Marilou's birth, Charlotte in her hut could not sleep, she kept cogitating in all directions. Roger: Stop cogitating a little bit in all directions and try to sleep instead. Charlotte: How do you want me to sleep after what I just saw, after what we just saw? It's totally supernatural all that you don't think? Did you see how the wind started to blow, how the atmosphere changed? This child had no blood or stain or anything on her body have you ever seen such a thing? We have heard things but never like it... Roger: Stop, we have all our little secrets don't forget it. Amelia hid here and she confessed it to us... she was desperate and had no hope Charlotte her own family rejected her and you want to do the same to this little girl so innocent so fragile? Charlotte: It's not the same, our secret we all share but she, she hides a lot of things from us it's me who tells you, she's a witch. Roger: It's none of our business and you'd better take care of your business otherwise you may regret it believe me. Roger goes back to bed without giving his wife time to answer him he turns off the lamp. Charlotte with her eyes still open in the dark kept thinking and then finally closing her eyes to try to sleep. Marilou lived a very happy childhood despite her difference and the death of her mother. was running the world one day. She had never known him and it didn't bother him, Charlotte had raised him as her own daughter despite the fear she aroused in her. Everyone admired her and saw her as the miracle child who would one day change the world. She was fulfilled and loved by all, she worked in the hospital healing the sick thanks to her gift of healing, it could cure anything anytime and anywhere. She was solicited in the breeding because she talked to the animals, her moods changed the climate and as long as she was happy, everything seemed to be going well. Her mother's death was sudden and harsh, she was still a child and her mother was afraid to leave her alone away from her family, away from her family but it was better to know her here because at least she was loved here.She therefore entrusted Marilou to Charlotte, making her promise to watch over her no matter what and not to let anyone take it out on her. 《 I will protect her at the risk of my life you can believe me, you know that I love Marilou very much, I love her like my own daughter... so rest up and stop hurting yourself for nothing. 》Charlotte replied to Amelia as she was dying. Some people came to Medieval to meet this little girl whose dreams come true, the one who interprets dreams and brings them to life, the one who gives hope. She had become the very bend of this small village whose population was increasing visibly. Nevertheless, she was aware that her powers could attract malicious people, Charlotte kept telling her and begging her to be careful and not to blindly trust others because some might take advantage of her naivety. She fell in love with a shepherd who loved her company. He found it exceptional that someone could speak and understand the language of animals. "You could do great things, do you know that? 》 he said to her, and she always replied 《I don't want a problem, people are often afraid of what they don't understand and I'm not a threat to them but how do I make them understand? People here tolerate me because they saw me born and grow up, they are not afraid of my gifts, they got used to it so I would be better off here, that's what my mother would have desired" 《But what do you want?》and it's up to her to answer 《I would like to see the sea one day》 "So I'll take you...one day, when you're ready to accept who you really are and your role in this world." 《You are a good man Michael...I'm really lucky to have you》 《 Don't talk nonsense, I'm the lucky one to have you in my life, you're someone exceptional and you're the only one who doesn't realize it 》 Michel whispered all staring at her. Marilou blushed and lowered her head, which made Michael smile. Marilou clapped him on the shoulder questioning him. "Nothing, you just blushed... is it because of me? 》 Marilou blushed again and Michael laughed again. Marilou: But stop lol you're not funny Michael: Ok ok I'm sorry... it's just that you're so beautiful, so innocent and I'm afraid that in addition to your powers, you attract the wrong people you understand? The more your powers grow, the more you put yourself in danger. Marilou: Yes, I know it well... Charlotte keeps repeating it to me, but I'd rather die helping others with my powers than not using them, frankly, what's the point of having gifts if you can't? to use it ? Michael: I understand you and you're not wrong but try to understand us, we all worry about you, for your safety. Marilou: I know... you even more than the others, huh? Michael: Lol it's a bit normal don't you think? You mean a lot to me and I would do anything for you. Marilou: I know it very well and it's reciprocal... I can't bear to lose you, you know? I will never get over it Michael: You won't lose me, we'll always be together I promise.

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