Love at first sight flash marriage

love at the first sight

' Breaking News Kyler Jacobs has been taken off the market rumor has it she is the CEO of CoLab Inc what a match made in heaven'

'No, my dream guy is off the market someone please tell me this is a joke'

'Wedding bells are ringing'

'Can that woman really be that beautiful? They look perfect together they look like royalty'


'Oh, my word yes they are matching why didn't I see that before.'

While reading the comments I am completely blown away by the number of compliments its 7:30 in the morning and the entire country is in a frenzy no wonder my mom called me at 5 in morning.

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Chapter 1
Carla Simpson POV Hi I am Carla Simpson... I am 20 years old today so happy birthday to me... I am single and in no condition to change that, my past proves that... At age 13 my parents died in a plane crash, leaving me an orphan with a multimillion-dollar company which I would have to take over when I turn twenty which is today... I was taken in by my mother's little sister Nikita Brown and her husband Cole Brown. They treated me as their own daughter since my aunt could not have kids, they adopted a son James Cameron Brown he was a baby when they adopted him in. His like a little brother to me. My aunt and uncle made me promise to not even tell my uncle Sam my dad's brother where I was studying or going to school Today is my 20th birthday and I must take over the Simpson family company which was under my Uncle Sam Simpson control until I turn twenty. I had to learn how to run the company since age 13 I was never a child I had to learn to be an adult and take over a company. The CO LAB Inc is one of the largest companies in the country we deal with clothing and jewelry designs and makeup, face care, lotions perfumes and we currently working on getting into interior design and a small part of the company works on property development mostly architectural designs to major property development companies, and banks. I am the new CEO starting today so all eyes will be on my today because today will be my first time heading a meeting, I have sat in on a couple but today I am sitting in the CEO chair, all I want to do is make my parents proud... I must meet with the board of directors and one of collaborators. I may own a design company, but I was not that into wearing fashionable clothing I hate wearing make-up I have no idea how to apply any make-up, so I apply some eye shadow and eye liner and a nude lipstick from our last summer collection... I am wearing a red Shiv dress that reaches my knees and the dress happens to have an extremely low back so a wear a white peplum blazer over it. I curl my long light brown hair into beach waves... I may hate being fashionable, but I loved designing new and creative clothing pieces... My fashion line is called silver storm, I hate being in the limelight, so I had created silver storm to design and make clothing without people knowing... I have been living my entire life in the shadows because since I was fourteen people have been trying to kill me, I have been living under an Alias called Mia Green my whole life until last year when I came back to the states... And I became Carla Simpson again... As soon as I walk into the building, I am greeted buy my new assistant who is a lot older than I am she is about twenty-nine and she looks nervous, her large notepad is shaking in her trembling hands... "Young Madam, I mean, sorry I'm nervous... President Simpson welcome." I laugh. She is cute... "You can call me Carla" "I can't President Simpson... I am afraid of getting fired... I was told to only call you President Simpson" I shake my head... I do not them threatening to fire people because they call me by my name... It is ridiculous... "What's your name?" I ask her "Urh my name is Rose Diaz" "Well hello Miss Diaz. Can you lead me to the board room?" "Oh, urh right the board meeting, right this way." "Thank you, Miss Diaz,” And she leads me to the boardroom to meet with the directors and shareholders As soon as I walk into the board room, I see the hottest man on the planet he looks like a tall Greek God his hair is short and trimmed on the sides. He is wearing a navy suit that fits him exactly right you can see its expensive and also tailor made for him and a white shirt I'm in a complete daze for a complete minute. Before he walks up to me and greets me damn, he is voice tickles me in all the right places. "Good morning, President, Simpson, I'm Kyler Jacobs" As I come to my senses, I see him reaching out he is hand, I reach out my hand as well and in a sexy but not so obvious sexy voice I reply "Good morning Mr. Jacobs. It is nice to meet you" As I take, his hand his thumb moving a long my hand. And I immediately pull my hand away. The meeting lasts for six hours I could barely concentrate with Mr. Jacobs looking at me throughout the meeting and most of the people here are trying to undermine me and treat me like a child like I did not get my business degree from Oxford University... By the time we get out of the meeting I am exhausted and hungry I ask my assistant to get me something in the company's cafeteria. Just as I get into my office, I see mountain of paperwork that needs my signature and a bunch of contracts that needs my approval right Carla you can do this. You need to do this. You must make mom and dad proud. I try and give myself a little pep talk... As I was going through the mountain of work my mind kept thinking about that damn Greek God. I had the honor of being in his presence how could I not be happy, how could I not think about how amazing he is, should I be happy? As I am going through the rest of the documents I dose off. {Mr. Jacobs comes rushing into my office without knocking, he walks up to me in a swift manner Mr. Jacobs picks me up throws on the sofa in my office and starts kissing me everywhere. He rips off my dress, my dress ended up in two pieces he throws my dress across the room he then unhooks my bra throwing it across the room I watch it as it lands on the doorknob and my soaking wet panty gets thrown on the floor... He puts two fingers into me in a swift motion} And just like that I hear knock on the door. Damn it was just a dream my assistant came to remind of a video conference. I got to say he would look good without a suit. I am thinking about undressing him. Carla snap out of it. The conference call lasted about 6 hours, mostly because they have no faith in a 20-year-old female running a million-dollar company... I got called little girl about five hundred times... All my ideas and pitches got turned down because "I have no experience and no idea what our clientele wants" which is bullshit... I am a woman and I know what woman want woman want clothing that is comfortable and stylish... I wanted to introduce lounge wear and sportswear... It would increase our sales and revenue, but I got completely undermined and made a fool of... After the video conference I head to my apartment I needed an aspirin because I have a major headache dealing with assholes who believe woman should be at home cooking and cleaning... I needed to get Mr. Jacobs out of my head really bad... The man's perfection in an Armani suit... There is no way he will be interested in a twenty-year-old girl who is broken and damaged, and has major insecurities and major trust issues...

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