2 Assassin VS Swordsman

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Tian Ye is a dark night assassin. Although he does not shy away from his appearance, he often wears a large black robe, a black hat, and a mask when fighting, which makes it impossible for people to see his appearance. The assassin majors in agility and precision, and has no advantages in physical attacks and magic attacks; even armor and equipment are light and portable, and they are only better than pharmacists in combat. Even though Tian Ye is the number one character on the assassin list, he can only be ranked eleventh on the comprehensive battle list. Therefore, although Tian Ye's "avoiding Dongfang Qi for a month" seemed ashamed, it was still understandable to many people. But in fact, Tian Ye didn't duel with Dongfang Qi, just because he didn't accept the reason "to fight for Hong Huan'er". Indeed, the beautiful piano master Hong Huan'er once rejected Dongfang Qi in public on the grounds that "the person I like is Tian Ye", but it really has nothing to do with his Tian Ye! Tian Ye and Na Hong Huan'er had only cooperated several times in large-scale siege missions, so why did they have to carry this pot? Dongfang Qi hated Tianye, so his teeth were itchy. He was at the top of Xuanhai Pavilion and said in a loud voice: "Tianye, let you die by my Sky Splitting Sword Skill today! Let all the players here witness: Who should Hong Huan'er like!" Tian Ye is speechless. Although he has never been in a relationship, he also knows that "who likes" can't be the result of a duel, let alone someone else can "witness". Tian Ye sighed: "Dongfang Qi, I still have to explain this matter to you, between me and Hong Huan'er..." "Stop talking nonsense!" Dongfang Qi didn't want to listen to Tian Ye's words. "Today I managed to block you in Xuanhai Pavilion, and I will definitely not go around you easily!" With that, Dongfang Qi threw a duel application. Reluctantly, Tian Ye shook his head and nodded "Accept". As soon as the duel started, Dongfang Qi couldn't wait, screaming and rushing over with his broad sword. Dongfang Qi's attacking momentum was very strong, and Tian Ye could feel Dongfang Qi's wild bear-like oppression from the air current. If you are hit by this knife, you will not die or be disabled. Tian Ye couldn't take the knife, but he could avoid it. After all, the assassin's agility and speed are not comparable to a warrior in a heavy suit. Seeing that Dongfang Qi missed a hit, he immediately raised his knife and changed the angle to perform a series of routines. This set of his swordsmanship is not air-tight, and so many pretentious people have died under his swordsmanship. And this kind of sword technique was actually ineffective against Tian Ye; even said that he couldn't even touch him. Tian Ye dodges back and forth, like a blackbird flying up and down, leaving Dongfang Qi with a trail of incapable afterimages. In this way, Dongfang Qi repeatedly attacked and repeatedly failed. After ten minutes passed, the duel still made no progress at all. Dongfang Qiyuan wanted to make a quick decision for this battle, so he tried his best from the beginning. But he didn't expect that after being consumed by Tian Ye for so long, it would inevitably be anxious. The people who watched the game did not see any progress after watching for a long time, and most of their enthusiasm was swept away. There were more and more voices scolding Tian Ye for "could not be a coward" and Dongfang Qi for "a false name". People urged the two to hurry up. Make a real effort to divide up. Facing the voice of the crowd, Tian Ye didn't react much; Dongfang Qi became more angry and impatient, and he sent this anger to Tian Ye. He yelled: "Tian Ye, do you dare to make a move and fight head-on!" Seeing the change in Dongfang Qi's mentality, Tian Ye smiled secretly in his heart, but curled his lips, and said, "With your three-legged cat's skill, you are barely qualified to play with me. I think you should just give in!" Dongfang Qi really became even angrier. When his mind was messed up, his composition was chaotic; the sword ran away, but the sword smashed into the air. Tian Ye saw that the time was about to come, and then he began to attack in the dodge gap. His lancet flying knife shoots out from all angles at a speed that the naked eye cannot track, which further disrupts Dongfang Qi's rhythm. Dongfangqi roared while blocking the throwing knives while attacking, his entire hair was about to explode, looking quite terrifying. Before I knew it, he had already scored a number of knives. Tian Ye's lancet flying knife was not very lethal to Dongfang Qi in a heavy armor; therefore, Dongfang Qi didn't care at first. But as the wounds increased, Dongfang Qi's blood loss rate became faster. When Dongfang Qi realized that something was wrong and went to check his blood tank, only half of his blood tank was left. In fact, it only takes one second to replenish the blood, but one second at this time is an unacceptable interruption for Dongfang Qi, who is so upset that he is close to running away. He judged that it was safe to play against a dark night assassin with half-blood. So instead of choosing to replenish the blood, he decided to break the boat and face Tian Ye's flying knife rain. He wanted to break through the flying knife rain with the body of steel and crash into Tian Ye's body. before. However, Tian Ye didn't choose to dodge, instead, the goddess threw more throwing knives like flowers! The people watching the game finally saw the excitement, but Xiao Jiu felt tight: "Oh! The number of willow-leaf flying knives carried by Brother Tian is limited. According to such a consumption calculation, it is impossible to persist a few tosses; and once the flying knives are exhausted, He has no other weapons! The hand-to-hand combat?-The assassin has no chance of winning against the heavily armored swordsman!" But Tian Ye didn't seem to know that his flying knives were about to run out, and he continued to throw out a lot without mercy. Dongfang Qi was even crazier, and pounce. Everyone knows that the superior distance between the swordsman and the assassin in a battle is completely opposite: the swordsman needs close combat, but the assassin is good at long-range attacks. Because Tian Ye's speed was faster, the distance between the two had been controlled farther by Tian Ye. But now Tian Ye seemed to have given up the fight for distance, standing in the same place, just throwing knives in waves. Dongfang Qi coldly snorted: "This rat is hoping to use this method of accumulating more of my blood to take down the other half of my blood? He also underestimates my speed and defense! Then I am wrong. Without adding blood, see if you drained my blood first, or I went over and hacked you to death!" Tian Ye's flying knives slightly blocked the approaching speed of Dongfang Qi, but the effect was not great; the number of Dongfang Qizhong knives increased little by little, but Dongfang Qi didn't care. Speaking slowly, in fact, the distance between the two sides is rapidly getting closer. The spectators held their breaths—soon, they saw Dongfangqi almost rushing to Tian Ye, raising the wide sword in his hand, and slashing towards Tian Ye, the bloody scene seemed to be ok. see…… And look at Dongfang Qi's blood bar-slightly less than a quarter, but he can hold on to it until it is cut, and hold on to Tian Ye's death! Many people shook their heads: No matter how strong the dark night assassin is, there is still no way to defeat a top swordsman!
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