1 Unkind People

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In the game. The steep cliffs protruded out of the coast, and the waves came from the bottom row. After a long period of time, a huge crescent concave arc was photographed under the cliffs. Therefore, the world called this cliff a moon cliff. The Xuanhai Pavilion was built on the end of that Moonya Stone. High and dangerous. Wearing a simple plain black satin robe and a mask that covers most of his face, Tian Ye sits quietly on the second floor of Xuanhai Pavilion by the window, gently turning a warm tea bowl in his hand. He sees through The windows of primitive woodcarvings lookout to the far-reaching sea, giving you a panoramic view of the magnificent blue. An eleven or twelve-year-old boy, carrying a huge gourd on his back that was half his length, stood silently behind Tian Ye. His face was still childish, but cold and firm. There is no one else on the second floor of the Xuanhai Pavilion. Even waiters didn't dare to come up easily. There was a noise from downstairs, and then a man of heroic spirit came up the wooden stairs step by step. The visitors are strong, but they didn't leave a sound on the wooden stairs. Great Lightness Skill. The boy remained motionless, but stared at the incoming person with cold eyes, quietly holding the long sword with his right hand to his waist. The boy's movements were extremely small, but he was seen in the eyes of the visitors. The visitor suddenly laughed: "Hahaha, Tian Ye, do you hire this little boy as a bodyguard now?" The boy named Xiao Jiu frowned when he heard the words, his hand holding the hilt of the sword clenched tighter, but he did not move. Tian Ye retracted his gaze from the window and smiled lazily at the person who came: "Dongfang Qi, why are you here?" Dongfang Qi laughed too, with a hint of fierceness in his laughter: "Because I want to kill you." "Again?" Tian Ye said, reaching out and making a "please" gesture, pointing to the opposite side of his table. Then he opened a new tea bowl, lifted the pot, poured half of the tea in, and placed it on the opposite side. Dongfang Qi suddenly pulled out the wide knife behind him, swept the domineeringly, the knife wind extended, and overturned the bowl of freshly poured tea on the table, fell to the ground, and shattered. The second floor of the Xuanhai Pavilion was already quiet, but the sound of the crashing waves could not cover the crispness of the tea bowl. At this moment, even the people downstairs were holding their breath. Although they were surrounded by the stairs on the third and third floors, none of them dared to step up. When Xiao Jiu saw this, he couldn't hold back his anger. He took a step forward while pulling out the sword, but was stopped by Tian Ye raising his hand: "Xiao Jiu, who allowed you to pull out your sword?" Xiao Jiu's eyes kept glaring at Dongfang Qi, his teeth clenched; but even though he was extremely unwilling, he slowly inserted the sword back into the scabbard. Dongfang Qi didn't care about Xiao Jiu's actions. He slammed his palm on the table in front of Tian Ye and said loudly, "Why! Why did she choose you! You are just a mouse hiding in the dark! I am more suitable for her!" Tian Ye also suppressed his smile but was not angry. He looked up at the high sunlight outside and mumbled as if I was aggrieved: "Didn't I sit well in the sun? Why do you say I hide in the dark?" Dongfang Qi was not good at words, was choked for a while, and pointed at Tian Ye: "You...you..." Tian Ye laughed again, learning Dongfang Qi pointed at himself and said naughty: "I, I." Dongfang Qi glared, his eyes were red, and he shouted: "Tian Ye, you bastard, you must fight me today under the witness of the players! On top of the Xuanhai Pavilion, I will wait for you!" Without waiting for Tian Ye's reply, Dongfang Qi fiercely stomped on the ground, flew up, crashed through the roof, and stood on it, without any injury. Tian Ye looked at the nice yellow glazed tiles and dropped a piece of rubble, reluctantly covered his eyes with his hands, and sighed: "This guy's mania really hasn't changed at all." Tian Ye stood up, stretched his waist first, then subconsciously moved his four fingers across his waist, and silently touched a row of willow leaf flying knives. Xiao Jiu, who has been with Tian Ye for a long time, saw Tian Ye's actions, and knew that he was ready to make a move this time, so he stopped aloud: "Tian, do you really want to fight him?" Tian Ye flicked Xiao Jiu's head and said, "Why, are you worried that I will lose?" Xiao Jiu wanted to nod but hesitated. Tian Ye smiled and said: "Xiao Jiu, winning or losing in this world is not only determined by the strength of the force; the most lethal force is not the strength!" Xiao Jiu looked at Tian Ye seemingly understanding. Tian Ye didn't want to continue to explain this issue. Instead, he said, "Speaking of Dongfang Qi, he is very stubborn. Ever since Hong Huan'er said that to him, he has been clamoring to fight me. But why do the relationships between them involve me? I have been avoiding him for a month. Today is the last time I log in to this game, so let’s play with him this time!" After speaking, he laughed out loud. Xiao Jiu grabbed the black cloak on the back of the chair and shook it away to help Tian Ye put it on: "But Tian, have you really decided to give up this game?" Tian Ye smiled, with many difficulties, but said nothing. He put on the cloak and jumped onto the tile roof from the hole that Dongfang Qi had just drilled. Seeing this, the people downstairs rushed up, all raised their heads and pushed each other, hoping to see something through the tile hole; but the tile hole was too small and the line of sight was blocked, only half of Tian Ye was seen. At this time, someone yelled: "Let's go out and see!" Then the people came back to their senses again, swarming out, as decisive as they were when they came. Soon, the inside of Yueyashi was full of people watching the battle, and even the ships floating on the sea were the same. People all looked up at the two people on the top of the Xuanhai Attic, exclaiming, excited, and chattering: "Oh my God, who can tell me, what did I see? Tian Ye is finally about to fight Dongfang Qi!?" "Hello? Hurry! Come to Xuanhai Pavilion! Something big is happening here! Yes, immediately! At once! At once!" "Hey, you say, who of them is better?" "It must be Dongfang Qi! He is the third person in our server's overall combat power!" "Hmph, that's not necessarily true, I am optimistic about Tian Ye! Legend has it that he has never failed!" "Never defeated? I think it's because he never fights with people! I heard that after he had an affair with Dongfang Qi's woman, Dongfang Qi was furious and invited him to a duel, and he actually avoided Dongfang Qi for a month! " "How did I hear that Tian Ye is going to quit the game forever?" "How is that possible! The official launch of "God General" is only two months, it is the hot period of players flocking in. He is number one on the assassin list, and he has a bright future!" ... On the top of the Xuanhai Pavilion, the sea breeze was still quite strong, blowing the clothes of the two people into a hunting noise, but it was beautiful. Tian Ye wears a plain black satin robe, plus a black cloak, which is obviously not fighting equipment. Dongfang Qi is a silver-white armor, holding a dragon-back wide knife. Although his face is not delicate, his figure is good, and he dances with a domineering sword technique, which attracts fans of non-girl players. Dongfang Qi looked at Tian Ye who was two laps thinner than him, and said contemptuously: "Hah! You finally accept to fight me. I will let you taste my Sky Splitting Sword Skill!"
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