Cute and Violent

1300 Words
"Hey! What was that skill you used earlier?!" "Dude, don't ask her that, you should ask how she even got a skill in the first place!" "More like you should ask her how to change into a Fallen Angel!" Maria turned around to face the people who were talking behind her. They had startled her earlier and because of that the rabbit she was playing around with suddenly attacked her. Maria was a little disgruntled by it and she began pouting. 'I didn't want to kill it...actually, how did I kill it?' She was only defending herself earlier. After the small initial shock of pain, she received from the rabbit's first attack, there was no other follow up and it suddenly dropped dead with feathers puncturing it. "I didn't activate Angel's Rage..." That was her only skill. In Unitale, you could receive skills by completing quests or acquiring them through Skill Books. As for magic spells, anyone could learn them in Unitale! For non-Mage class players, all you had to do was visit the library or the Mage Tower and read a Spell Tome to learn it! Of course, it wasn't easy. First of all, you had to learn the relevant language to read the tome, and then there was the matter of having enough Money, Fame, and Reputation to be granted access to read those Tomes. Maria was lost in thought. She had a weird habit of pacing around when she was in thought. For the directionally challenged girl, this could be a fatal flaw during her gameplay. "H-hey! Don't just ignore us!" Maria naturally began walking away while deep in thought, she had totally forgotten about the players who had come up and startled her. "E-excuse me?!" "Huh?" A person abruptly blocked her way forward and with his shout, Maria finally snapped out of her deep contemplation. "Hello! Do you need something?" The person blocking her way was a boy about her age. He was a demon carrying a large iron sword behind his back. Above his head, she could see his name, Straike. "A-ahem, I'd like to know how to become a Fallen Angel, also, how can we learn skills in the game?" "Huh?" "You're probably a BT, right? Considering how far you are in the game already." "BT?" "Beta Tester! Hey, can you please drop the act already? I know for a fact that you're definitely a BT! The least you could do is helping us newbies out!" "B-but...I'm not a BT?" "Haaahh?!" With Straike bombarding her with numerous questions, the two were starting to attract more and more attention. More players began to gather around Maria and they too started bombarding her with questions. "Uhm, wait! Please!" Maria tried to speak up in a bid to make everyone stop. "Hey, what level are you?" "Wanna party?" "You're a cutie~ want to party with us?" "Hey, shut up you fools! She still hasn't answered my question!" "How'd you get your equipment?" "You're a BT right?" "Can I have a picture with you?!" She tried speaking up, but the people around her just wouldn't stop asking her questions. Many were pushing forward in an attempt to get in front of her, but because of this, some of them had even started roughhousing with one another, and eventually, she was caught up in it as well. With more and more people pushing and shoving, Maria was naturally being tossed around as well. She quickly knelt and covered her head and protected her body with her wings. People started tripping over her and in the next instant, she was suddenly shoved away. "Ouch!" FWIP FWIP FWIP FWIP FWIP FWIP FWIP FWIP "AHHH!!" "Wait why?!" "Who's attacking me?!" "Dammit!!" "f**k!!!" After a couple of seconds, the screams of pain and cursing died down. Maria was still covering herself with her wings and she finally noticed that the area had quieted down all of a sudden. She lifted her head and noticed that nobody was around her any longer and a quest update window popped up. *DING* [Quest Update, Slay 20 Players (58/20)] *DING* [7,200 Exp. gained] *DING* [Infamy +580] *DING* [Warning!!! PK status activated!] "Huh?" The name above Maria's head turned red from the initial white. White signified that a player was neutral and had no Infamy points. A red name was for players who had Player Killed or PKed someone. Having killed over 50 players in an instant, Maria's name was dark red, signifying that her Kill Count was high and her Death Penalty was high as well. When she looked around, all the players in the field had scattered far, far away from her. She saw the fear in their eyes. Seeing the outcome of her 'victims', it was natural that all the other players who were observing from afar wanted to keep their distance. The previous group of players that came close started bombarding her with questions and in her annoyance...she killed them. At least that's what they thought. Maria didn't think much of this and only heaved a sigh of relief. Finally, she was alone again and no one was bothering her anymore. She didn't understand the reason behind the fear she saw in the eyes of the players in the distance, but she didn't care. "I should go and complete my Quest! Too bad I have to kill these cute bunnies...the Dark God sure is cruel..." Maria stepped onto the grassland once more and quickly found a horned rabbit. Unlike earlier where she was only playing around with them, Maria rushed up to the rabbit, raised her staff high in the air, and swung it down furiously. -50 "KIIIII!!!" The rabbit squealed in anger and began jumping around. "[Inspect]" [Horned Rabbit Lv.2] HP: 250/300 One of her hits was able to take away 50 of the rabbit's HP. If she could attack it 5 more times then she'll be able to kill the little critter. "S-stand still!!" Maria began swinging her staff at the rabbit, but it was moving much too fast for her. Her attacks kept on missing and she grew frustrated at the little thing. When the rabbit sprung up to attack her, she didn't cower this time. She got into a batting pose and waited for the rabbit to move into range. "Muh...stop. MOVING!!" THWACK -100! She swung her staff and smashed the rabbit away. Smacking the rabbit square on the head resulted in a critical hit. Maria jumped forward and began beating the little guy who was now sprawled on the ground with her staff. -50 -50 -50 *DING* [200 Exp. gained] Her barbaric way of fighting astounded all the players around her who were warily observing from a distance. "...Di-did you just see that?" "...she beat that rabbit to death with her cane..." "...brutal..." "Cute..." "Waahhh..." Maria continued roaming around the grass field while beating up the rabbits that she encountered with her staff. If Maria had properly gone through the steps to finish her tutorial quest, then she would have known that the staff wasn't meant to be used as a melee weapon. The staff and wand could be used by players to launch ranged attacks at their opponents. Each attack would deplete a point in mana, but this was the proper way to use the weapon. It wasn't like how Maria was currently handling her weapon. The many spectators around her didn't mind this though. Seeing a beautiful girl clumsily chasing around rabbits and beating them with her staff was oddly refreshing. A spectator had even recorded the oddity and posted it on the forums, there was also another video that accompanied it that showed Maria PKing all the players around her just because she was 'annoyed'. The title of the post was 'The Cute and the Violent'
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