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Universe Tales. The new VRMMORPG that supported the Full Dive system with the game's settings boasting a 99% likeness to reality.

Enter Maria Heltania, a smart and bright high school girl who's unfortunately directionally and technologically challenged. Being told by her best friend to play the new VRMMO Universe Tales with her, she decides to be an Angel. Only to be met with misfortune right from the start because of her unique and eccentric habits. What more lucky or unlucky events could possibly fall upon this young girl as she explores the wide worlds of Unitale? Join her adventure and find out!

"Uhh...Little Miss, I don't think this is the Quest Location."

"No! This is definitely the place!"

"...but we're in the middle of a battlefield..."

"The map clearly said-- Oh wait...it's upside down...or maybe right-side up...?"


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The Start
Cries of pain and despair rang throughout the battlefield. "NNNOOOO!!!" "Monster! MONSTER!!!" "AGH!! ahhhh..." Dismembered and punctured bodies littered the grounds. Other than the heaps of corpses, there was another eye-catching thing on this desolate battleground of despair; the numerous black feathers that were scattered throughout the area. "Stay away! Stay AWAY!!!" A young man roared in despair as he slashed his sword while constantly retreating backward. The object of his terror was currently standing in front of him, slowly walking over with a large demonic twin-headed war ax that was dripping with blood placed gently over her shoulder. The figure was that of a female wearing priestess garbs with 6 raven black wings fluttering behind her back. She was staring back at the frightened young man with an innocent face as she closed in on him. "[Detect]" The girl said in her bell-like voice. Her words had caused the young soldier to suddenly lose his bearings as though he was enchanted. [Deftan Soldier Lv. 100] "Only level 100? This quest sure is a downer..." The girl said as she quickly swiped her blade down on the young lad. The young soldier was level 100, but he was quickly cut down under the young girl's demonic ax. This veteran should have been the light of hope that defended the Kingdom of Deftanus. However, right now, he was naught but a mere mortal in front of this world's harbinger of death. [42,874 exp gained.] "[Status]" [Maria Lv. 128] HP: 541,680/451,400 DE: 1,762,440/1,468,700 NE: 2,840 SP: 89,375/74,479 EXP: 0/25,600,000 REP: 137,890 Race: Nephalem Class: Dark Priestess Sub-Class 1: Magus Sub-Class 2: Queen Titles: Species Eradicator A, Fallen Angel of Sin, Angel of the Apocalypse, The Unlucky One, Fallen Priestess, Fallen Saintess, Harbinger of the World’s End, Queen of the Dire, Hero ATK: 129,492 (+5000~6250) DEF: 37,697 (+15) M.ATK: 19,646 (+5000~6250) M.DEF: 80,449 (+15) STR: 16,884 AGI: 14,633 VIT: 13,708 INT: 29,254 LCK: 40 SIN: 284 With a swipe of her hand the Status page box disappeared from in front of her. Maria looked around the desolate battlefield with a little disappointment. "This was supposed to be my 4th world...how come the average levels of the guards are so low? Could this be a beginner world?" Maria let out a disappointed sigh. She shouldered her demon ax and spread her black wings. In the next moment, she took off and flew far away from the battlefield. "I should go and complain to Death later...he gave me such a boring quest! What's so fun about bullying newbies? That's just boring!" With the harbinger of death finally leaving the battlefield, the people who were left over finally cried out in joy and began thanking the gods for letting them live another day, but in the next moment, a dark flash of light suddenly sprung in the middle of the desolate battlefield. The dark flash quickly engulfed the entirety of the battlefield in a dome of black magic, completely eradicating everything and everyone in its area of influence. Once the dome of blacklight slowly dissipated, all that was left of the battlefield was a large crater, completely devoid of all life. Up in the air... "Phew, I really hate mopping things up...but at least Death had the decency to give me 'Unholy'." The Fallen Angel, Maria, had completely wiped out the battlefield. She quickly turned around with a satisfied smile and flew off towards the Deftanus Kingdom's Capital City. "Let's hurry up and complete the quest~ All I have to do is kill that sleazeball of a King and it's over! The next quest better not be so boring or I'll give Death a few new breathing holes~" With those demonic words being uttered so innocently by the girl, she quickly hastened herself over to her quest designation. As she was flying, Maria's eyes couldn't help but be tinged with a little sadness. "It wasn't always like this..." she mumbled sadly. ********* A year prior, on December 17th, 2020, the new Full Dive Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, or FDVRMMORPG for short, Universe Tales or Unitale, was released along with its full dive equipment. The cost was a hefty sum, but it wasn't much for the young miss of the Heltania family. Inside a bedroom on the 2nd floor of a luxurious mansion, a 16-year-old young girl was currently unpacking a box that had the logo of the Universal Games Company on it. Universal Games was the creator of the new cutting-edge FDVRMMO, Universe Tales or Unitale. The game had been in the development stages since 5 years ago and it was only until today, only 8 days away from Christmas was finally released! Maria Heltania, the first young miss of the prestigious Heltania Family was a part of the shareholders of Universal Games. Her circle of friends has always talked about the new and upcoming VRMMO Unitale ever since she stepped foot in high school. While Maria wasn't much of a gamer, her best friend Lizzy was a hardcore gamer, despite always placing in the upper rankings of their high school's semester exams. "Oof...well, here's the helmet...then the power supply...Uhm...what else was there again?" Maria had finally emptied the box and many foreign-looking tools were placed in front of her. She hadn't been interested in playing the game, but because of her best friend's constant nagging, she had finally relented and pre-registered her very own FD equipment, along with the game of course. "Uhhh...how do I set this up?" Maria wondered. Even while reading the instructions manual, she still had no idea what to do. It wasn't because she was stupid, no, of course not. In fact, she was actually a pretty bright young lass. She always placed 2nd in her high school, just below her best friend. Unfortunately for Maria, all the equipment placed in front of her was totally foreign to her. She had no idea which was which! Even if the instructions manual said to plug this into that and that into this, she'd have no idea which is which! She's never used any sort of gaming equipment before so all the terms inside the manual were Greek to her. Fortunately her savior, in the form of her best friend, had finally come—or rather, stormed inside the room like a whirlwind. "Wassup Mary~!" "He-help, Lizzy!" "Ouh?" Lizzy finally noticed the predicament her friend was in. The poor girl was all tangled up with the cables of the gaming equipment. Maria had struggled to try and plug things in by herself, but it all resulted in a failure and because of her blunder, she was suddenly put into this embarrassing situation where all the cables were being 'plugged' into all the wrong 'places'. "Puhahahahat!" "S-stop laughing!" "W-what're you doing Mary?! Hahaha, how could you plug that up your....pfft ahahahaha!" "Just help me already!" "Fine, fine~"

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