Avatar Creation

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With Lizzy's help, Maria was finally able to successfully install the FD equipment just next to her bed. "Okay, that should do it!" Lizzy smiled in satisfaction at her handiwork. "Th-thanks, Liz..." "Don't mention it! Seriously, you're so hopeless with this! If you wanted my help you could have just asked!" "U-uhhh..." "Like seriously, you can't even operate your phone or computer correctly, so how can you expect yourself to even try and do this alone?!" "B-but...there was the manual..." "Heh, even with the manual you're still hopeless!" "...sniff..." Maria started tearing up at her friend's unrelenting teasing. "Hahahaha~ no crocodile tears will save you this time! It's a good thing I know you well, or you'd still be in a 'bind', right now!" Lizzy said as she bonked her best friend on the head. "Ehehehehe~" Maria, who was on the brink of tears, had brightened up immediately. "Jeez, you could have at least played along~" "And let that old man of yours chew me out? No way, not on your life!" "Hihihi~" "Anyways Mary, you should log in now! The server opens up—" Lizzy was looking at her watch when suddenly her face became pale. "OH NO!!! It's up in another 5 minutes!!! I have to go home now, Mary! I'll see you later in the game okay!" "Okay, bye-bye!" "Bye!" After seeing her best friend off, Maria immediately returned to her room. Currently, her parents and siblings were all out. Either working or still at school doing club activities. Maria wasn't much of an outgoing person, but she wasn't an introvert. She was hailed as one of the top beauties of Heimweld Private High School. She was smart and pretty. Standing at the height of 165 centimeters, Maria wasn't too tall nor was she too short. She had a cute face without any blemishes and her eyes were sharp and pale gold in color. Her hair was beautiful and wavy with a platinum blonde color that flowed to her knees. For a high school girl, it was absurdly long, but she simply liked it that way. Her platinum blonde hair was the only remembrance that she had of her late mother. She was also easily misunderstood with her sharp, intelligent-looking eyes that seemed to peer into the depths of a person's soul. Whenever her classmates call out to her, they'd go through a nerve-wracking experience just from talking with her. It wasn't like she meant to glare at the person, but it wasn't her fault since she was taught to properly look at a person's face and eyes when speaking with them. She only followed her family's etiquette, but because of this, she was misunderstood as a cold person. When in fact she was a total klutz! Maria had no sense of direction, she was technologically lame and she had a hard time speaking up for herself. This was what caused everyone to misunderstand her as an introverted person. It was only Lizzy and a select few of her closest friends that truly understood that underneath all the proverbial ice, was a helpless teenager that couldn't tell right from left, north from south, and east from west. She was but, a directionally and technologically challenged teenaged girl in the modern age of Earth. And this girl was currently lying down on her bed, getting ready to dive down into the world of Unitale. "Okay...helmet on...power is plugged in...what do I do now?" Maria picked up the instructions manual just beside her and she quickly skimmed through it and looked at the start-up instructions page. "Okay...step 1, turn on...done. 2...place helmet, okay...then...oh! Connection Start!" With those words, Maria dropped the manual on top of her head and her consciousness was sucked into the virtual world. ******** When Maria finally regained her bearings, she found herself inside a large white void of emptiness. "Uhm...Is this, the game?" About 3 meters in front of her a woman in white clothes suddenly materialized out of thin air. [Welcome to Universe Tales Online] "Oh! Is this the AI?" [I am the Avatar Creation AI, you can call me Ava.] "Hello, Ava!" At her words, the AI, Ava, only responded with a light smile before continuing her dialogue. [Please create your Avatar!] "...Avatar?" At her puzzled question, Ava immediately answered. [An Avatar is the in-game character that you will use to roam about and explore the world of Unitale. How other's perceive you will be based on this Avatar and not your Real Life appearance.] "Oh! So that's how it is!" [Please select your Race!] A list of Unitale's races popped up on a screen in front of Maria's face. There were numerous different races, the ordinary humans all the way to supernatural ghosts and evil demons. There were also the beautiful elves and the stout dwarves, the all-powerful dragonoids, and the aquatic races such as mermaids, nagas, and sirens. "Ohhh! They even have Angels here!" Maria was immediately smitten by the Angelic race. When she tapped on the race, in front of her a large mirror materialized that reflected her appearance, but with white angelic wings on her back. [Depending on your race, you will be given a limited choice in your starting areas] Maria nodded at Ava's words. It made sense. Unitale's production team boasted on how realistic its own game was compared to other previous VRMMOs. The realistic settings in the game were unlike any previous games and it boasted a reality setting of 99%. Beta-testers such as her best friend Lizzy gave reviews on how the beta test of the game was super realistic that they couldn't even determine if they were still on Earth or whether they were in the game. Only the status screens and HUD was the indication of their body not being in the physical world, but inside of the game. Because of this realistic setting, the numerous players of Unitale would be given limited starting areas depending on their selected race. The game's AI wouldn't clump players that were demons together with humans. If the AI did do that, then the demons who were hostile to the humans would immediately get attacked if they started in a human race's village. The same went for vice-versa. "Okay, I'm picking the Angel Race!" [Would you like to change your appearance?] Another screen popped up in front of Maria. She didn't really understand what to do here. Should she let her appearance stay the same? Or should she change it? Judging by the numerous parameters that could be changed in the screen that she was looking at...it looked to be like a huge hassle! "Muuuhh...I don't get it...it looks so complicated. I'll leave my appearance as is!" She quickly waved away the box and didn't bother changing her appearance. [Last confirmation; is this how you would like your avatar to look like?] "Ye~es," Maria replied. [The last step, please select your name.] "My name? My name's Maria, obviously?" [Inputted, Maria. Final check, will this be your Avatar's name?] "Hmmm...okay?" [Welcome to the world of Unitale, Trainee Angel Maria. You will now begin your adventure in starting village number 0012.] In the next moment, Maria's real body began to dematerialize and merge with Angel Maria's body. After the two bodies merged, Maria was able to feel two peculiar bones protruding from her back. "Ohh!! These must be my wings!" She tried moving the bones, but it was much harder than she had thought. The bones were on top of her shoulder blades. As a human, she didn't have the need to ever move her shoulder blades consciously. Normally, they moved along with her clavicle and arms, but since she had wings she needed to learn to consciously move them. "This looks fun!" While Maria was having fun trying to move her wings, a pulling sensation began to envelop her body. "Huh?" [Go forth, brave adventurer! Your Epic only begins now! The Universe is boundless and neither the sky nor earth is the limit!] With those final words from Ava, the white void around Maria began to vanish and in its place...was the sky? "Wait wait wait!!! Ava!! I'm in the sky!! I'm in the sky!!!" Even with her yelling like that, the AI didn't respond to her. She could only helplessly look down as the ground quickly grew larger and larger in her eyes. "NO NO NO!!!"
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