The Colosseum Arena

1651 Words

When Maria heard the little girl’s declaration, she sized up the self-proclaimed goddess and sighed, “...So the goddess I’m supposed to help is a brat?” “W-What?!” “Tsk, I was hoping to find some old grandma or an older lady but I’m stuck dealing with a brat instead.” “Y-You! Why are you being so disrespectful to this Goddess?!” Maria didn’t respond to her and just pulled out her Calamity, changed it to its Scythe-form, and sat down on its inner blade while floating in mid-air. “Well, if you say you’re Gaia, I won’t deny that. I do sense some divinity in you so you’re like Death but just extremely weaker.” “Hey!” Gaia shouted, feeling a bit offended and ashamed even though what Maria said was true. “Heh, you’re quick to feel offended, just like a brat!” Maria teased. “You…” “Anywa

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