Ash Garm

2347 Words

As the scythe was heading straight for the vampire's neck, time seemed to have stopped for Maria and a message window appeared in front of her. [Angel's Compassion Lv.1 has been triggered. Are you willing to spare Vampire Ash? YES/NO] 'Nonononono!!! Why?! Why is this stupid game stopping me from killing again?' Maria screamed inwardly. Her [Angel's Compassion] had triggered and this meant that she'd get another chance to evolve her race again. She was angered by the vampire's s****l harassment, but Maria was currently debating which was more important her dignity, or the chance of evolving her race. "Dammit...this is only a game and this vampire is just an NPC, so technically, I wasn't sexually harassed by anyone!" Maria reasoned with herself before she ultimately chose [YES] to spare

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