Queen of the Mountain 5

2278 Words

"Ouch..." With her health nearly depleted, that was all she had to say. Maria quickly cast [Heal] on herself and her surviving subordinates to stop any [Bleed], [Stun], and [Disable] status effects. Most of her subordinates that came with her and were struck by the attack were all severely injured with a few of them even dying. Alexa had a few broken bones but she quickly got up and limped her way to Maria and asked, "A-Are you okay, big sis?" "Mhm..." Maria grimaced when she saw the young vampire severely injured. She looked around and her face darkened when she saw the dead bodies of her soldiers. This was the outcome of war so it was inevitable that a few of her followers would die but they all died trying to protect her. It left behind a horrible feeling but she had to focus herse

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