Continuously Winning

1668 Words

When Maria saw the message, she finally remembered that her friends were here on Gaia. [Lizzy: Mary?! I saw your Switch Post earlier and tuned in a bit on your stream! How come you didn’t message me that you’re here on Gaia too?!!] “Ah! I forgot!” Maria quickly messaged her back and forgot about her previous battle with the bounty hunter who was after her head. She and Lizzy quickly set up a time and place to meet up later when she was finished streaming and playing around in the Arena. When Maria checked her map, she saw that it was somewhere in the center of the city which was the most bustling area besides Discordia’s Colosseum Arena. Maria queued up for her next battle and she finally saw something that she had missed earlier.  When she defeated SoaringFeathers in such a spectacu

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