Sword Saintess

1980 Words

Maria’s words were tinged with bloodlust and it caused Yun Chi to freeze up, almost in fear. Maria’s in-game personality was oozing out of her right now and she quickly realized this after seeing the poor MC act up like that. “Oh!” Maria touched her face and noticed that her mask wasn’t on. She had been so angry earlier that she had forgotten all about it. “Ah, I-I’m sorry about that…” Maria said as she slightly bowed her head. “Eh? No, please don’t mind it! Anyone would be upset after losing a battle! I completely understand where you’re coming from since I frequently lose battles in the Colosseum Arena inside the game!” Yun Chi hurriedly explained. “...” Maria was silent but Yun Chi continued to try to uplift the mood by following it up and commenting on how she really looked in re

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