A Higher Existence

2319 Words

As Maria continued listening to Raiju’s story, she could feel herself get mad at this Karni Amat goddess who seemed so petty in her eyes. Raiju hadn’t done anything absurd to warrant punishment as harsh as being sealed for eternity. She may have just impersonated the goddess for fun but she hadn’t done anything harmful to ruin the goddess’s reputation or hurt her followers in any way. Maria didn’t know how severe it was to impersonate a goddess but from her standpoint, Karni Amat was being petty. There was no harm done to her nor her followers but she sealed Raiju inside of her statue so she could ‘become’ her since the spirit had tried impersonating her. In Maria’s eyes, Raiju only had some harmless fun but was punished severely for it that it was practically unfair. The fault didn’t e

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