Side Quest Completed

1782 Words

Maria quickly returned to the Goddess and this greatly surprised the little girl-formed deity. “W-What the heck?! You finished my request in under 2 hours?!” Gaia exclaimed in surprise when she saw Maria come back and present her with the remaining fragments of her Origin Crystal. “What? Is it that surprising?” Maria asked back dully. “How about you become my envoy instead? I’m sure that we can─” “Don’t push your luck, goddess. I may be helping you and Death but it doesn’t mean I’m anyone’s errand girl! I used to think that being a god’s envoy was something to be proud of but all I can see is that I’m being used as some kind of labor force that can be called upon at any time!” Hearing Maria’s blast of complaints, Gaia was immediately taken aback. “Hmph, hurry up and finish your Origi

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