Once more, into the Game!

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When Maria materialized back inside of the temple, the first thing she did was to find a seat and properly take a look at her rewards. First, she still had to open the compensation box that she got from the GM. When she took her seat, it was then that the Priestess Instructor walked back into the temple leading some believers and players behind her. She immediately noticed the Fallen Angel who was leisurely sitting at the front row benches of the temple. The instructor immediately rushed over while hollering. "Ah! Most respected Envoy! You have returned!!" "Ueh??" Maria was startled by the sudden voice. She was about to turn around, but suddenly the Priestess Instructor had already rushed over to her side and was bowing down in respect. "Envoy! Hast thou returned from the Dark God's side?" "...what?" The players who were following behind also noticed the person who the instructor was talking respectfully to. "Oh, it's her, the girl from the PV!" "Wow! She's so beautiful!" "I think cute would fit better." "Why's the High Priestess being so respectful?" Maria didn't mind the commotion that the players were causing. This was because the Priestess Instructor, who also turned out to be the temple's High Priestess, was currently glowing with light. From what Maria had previously deduced, this means that the NPC or object was a quest objective or quest giver. "I'm not sure what you're talking about Miss Instructor...but do you need any help from me?" "Ah! Lady Envoy, please do not act so respectfully to this humble one...I am not worthy, not worthy...but yes, I do have some problems that I would like Lady Envoy's help with!" [Quest: The Envoy's Might The High Priestess Hella has encountered many problems with some of the Dark God Temple's enemies. A young priest candidate for the High God Odin will be on an excursion to the Highland's neutral territory. Kill the priest and his entourage and plunge into despair the High God worshippers and let them know of the Dark God's might! Slay Priest Candidate Joseph (0/1) Slay Guard Captain Heather (0/1) Slay 50 Guards (0/50) Slay 50 Novice Priests (0/50) Time limit: 3 days (71:58:29) Rewards: Random class skill book, random mid-grade pet egg, random Dark God's blessing, 50 Gold coins, +100 Rep, +200 High Priestess Hella's Favor Failure: -1 Level, -100 favorability with all Dark God NPCs, and -50 Reputation points. Note: Quest can be shared with up to 5 people] The quest was just another slaying quest. Maria didn't think much of it and just decided to accept it. It'll be just like slaying monsters! "Okay, High Priestess Hella! I'll help you!" [+50 Favor with Hella] "Lady Envoy! Please, just call me Hella!" "Okay, Miss Hella. I'll see you again in another day or two!" "Yes, Lady Envoy! I will humbly anticipate your glorious return!" The High Priestess Hella moved away from Maria and walked back to her previous position where she acted as the temple's Priestess Instructor. The other players had overheard Maria receiving a quest and grew excited. They wanted to ask more questions about it, but the girl had stood up and moved away. Maria didn't want to be disturbed again so she walked over to an inconspicuous corner of the temple and looked over her rewards. "First of all, the compensation box from the GM!" Maria opened up her mail and collect the compensation. She opened the box and... [You have received 100 gold coins, 1 High-grade exp potion, 10 Full HP potions, 10 Full MP potions, and 1 random Skill Book] Maria didn't know whether the compensation was good or not, but just from the fact that she received so many things, she reckoned it was a hefty amount and she was very much satisfied. She had received 100 gold as well, so now she too could use the teleportation gate without any need to worry about the price! "Random Skill Book? What do I do with this?" [Random Skill Book Grade: Epic Grants 1 random skill of epic grade and below NOTE: Skill is limited by the player's class and race!] [Use Random Skill Book? YES/NO] Maria quickly pressed on the [YES] and a dark-colored roulette popped up in front of her. There were numerous sections with each of them containing some sort of mysterious symbol. "Oh! This looks interesting!" [Roulette Start... ... ... ...] Another notification popped up and the roulette wheel began spinning. It spun for about 10 seconds before it slowed down and came to a stop. The pointer stopped on the darkest colored section with a red-colored eye symbol. Suddenly, a loud fanfare rang in her ears. Maria was startled and immediately looked around, flustered that she may have caused a large commotion while inside the temple. She heaved a relieved sigh when no one looked over at her. It appears that the noise was only audible to her. [Epic Race Skill acquired! Gehenna's Eye Lv.1 (0/10,000) Rank: Epic Ignites the target with hellfire, dealing 100+(0.8 x INT) damage. Dispels all buffs and burns the target, dealing 20+(0.5 x INT) damage per 3 seconds for the next 30 seconds. When used on a player or NPC, triggers Gehenna's Offering. Gehenna's Offering: Immolates the mind casting the target into madness, renders abilities useless. 50% chance to seal 1 random skill. 15% chance to seal 2 random skills. 5% chance to seal 4 random skills. 1% chance to seal all skills. Duration: 1 minute. When used on a monster, triggers Gehenna's Sacrifice. Gehenna's Sacrifice: Immolates the soul of the target casting it into oblivion, instantly kills the target. 25% chance to activate when used on a lower leveled monster. 15% chance to activate when used on an equal leveled monster. 5% chance to activate when used on a higher leveled monster. When an equal or higher leveled monster is sacrificed, there is a 10% chance to temporarily steal 5% of their attributes to buff the user, buff can be stacked for a maximum of 5 times. Duration: 30 minutes. MP Cost: 300 MP Cooldown: 20 seconds] "Oh! I got a new skill...let's see here...It sounds pretty powerful!" After giving the skill a quick read, Maria quickly dismissed the skill window. She opened up her inventory and quickly checked her rewards. "Death's Legacy Box...let's see what's inside!"
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