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It was morning and Riley stretched, grimacing at the stiffness in her back and the pain she felt from sleeping on the hard concrete floor of the pack's basement, the blanket doing nothing to warm her in the coldness of the night. She donned her miserable rags that passed for clothes and put her hair up in a quick ponytail, running to the kitchen in her bare feet. If she didn't get breakfast for the pack done in time she would be given more chores and a punishment from Alpha Gordon and Luna Renae for being 'lazy'. As if she could talk thought Riley a little maliciously. It was quiet, most of the pack still sleeping except for those out patrolling or training. Luckily Riley only had to prepare breakfast for the ones living in the pack house rather than the entire pack. Her stomach growled as she began to get things ready, frantically setting the table in between cooking different foods. She set it up buffet style along the kitchen island, trying desperately not to let her mouth water from the smell of bacon, fresh eggs and sausages that drifted towards her. She wasn't permitted to eat until everyone in the house had finished breakfast, being allowed only leftovers which were pretty miniscule because she cooked so well. Because she was curvy the Luna had declared she needed to lose weight, restricting Riley to small leftovers and sometimes not eating at all. The sad thing was that even though she barely ate, Riley still didn't lose much weight, still retaining her curves to everyone's disgust except for hers. Riley rather liked that she looked nothing like the parents who had been willing to abandon her based on just her looks alone as well as the other thing that had upset them greatly. Riley had just put freshly squeezed orange juice on the table when everyone began to pile in, the other teenagers being the first ones up as they had school to attend shortly. Riley was envious. When she'd started being what they would refer as an 'omega' in the pack house she'd been forced to stay instead of attending school because of the endless cleaning and chores the pack apparently required. "Hey fat ass" Marcus called out loudly, his small clique of friends sniggering at the insult "we need more juice." She wished she could talk back, yell, tell him to go to hell but instead she bit her lip, nodded and grabbed some more she'd placed in the fridge, setting it ever so politely in front of him as he smirked. "When you're finished here make sure you do my washing, I can't find my favourite shirt and I want it for when I get back." "Yes" she mumbled about to turn when his hand shot out, squeezing hers painfully as she halted, his eyes coldly glaring at her as he used his strength to keep her still. "What the hell did you just say slave" he hissed and she bowed her head, her arm already throbbing painfully below his hand. "Sorry sir" she whispered and he grinned, releasing her hand and sitting back down with a smug smile on his face as she rubbed her arm and quickly went back to her duties. "Much better" Marcus approved turning to his friends "can't let a slave get away with poor manners. What if someone was visiting" he said chuckling, standing up and leaving, his friends behind him as Riley looked at the food deliberately left on the table and the plates sitting there for her to grab. Would it kill them to be a little courteous sometimes and put their plates in the sink? Of course it would thought Riley bitterly, he was an Alpha's son so he didn't do anything besides train and make Riley's life a living hell. She hoped karma bit him in the ass one day. Alpha Gordan and Luna Renae came in followed by all the unmated males in the pack, the only ones who lived here, eyeing Riley who immediately bowed to them. "Good morning Alpha Gordon, Good morning Luna Renae" she murmured instantly as they gave her a nod "what would you like to drink sir, madam?" She took their orders, frantically getting their drinks first before everyone else chimed in and she was kept busy going back and forth, breathing a massive sigh of relief once the room was clear and everyone had filed out. By now Riley was feeling light headed, breathing heavily from all the rushing back and forth she'd done. She slowly gathered up all the dishes and stared at the smallest bits and pieces that had been left on plates, her mouth watering even as her face fell at the meagre amount. It was better than nothing though so she slowly munched on the small bits of toast and little pieces of bacon and sausage, trying to make it last, knowing there was no guarantee she would eat again today. Another omega came in and cleared the table, working in unison with Riley, both silent, knowing better than to speak or make too much noise. Omega's were regarded as the lowest members of the pack but Riley having no werewolf was considered even lower than that, quite frankly becoming the pack's slave and punching bag. Everyone including omegas had the right to give Riley orders and no one hesitated to make her do anything they wanted from washing, cleaning, to cooking. Hell Marcus seemed to take great delight in making her do extremely embarrassing and humiliating things. The last thing he'd cooked up was to get her to find and dispose of the used condoms in his room, purposely leaving several for her and ordering her not to wear gloves. He took a perverse pleasure in thinking of different ways to torment Riley, spurring his friends to do the same. The Alpha and Luna told her to do things as well but otherwise pretended she didn't exist, unaware of her being constantly hit and verbally abused or if they were, they clearly didn't care. Riley sighed, heading upstairs to Marcus's room, opening the door and screaming in shock and fright as a bucket of bright red paint tipped over her, splattering her clothes, body and she saw with a groan, the floor and the clothes scattered about, some splashes on his furniture and bed sheet. It would take ages to clean this mess up she thought miserably, having to strip naked herself and get in the shower before she could do anything. She cursed as she went through his room, knowing he'd set this up and purposely had her go to his room. Riley glanced out the window as she hurriedly cleaned. It was glorious outside, the sun shining brightly in the clear blue sky and she wished more than anything that she was out there rather than in here. Would she ever be able to leave this pack? The sound of heavy footsteps stomping in the hallway had her scrubbing at the carpet, thankfully the only thing left and it was fading but not coming out. A loud cry sounded behind her "What on earth has happened here." Riley gulped. It was Luna Renae's voice and she did not sound pleased, in fact she sounded very, very angry.
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