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Dranz (One week after their family vacation in Greece.) As soon as we came back from our vacation in Greece, I went back to school, and company training. I have so many things to do and I can't just sit and do nothing. When I got to school, I went towards our school's coffee shop. I went to our usual spot, and there I instantly saw my best friend Drenk, and our other friend Justin doing some school work. "I didn't know you were back so soon." Drenk said once I approached them. I sat beside Drenk and pulled out my laptop from my bag. "Yeah. I got loads of things to do." I told them. "Dude, you need to take a chill pill. You're done with this year's requirements, so chill. You just got back from a vacation." Drenk said. "How was the vacation anyway? " Justin asked. Justin Pierce is the son of a senator and a fashion designer. Me met him during freshman year, and we became friends since then. My mom work with his dad regarding her charities. "It was okay. I got to be able to get hands on, on the hotel management there. " I answered. Both of them frowned. "It was a vacation, and all you did was work? What the hell is wrong with you? You should've relaxed on the beach, meet Grecian babes, enjoy their food and wine!" Justine exclaimed. "What get you worked up babe?" We looked up to see Niana Castro. Justin's girlfriend. Her parents are also friends of my mom and dad, and that made us like family. "What are you doing here? You have school." I asked her while she gave Justine a peck on his lips. Niana is still in high school, a year younger than my brother but that didn't stop Justin from pursuing her. He claimed it was love at first sight. "We don't have class anymore, because of some meeting. And I want to see Justin." She said, and it made me roll my eyes. "You need to find yourself a girlfriend Dranz." Drenk said. "Who will like him anyway? He's so grumpy and boring." Niana said. "My sister." Drenk said chuckling. Drenk's sister, Anya is my brother's best friend. Ever since we were kids, she loves spending time with us. "Anya is like a sister too. And can you just stop with this conversation? I still need to make a project proposal for the hotel and resort in Macao." I told them. "Boring." I heard them mumble in unison, which I ignored of course, and just continued with what I am doing. I was so focused on what I'm doing that I didn't pay attention to what's going on around me. That is until someone decided to slam their books on the table. The culprit, Ariston Javier III or Aris as we call him. "What the heck is your problem? Can't you see we're trying to study here?" I hissed at him. Aris is also our friend, and an exchange student from Spain. He's actually a Spanish noble blood. His mother's cousin is the Spanish Duchess that uncle Marcel once dated. "Sorry." He mumbled. "Where were you this morning? I didn't see you in class." Justin asked. "I wasn't able to attend that class because my madre called me to go to my Tia's office, to bring some documents and talk about something." Aris explained. Aris' aunt is a renowned neuro surgeon, and also a known philanthropist. Her husband, is a Spanish Duke that owns the largest hospital chain and research facilities all over the world, the Braganza Medica. "Why? Is it serious?" Niana asked. "Nothing life threatening. My tia just asked me to pick up Max from the airport this afternoon." Aris said. "Max? Who's Max?" Drenk asked. "My cousin. The sole heir to the Braganza Empire." Aris explained. "Where was that cousin of yours? Never of him." I asked. Aris frowned. "Her. Max is a female." He said. "Oh." "A girl to inherit a multi billion empire? The Braganza Empire is pretty big like the Salvatores." Justin said. Niana arched her eyebrow at her boyfriend. "Aren't you a sexist pig. So what if the heir is a girl?" Niana hissed. "I don't mean anything mean about that babe." Justine cooed, but Niana ignored him. Aris chuckled and shook his head. "Max is like Dranz if you ask me. A young protégé when it comes to business. But she also has a huge heart, and very inclined on helping the less fortunate." Aris said. "A female version of Dranz? Man that I got to see." Drenk said chuckling. "Tia and tio will be hosting a grand welcome ball for her return this Saturday. I'm pretty sure it will be held in your hotel Dranz, and everyone is invited." Aris said. "Is she pretty?" Drenk asked. "Max? She did a few modelling stints when she's studying in Europe. If you really are curious, go to the ball or google her." Aris said, then she looked around. "Where is Cami?" He asked. "Haven't seen her." Justin answered. "I think I saw her in the library earlier." Drenk said. "Okay, I'm just going to look for her. Excuse me." Aris said, then he left. I continued my work after Aris left, but I was disturbed once again when Drenk suddenly stood up and began cursing like a mad man. "What the hell man!" I sneered. "What the hell is wrong with you?" Justin asked. Drenk was looking at his phone grinning like Cheshire cat. "Can you stop with that grin? You look creepy." Niana said. Drenk turned to us and showed what he's looking at his phone. "Maxine Emerald Braganza, also known as Max is like freaking Mary mother of Christ!" Drenk exclaimed. I took his phone and look at it. On his phone screen was a print ad photo of Hermes. And the model was a very beautiful girl with angelic face, light brown hair and has the most hypnotic yet calmest blue eyes, I have ever seen. Justin and Niana look at it also, and they too have the same expression as to Drenk earlier. "She does look like Virgin Mary. She's very beautiful" Niana said. I mentally agreed with Niana. I have seen beautiful women since I was a child. From models, celebrities, businesswomen, other professionals, and even students. But never did I encounter a woman with such angelic beauty. "Did I just die and saw an angel? f**k, I'm in love." Drenk said clutching his chest. "You've said that Every time you meet pretty girls." I told him. "Yeah. When will you ever settle down for one girl?" Justin asked. Drenk changes his girlfriend frequently, like he's changing his shirt. Pretty much a ladies' man. "If she becomes my girlfriend, I'll marry her for sure." Drenk proclaimed. I chuckled. "What's with you and Eirick talking about marrying a girl?" I asked chuckling. "What's wrong with that? Wait. Is Eirick still blabbering about this girl from his school?" Drenk asked, and I nodded. "He's been flanking his class, and all he did was play football and talk about that girl." I said. "Who's girl is he talking about? Is it Celene? She's the only girl that is constantly hanging around Eirick like a monkey." Niana said that made Justine and Drenk choke on their drinks. "Monkey?" "It's true. They are the school's royal couple even though Eirick never proclaimed her as his girlfriend." Niana explained. "I'm not really sure. Eirick never mentioned any name." I said. "Why don't you try dating Dranz? Maybe you need to get laid so, you loosen up a bit." Justin said. I glared at him. "Dating a girl is like puting several obstacles in an obstacle course. No offense Niana." I told them. They looked at me with a frown. "What?" I asked. "You are really hopeless." Drenk said, then all of them went back to what they are doing. I really have no time for such thing. I need to focus on my priorities, and make my parents proud. And besides, I haven't met the girl that is worth my time. If ever I decided to date, I want the kind of love my mom and dad have.
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