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  It was a regular day in university, professors are walking towards either their next class or the faculty room. Students run towards shelter when the rain suddenly poured. Of all the day the rain decided to pour, it was this day. The day when Drancis Salvatore or Dranz as his friends call him, has so many things to do, and places to go. He is the kind of person that strictly stick to his daily schedule, and rain annoys him very much that always ruin his mood. "Why the long face?" His best friend Drenk Mcpearson asked. "Stupid rain." Dranz grumbled. "You never like the rain. You never did. I'm still wondering why." "This is the best time for you to shut up Drenk." Dranz said glaring at his best friend. "You are an aweful friend you know that?" Drenk pouted. Dranz rolled his eyes. "I don't have my car now, can you give me a lift to Salvatore group?" He asked. "Oh, I see. Another meeting with your dad." "Yes and I don't want to be late." "Fine. Let's go." When the rain stopped, the two of them walked towards where Drenk parked his car. ********************* With how fast Drenk drove his car, Dranz got in to their company building a few minutes early. The moment he stepped foot inside the building, employees gave him a curt nod and greeted him good afternoon. His family is well respected by their employees, and almost every other person in New York. His father Alexander Salvatore, is considered a king in the business world, owning almost sixty percent of businesses in America and Europe. His lovely mother Mariella Grimaldi Salvatore, or just Marie is the princess of Monaco and a known philanthropist. With such powerful background, people expects a lot from him. And that put a lot of pressure on him. When he got to the top floor where his father's office is located, the secretary immediately approached him. "Young master, your father is waiting for you." The secretary said. Dranz gave her a slight nod, and she lead him to his father's office. "Sir, the young master has arrived." Janice, the secretary said. "Let him in." Dranz heard his father's stern voice, and then Janice let him in. "I'm here now dad." Dranz said. When the door closed behind Dranz, Alex motioned his son to take a seat. He made himself comfortable on the couch when he noticed his mother on her phone speaking french. And when she was done she smile at him. Marie went towards his son and bent down to plant a kiss on his forehead. "Why are you here mom?" Dranz asked his mother. "Why? Can't I see my husband and son?" Marie asked back. "Speaking of son. Where is Eirick?" Alex asked his wife. "He said he's on his way." Marie answered. Right on cue, Erick walked right in, in his carefree attitude which made Dranz roll his eyes. "What's up? Will this take long? I still need to go back to practice. I have a game coming and I need to win that. The whole team is counting on me, and I need to impress this girl- " Eirick was cut off by Dranz. "A girl? All those just to impress a girl? She's just a distraction! Is that why you're flanking your class?!" "Hey! She's my insperation! I want to be the best for her, because she's the one for me! And one day I will marry her!" Eirick sneered at his brother. "Marry? You don't even know if you can graduate high school, and now you're thinking about marriage?!" Dranz sneered back. "I'm doing my best, okay? I'm just not perfect like you." Eirick grumbled. Alex sighed and rubbed his temple. Ever since his sons are small, they always argue. It's like they are water and oil that never get along. "Okay stop!" Alex exclaimed when he couldn't take all the bickering. "Eirick take a seat." Eirick was about to protest when his brother pulled him to sit. "Cara mia, can you please tell those two why they are here before I get a migraine." Alex said rubbing his temple. Marie rolled her eyes. "Okay, listen up. We called you here today to tell you that we are leaving for Greece this friday, for our family vacation." Marie said. "What? Are you serious?!" "But I have a game on friday!" The brothers whined in unison. Marie took a deep breath. "Shut it!" Marie growled and in instant her sons stopped their whining. "Our hotel will be having it's grand opening there. Both your grandparents will be there too. Might as well take this chance to have our family vacation." Alex explained. "But dad, I have classes. I have training." Dranz protested. Alex glared at his eldest son. "I called your dean and he told me you have a week off since you finished every requirements for your classes. You are just being one stubborn student insisting for more school work. This trip is for you to relax and chill for christ sake, also, you can have your hands on training there." Alex said. "How about me? I have classes. I have a game on friday!" Eirick whined. "Your exams are done which I found out are all Ds and some F." Dranz said. Eirick earned a disapproving look from his dad. "Eirick your game is on friday afternoon. We leave in the evening, so you can still attend your game." Marie said which made Eirick grin. Dranz couldn't hep but frown. Ever since they were kids his parents always favoured Eirick. That jealousy in his heart never left and it pushed him to be the best version of himself. So he will be the son his parents will be proud of. "We will go to Greece to relax, have fun and spend time with your grandparents. If I hear the two of you argue again, so help me god I will not hesitate to throw you in the Aegean Sea! Inteso?!" Alex exclaimed. (Understood) "Si papà" The brothers said in unison. (Yes, dad.) ************************** After their meeting, and Alex dismissed his sons, Eirick didn't stayed anymore and bolted out of his father's office. Dranz was about to leave when his mother stopped him. "Dranz, s'il te plaît, ne sois pas dur avec ton frère. Tu sais qu'il ne te ressemble pas quand il s'agit de ses études." Marie spoke to his son in french. (Dranz, please don't be hard on your brother. You know he's not like you when it comes to his studies.) Dranz looked at his mother. "Exactement, il n'est pas comme moi. Il doit donc rester concentré, sinon il sera perdant. Vous ne voulez pas que votre fils préféré soit un grand perdant, n'est-ce pas?" Dranz answered in french. (Exactly, he's not like me. So he needs to stay focus or he'll be a loser. You guys wouldn't want your favorite son to be a sore loser, would you?) Dranz gave his mother a peck on her cheek before leaving the place. Marie couldn't help but stare at her son's retreating back then she felt her husband's arms around her waist, and pulled her back on his chest. "What's troubling you cara mia?" Alex asked. "Drancis. He still thinks we favour Eirick more, that he is our favorite son." Marie said. Alex sighed. "He really is like me. Stubborn and grumpy." Alex said and it made Marie chuckle. "Yeah. Mini Mr. grumpy pants." Marie said. "I hope Dranz would meet a girl that will change him for the best. Like what you did to me cara mia." Alex told his wife. "Maybe we can arrange someone for him, like what our parents did for us." Marie said. Alex pulled away and turned his wife to face him. "What happened to us was the fate playing games on us. What made you think that fate will play the same game on our stubborn son?" Alex asked. Marie shrugged. "Let's just see how everything will turn out." Marie said.
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