Shut Up Paisley

490 Words
Bright green eyes, tan skin, perfect smile, sharp jaw, and an overall gorgeous face that's identical to my boss's stared back at me. "Uhh- Mr. Stone, uhh- I didn't mean any of that. I was just-" Now you get tongue tied!? He chuckled, showcasing his bright smile, "No worries, I know he can be a handful. And please, call me Luca. Is Lucas in his office?" I rolled my eyes, “Yeah, he's with a bimbo so be careful." "Wouldn't want to contract herpes now would I?" He joked. I smirked, “That would be a shame." "Alright, it was nice meeting you Paisley." He smiled. I raised an eyebrow, "How'd you know my name stalker?" "Name tag." He chuckled as I flushed. With a small smile and a nod he made his way into his brothers office. "He's so sexy, -ugh- I'd eat him up, spit him out and eat him up again. I can't believe this is the first time you've seen him Pai." Darcy snickered. Dale, Jenn and Naomi all nodded in agreement. "Well he's been gone for the last two years, and I've only worked here for two years. Do the math." I chuckled as she glared. "But they really are gorgeous aren't they." I said. "They!?" Dale screeched, almost jumping out of her chair. "No, no, no, no, no. He. He as in Luca. Not Lucas. Lucas is ugly. I mean obviously he's hella' attractive, but his personality is so ugly." "He's just misunderstood-" I was cut off by their collective annoyed groans. "Don't start defending him! He treats you like garbage too." Jenn argued. "Yes but he's not always like that. He's actually a nice person." I argued. They all scoffed at the same time. I rolled my eyes, "Whatever, get back to work. Lunch breaks over." Dale, Jenn, Naomi, Darcy and I are best friends. Though they all work for marketing, while I'm merely the janitor, they treat me as their equal. Unlike everyone else on this godforsaken floor. "Shut up Paisley!" Okay kind of. I chuckled as I left the lunch room. I made my way to my office- okay its the janitors closet, but I do have a little desk and chair and a little window. Courtesy Lucas. You could imagine my surprise to find that in a janitors closet. " Get out of my office Paisley." Mr. Stone grumbled, eyes latched on the his computer screen. "But its so nice in here." I whined. I know that I'm testing his patience, but its so funny watching him get more frustrated every minute that I don't leave. "Ms. Lake I do not fancy your insubordination." He snapped, finally losing it. "I have no where else to be Mr. Stone. If I had a fancy desk, chair and wonderful view I'd probably spend my time wherever that is." And the next day, my closet was a small office. Lucky, lucky, lucky Paisley.
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