Mr. Stone...

620 Words
"Good morning Mr. Stone." "Good morning Paisley." He mumbled behind the screen of his laptop. My eyes roamed the space of his desk, cluttered with empty coffee cups and now unorganized files that I'll have to re-arrange. Again. "Are you going to stare or do your job?" I sighed dramatically before stomping towards his desk childishly, pulling my cart behind me. See, I'm the janitor on the 46th floor of the L.L.STONE building. Janitor. Yes. But, Mr. Lucas Stone feels the need to use me as his P.A. Talk about over worked and under paid. "You spent the night here again didn't you?" I asked disapprovingly, glancing at him through the corner of my eyes. I'd like to think that after two years of working here, we've become friends. "Do I pay you to play mother duck Paisley?" Okay, acquaintances. "Now, now don't get all grumpy with me. Sarah's bringing your coffee and I left the biscuits heating up, she'll bring them too. " Sarah. His actual P.A really is just a bimbo. I swear incompetent is her middle name. t**s and ass is all he sees. His head snapped towards me as he heard the word 'biscuits'. He adores my home-made biscuits. "Biscuits?" He asked, his green eyes sparkling. Just as bright as the first day he tasted them. Sometimes he's such a child. "Yes, now I need to clean up before your ten o' clock. Which is in here." "Its just my brother I don't see the fuss." He mumbled. He reclined in his chair rubbing his palms over his face. Sighing, I walked behind his desk. I turned his chair toward me, even though I know he hates that, before squatting between his legs. "What?" He asked, glaring at me. My eyes roamed his face, taking in the bags, beneath his eyes, and overall tired features. "Maybe you should go home, at least till ten. Get some rest then come back." I said softly. Knowing how pissed he gets when others order him around. He pursed his lips, staring at me disapprovingly. "Work, Ms. Paisley. Might not be more than a job to you. But this is my life. There's no breaks or rest until I pass." He shoved my hands off of the handles of his chair, before turning towards his desk again. "You'll pass a lot sooner if you don't rest." I pleaded. "Leave, Ms. Paisley." "Alright, alright. I want my boss to be healthy. Sue me." I surrendered. "Why?" His breathtaking green orbs bore into mine. Walking to the front of his desk, before leaning over. I placed my hands next to his.  "Because. If something happens to you. Who's gonna sign my paychecks." His eyes narrowed, though his lips twitched. "Mr. Stone." Sarah sang as she entered his office. A few extra buttons suddenly nonexistent on her shirt. "Good morning Sarah." I narrowed my eyes at him, as he smiled at her. He never smiles at me like that. "Move garbage girl." She scowled, shoving me to the side so she could place the tray before him on the table. "Gar- listen you bimbo-" "Paisley. Don't you have garbage to clean?" Mr. Stone asked. "Yes sir." I murmured, grabbing my cart, and leaving the office. "Mr. Stoneee," I sang mimicking Sarah, "Garbage to clean my ass, freaking overworking i***t, I take time out of my sleep to make those stupid delicious biscuits for you, you stupid ungrateful, arrogant selfish asshole. I hope she gives you herpes." I mumbled under my breath. "All I wanted to ask is, if you've seen my brother but, looks like you have." A smooth, deep, familiar voice said. My head snapped up. And my heart freaking stopped.
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