1. A night before her birthday!

656 Words
Emily's POV...  It all started the early morning— when I was quietly laying in my bed waiting for my eighteenth birthday to come.  FLASHBACK...  "Why the heck doesn't he understand???" It was the early morning in the Sapphire Moon Pack, at 3.45 am, when a loud shriek echoed in the silent house of the Wilsons, an omega couple. And I, their daughter, Emily Wilson quietly stayed in the bed, after my sleep broke due to the disturbing noises, coming from outside.  I wished to go out and see what was wrong but I didn't dare as the voice belonged to none other than my father, Matthew Wilson. He was short tempered, ill to head and a cunning man who entertained nobody's s**t.  And when he was badly angry, he never listened to anyone or any noise that broke out in his surroundings. Henceforth, even after having gotten up, I quietly stayed in bed as my father continued to shout.  My heightened hearing heard him grumble, "Shirley, he can't misuse his freedom always. This is the last time I am letting him go."  "Okay, honey. Looks like he has understood it. Now be calm and spit out your anger." it's my mother's voice, she was trying to calm dad down.  "Ashton, go to your room. NOW," While hugging the blanket tightly to my body, I listened to mom's quiet yet annoyed voice as she ordered my brother Ashton to leave.  I listened as his footsteps neared my room. His room is adjacent to mine, so I can very well hear the thudding of his shoes passing through the door of my room, and stop before his. The sound of the twisting knob caught my ears and I imagined him walking inside, and then slammed the door crazily.  I clutched my lashes tightly closed whilst trying to sleep again. This was not something new. This happened on a daily basis. My brother would come home late in the nights, and unwantedly create such scenarios in the house as dad would get real annoyed by his late returns.  We are wolves but of the low status. We belong to the last class, the Omega's, hence dad is always worried about Ashton and his safety. The wolves from the upper class can anytime catch him, and kill him without letting us know.  He doesn't have to worry about me as I am very punctual. I leave and return home in time. On top of that, nobody even cares if I am ever late since I don't belong to the Wilsons.  I live in a foster family. My real parents died in an attack when I was a cub. And after their death, I was forcibly handed over to the Wilsons to take care of.  Although this pack is quite unnerving and unbelievable sometimes, there is still dignity and care shown towards abandoned cubs. The alpha pays serious attention towards the cubs in the pack, assuming that they might be helpful in future. However, there is no respect shown towards us since we belong to the last class, we are treated as a plague, untouchable and untalkable.  Huh, why am I even thinking that. Nothing will change even if I think about it for my whole life.  Anyways, I closed my eyes and forced myself to fall back asleep once again. Because tomorrow is a big day in my life. Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday, which also means, the day where I will be able to talk to my wolf and meet my destined mate.  I can't wait to see him. I have always been waiting for this moment. With this thought in mind, I eased on the bed and drifted off to sleep— unaware of the disaster that was going to occur in my life.  Tbc... (Here you go with the first chapter. Hope you like it. Don't forget to comment and add it to your libraries. Lysm) 
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