Miller's Match introduction.

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INTRODUCTION: On the reader's request, I've decided to write Mason's story. This book can be read as a stand-alone but if you want to understand more of Mason's character it's better if you read "Deceiver" first. Although we'll be talking about his past in this book too. Synopsis: Mason has changed from a carefree and cheerful to a serious, cool, calm and collective man. He knows and understands his responsibilities and has matured a lot. He has a disciplined and collective life. He thinks he's happy in his life but is he? Will Mason be able to find his match? Or his match will find him herself. About ML: The scenarios are taking place after a year of Blaze and Adella's wedding. In this story, Mason is 25 years old. Mason was able to get his company shares from Blaze and is now the President of his company. He has drowned himself in work and has no time for his personal life. About FL: You'll get to know about her further in the story. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi Guys! So this is going to be Mason Miller's story. I'll be updating this story soon. Please keep the book in your libraries so you get notified whenever I update. Thank you.
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