A Day in Life.

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CHAPTER 1: MASON. Like always I woke up at 5 in the morning. Went to the gym in my house, came back, took a shower, got ready for work, had breakfast and went straight to Miller's publishings. Nothing has changed. The same life, the same me. I won't say that I'm not happy in my life. I'm in a good position in my life. I have great parents, great friends and a high state profitable company for me to run. Everything is perfect then why do I always feel so empty whenever I get up in the morning? What's this weird feeling that I always feel? I shouldn't think too much about nonsense stuff. I have a whole company to run, can't be late for work now, can I? I went and sat in my car. A while later I reached my company and everyone welcomed me. I greeted them back and went straight to my office. There were 3 to 4 main projects that my company was handling. My secretary came in wearing not so decent clothes. Gosh, I hate this. Not that I get distracted by her. I'm not the person who'll get aroused by someone's physique. It's the match I try to find in another person. The match I thought I found in Ella. . . nevermind. Coming back to reality. It's been a year since Ella's and Blaze's wedding. They must be celebrating their wedding anniversary today. I better call them later. I visit them but not that much. I just drowned myself in work that I barely get time for anything else. "Sir your schedule for today." My assistant bent down and gave me the file. I ignored the thing she tried to show me. I swear to God this person is no professional. "Leave it on the table and go get me a cup of coffee," I told her. "Sure sir." She said and went away. Ella was happy with Blaze and Blaze sure did keep his promise. He changed himself for her. They are happy in their lives and I'm happy for them. Ella always says that I've changed. I beg to differ. . . I think I just realised my responsibilities and I'm happy like this. Aren't I? Shaking my thoughts away I decided to get back to work. Like always I was done with work at 8:00 pm and was so ready to go back home. I left my office and went back to my mansion. As I was about to go and freshen up. I received a call from Ella. s**t, I forgot to call her. "Hey Ella, how are you? Happy Anniversary. I swear I didn't forget." How could I? This day made me realize that we were not a match made for each other. Ella was everything I wanted in my significant other. Bubbly, cute, mature, Beautiful and so lovable. I'm not saying that I still have feelings for her. I have not at least I try not to have. She's my friend's wife and she's happy with him and I'm happy for her. I moved on a long time ago. "I believe you but to make me happy you have to come to the party. I've informed your assistant. Didn't she tell you?" She asked. "No, I think she doesn't know how to do her job. I think I have to fire her. Alright, I'll attend the party but you have to promise me something." I said. "Yay and what is it?" She asked. "You're not going to play cupid for me. You're not going to introduce me to anyone or fix me on a date. If we're clear on this then I'll come." I said and loosened my tie. "Yeah sure. Just come please." She pleaded and I agreed to come. I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. Blaze and I had a meeting a week before and he had already invited me to the party. I just didn't want to go but it's Ella now who requested me. I can't deny her. She has always been a great friend to me, always helped me in my bad times and supported me through my tough times. I was able to get my shares back from Blaze through my hard work and I'm proud of that. Without wasting any time I started getting ready for the party. I had a long soothing shower to calm and freshen myself up. I got ready for the party and went straight to their mansion. The mansion was beautifully decorated and there was a lot of car parking outside. Ella was working with Blaze and she has earned herself a lot of name in the business world in such a short time and I'm proud of her. I went inside their mansion and was greeted by a lot of business investors and people. I saw Mrs Benson and went to greet her. "Hello, beautiful. Long time no see." I said and hugged her. "Mason! It's so good to see you. It's been so long. Why don't you come to meet us often?" She complained. "Just busy with some company work. I'll visit you and the boys soon. I promise. By the way where are the boys?" I asked her. "Sam is with his girlfriend, his girlfriend's grandfather is in the hospital and he is supporting her and Max must be around here or there." She shrugged and I nodded. I saw Ella looking so beautiful and elegant in a red gown. "I'll go and congratulate Ella," I said and excused myself from Mrs Benson. "Mason. You're here!" Said Ella looking at me. "As you wished," I told her. "Where is Blaze?" I asked her. "He's coming but first come with me I need you to meet someone." She said. "No no no you promised me, Ella, no more playing cupid's please," I told her. "This one Mason. Trust me! I have a feeling about her that you'll both match." She said and I rolled my eyes. "I think you should save your match first. Look at Mirinda flirting with your husband so shamelessly." I told her and sipped from my glass of wine. Ella's attention went towards Blaze and true to my words Mirinda was indeed flirting with Blaze while Blaze was looking angry and uncomfortable. He had to stay there because Mr Anderson was standing with his daughter and Mr Anderson was not letting Blaze go. Must be talking about some deals. "She won't learn, will she? You stay here for a second, I need to save my husband first." Said Ella and went in her fight more. Poor Mirinda I feel pity for her. I chuckled as I saw Ella stormed out to save Blaze's ass. At least I saved myself from another blind date. Ella thinks I like high-class girls that show elegance and are in the business world but in reality, this is not what I try to find in my significant other. Love is not something to calculate about. . .it just happens and in my case, it's not happening any time soon. I took another sip and saw Max flirting with some girls. This guy has some potential not going to lie. "Mr Miller so fancy to see you here." I heard someone calling me from behind and from the voice I was sure that it was Alex. I gave him a side hug. "You're back?" I asked him. "Yeah, I was going to surprise you later. I'm going to be staying here for a year for business purposes. I came back last night." He said and I nodded. "So anything new happening in life?" Asked Alex. "Nah it's the same," I told him and sipped from my wine glass again. People were chatting with each other and were having a good time. "Any girl you're interested in?" He asked and I looked at him. "I don't have time and you know that," I told him. "Oh, c'mon there are so many beauties here. Does no one attract you?" He asked and I rolled my eyes at him. "You'll be the first person after Ella to know that I'm attracted to someone if some lucky day I found myself attracted to someone which is not going to happen anytime soon and I'm sure of that," I said. "Matt and Drake weren't able to make it?" I asked him. "No, they're still in Dubai." He said. "Isn't he Kevin? What is he doing here?" I asked Alex "Where? Where is he?" He panicked and I looked at Alex strangely. "There. At the corner. He is going to greet Ella and Blaze." I said. "Kevin Leonhart. Why would he be here? Did Blaze sign a business deal with him?" I said and Alex looked nervous. "I'll go and meet Ella." Said Alex and went towards them. Does he want to sign some deal with Kevin? Kevin Leonhart is a high party. He's a celebrity chef and Alex owns a lot of hotels. Maybe he wants to sign some deals with him. God knows. "Hey, Mason. It's good to see you here." Greeted Blaze. "It's good to be here. Congratulations Man." I gave him a side hug. "Is Adella still playing a cupid for you?" He asked and I nodded. "Yeah, man. Please help me get out of this situation. I don't want to have another torturous date." I plead. "She's positive about this girl. Why don't you give it a try?" He asked. "Nah I'm fine," I told him. "Well you know it's difficult to stop her, so best of luck to you." He said. "Look here she comes with Alex." Said Blaze with a bright smile. I looked around and Kevin Leonhart was nowhere to be found. I know what's Ella going to do but I'm not going to let her. "She's here. Let's go, I'll introduce you to her." She said and grabbed me by my arm. I pleaded for help from Alex and Blaze with my eyes but both of the bastards ignored me. "Ella, please try to understand. Maybe I just don't want to date anyone." I told her but she was still dragging me. A girl with straight black hair, wearing a short black dress was standing. Her back was facing us. Ella called her and she looked back. She was everything that Ella always shows me. The same high social girl. She was wearing a dress too short that most of her body was visible. I'm not saying she's not beautiful. She is but she's just not right for me. Maybe I would have dated her in my teenage years but now I'm a changed person and Ella doesn't see that. "Victoria this is Mason. Mason this is Victoria. She works at my friend's company. You guys talk and get to know each other alright?" I swear sometimes Ella acts like my mom and I hate it. Ella left me alone with her. I swear I'm not interested in doing this. "I've heard a lot about you, Mr Miller." She said and touched my arm seductively. She came closer to me and kissed my cheek. I'm sure she had left her lipstick print on my cheek. Gosh, I hate this. I pulled out my napkin from my pant's pocket and wiped the print from my cheek. "Please do not do that again," I said to her in a stern tone. She just smirked at me. "Can we go somewhere else and talk." She said hinting at something else. Woah Woah, wait! All the girls that Ella tried to set me with were shy but she's bold and Ella knows me. She knows that I like a confident woman but not bold girls. I was about to leave from there but saw Ella coming towards us. "Sorry to disturb your talk guys but we're about to cut the cake. You guys can keep up with your session after the party." She said and winked at me. "No, no it's fine Adella. I was about to just leave. It's too late you know my dad, he must be worried about me and Mr Mason here has been a great company. I would love to spend more time with him." She said in a low shy voice. Wait! So she's acting in front of Adella. She's playing like the nice girl in front of her. She thinks of me as a typical man that I will be aroused by her body and have a thing with her but she's wrong. So very wrong and thank God I was able to see her true face. "No please just wait at least for the cake cutting and then Mason here will personally drop you. Won't he?" Said Ella and gave me a death glare. I'll just tell her the reality of Victoria in the morning. I was already exhausted with everything so I just nodded. Victoria was smirking and grabbed my hand like we're some kind of couple in front of Ella. I don't want a drama right now. Ella smiled looking at us. She went away and I immediately jerked my hand from victoria's. She just smirked at me. Gosh, what have I gotten myself into? After the cake cutting, Ella was in the mood of going to a club. She wanted to enjoy herself to the fullest. Blaze tried to stop her but she was in no mood to listen to anything. Most of the guests went away and only the people close to them were here which includes Mrs Benson, Max, Ella's aunt and Blaze mum and dad. Alex said goodbye and left the party. He looked like he was in some kind of hurry. I need to talk to him later. "Alright, I'll be going now too," I said to both of them. Her aunt, Mrs Benson and Max went away saying their goodbyes. Uncle Nicholas and Aunt were also leaving. "No, you are coming with us to the club and Victoria is going to be your partner." She said pointing to the girl beside me. She's still here? And why is she standing so close to me? "Adella baby I think it's enough for today. Mason here must be tired, he came here straight from work and about Victoria, I will send her with our driver. Is that okay?" Said Blaze and kissed Ella's cheek. Blaze my man! I thanked him internally. "Yes Ella, I don't want to trouble Mr Miller. After all, I'm not his responsibility." Said Victoria in a low voice. She's trying to be innocent in front of her. What a dramatic woman. "We're going to a club. It's just midnight guys and Blaze it's our anniversary. You can't say no to me. I don't know anything but we all are going to the club right now. I also wanted Alex to come with us but he just ran away. I'll see him later." Said Ella. Blaze came to me while Ella was talking to Victoria. "I'm sorry, she's just too moody nowadays. Little things irritate her. I can't say no to her. Can you make it? She really wants to set you up with her." Plead Blaze and I took a deep sigh. "I've talked to Victoria. She'll talk to her father. We can leave now." Said, Ella in a cheerful tone. I need to tell her clearly that I'm not interested in Victoria. "Ella, can I talk to you. . .alone," I said looking at Victoria. Ella looked between me and Victoria and came to a corner with me. "I'm not interested in her. Please stop matchmaking us." I said bluntly. "What? Why? She seems so nice." Asked Ella in a confused tone. "Because. . .Because she is not what she looks like. . . she's just. . . never mind. I'm just not interested in her and I don't want to do anything with her." I told her honestly. "At least give me a valid reason." She said. Why do I feel like she's on the verge of crying? Are her hormones okay? "I just. . . don't feel the connection you know," I told her. "But you even didn't talk to her properly. How can you say that? Alright, let's make a deal. Just spend two hours with us in the club. At least try to get to know her. She's totally your type." She insisted and I was getting mad. "And what do you know about my type!" I said harshly. She was taken back for a second. s**t! I lost my cool. "Mason. . . alright I understand. I'm sorry for forcing you into something you don't want to do. I have no right." She apologized or is she trying to guilt-trip me? "No Ella please try to understand this is not what I meant-" She didn't let me complete and cut me off. "I said it's fine Mason. I'm sorry. I understand. Nowadays I just get too moody or emotional. Don't mind me." She said and was about to go but I stopped her. "Wait. . . alright I'll come with you guys and try to know her if that's what you want but you have to promise me that this will be the last matchmaking you're doing for me," I said. I didn't want to sleep with the guilt of making her sad. Moreover, maybe after this, I'll be free from her matchmaking and playing cupid. "Really? Are you sure you want to do this? I don't want to force you honestly. I'm sorry if I sounded persistent more than necessary. I also have to make sure that you're comfortable in this situation or not and-" I cut her off as she was blabbing non-stop. "Yes I'm positive but if this doesn't work out you have to stop playing cupid for me. Are we clear?" I said to her and she nodded like a child. A big smile was playing on her lips. "We're going to party! Let's go!!" Yelled Ella and laughed. "Slow down baby." Said Blaze and held her by her waist. "Sorry dude if she forced you into this." Said Blaze. "Blaze! I didn't force him. Did I Mason?" Said Ella. "She didn't. I'm coming because I want to." I said while massaging my head. I looked at Victoria and she was smirking. Gosh, I still have this headache to handle. "Yay, we're going to the club. It's been so long." Said Adella and sat with Blaze in his car. While I was left alone with Miss Drama. "You agreed." Said Victoria and touched my arm. "Aren't you going with them?" I asked her. "Ella wants me to go with you and I don't want to ruin their couple moment." She said and I rolled my eyes. Way to go! She sat in my car and I drove us to the club. All the time she was blabbing some s**t, tried to flirt with me. She was showing her true colours in front of me and I swear I hated every second with her. When will this night be over? _________________________________________
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