Chapter One

404 Words
"STOP!" "PLEASE!" I don't know why I even bother screaming out or crying. The pain he hears and sees only makes him want to continue hurting me more. I just wish I coul.. *SMACK* I put my hand on my face that feels like fire from being slapped. I consider myself lucky that it was just a slap and not a punch like usual. "GET UP YOU PIECE OF s**t!" "THIS PLACE BETTER BE CLEAN BY THE TIME I WAKE UP!" With a final kick to my ribs, he goes upstairs to sleep. I whimper as I look around at all the boxes to unpack still. We just moved to this small house today. It was the cheapest house for rent that I could afford. My so called father doesn't work, it's my responsibility to supply income for him. I never went to school after elementary level. My mother died when I was in Middle School. Since then, my "father" made me drop out and start working. The only place that hired me was a diner that allowed me to waitress. Though I was young, I think they felt bad for me because I basically begged them for the job. Working was the only time I was able to eat which was a blessing. At home, I am only allowed to make food for my father. We constantly moved because he was afraid someone would start to notice the bruises and injuries on me and get arrested. I was too afraid to leave, even though I will be 18 in a week. I fear he will find me wherever I go, and kill me for leaving. As the sun rises, I'm finally finished with unpacking and cleaning the entire house. I look to the clock and see that it's a little after 6 a.m, which gives me half an hour before having to leave to start my new job. I'm pretty sure my ribs are bruised because they hurt like a mother as I limp my way to the bathroom to shower. The hot water feels so good on my body as well as stings on all the open cuts. The diner was about 20 minutes away walking distance. I felt relieved as I exit the house and make my way to work. I don't mind walking, the autumn breeze feels comfortable and refreshing on my skin. After the peaceful walk, I finally arrive at Pleasant View Diner. 
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