Chapter Two

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I was greeted by the owner, Jane, as I entered the diner. She gave me a warm smile and showed me to the employee room. She is such a sweet old lady that just gives off a warm vibe. Something I don't see often, if it all. It reminds me of how my mother made me feel. I miss her so much.  "Amy, this is where you can place all your belongings and get changed."  She hands me my uniform, which is actually cute.  Considering the only clothes I have at home are two pairs of worn out jeans, few panties, socks with holes in them, and a few shirts that are starting to get too small on me.  "This is a small town and we usually have quite a bit of regulars. If anyone gives you a hard time, please let me know." Jane said, as I thank her and go get ready for my first shift.  Even though I've waitressed before many times, I'm still nervous on my first day. It's always scary for me to meet new people and especially in a new town. However, all the customers I have waited on so far have been nothing but pleasant to me. Many of them asked me a few questions about myself, seeing as I am the new girl here. I always feel awkward talking about myself, so I keep it simple.  "Well, hello there gorgeous! I've never seen you here before. I'm Henry, and you would be?" I hate when older men say things like this to me. So, I forced a smile and replied.  "Good morning, my name is Amy and I will be your server today. What can I get for you, Henry?" Jane must have heard his name and came walking up to his table as I was writing down his order.  "Henry, are you behaving yourself? I don't need you scaring off my new friend already. I like this girl. She's different than the others I've had here." Friend? I thought to myself. I could certainly use one of those. I haven't had any since I was younger.  "No, maam! I was just introducing myself. I must say, she is gorgeous, but not as much as you darling." He says as he gives her a wink.  I find myself chuckle as I see Jane turn red as a tomato. I let them continue talking as I go place his order to the cook. It's obvious Jane has a crush on him. It's so adorable! I wish someday, I can find someone that makes me feel like that. Doubt it though. My life consists of five things; working, getting beat on, cleaning cooking, then attempting to sleep. No room for love. Plus, my father would never allow it.  Time is moving rather quickly, and soon it's time for my break. Thank god, because I am starving! A benefit of working here is the free food. I ask the cook to make me a cheeseburger with french fries. I should probably find out his name instead of calling him chef.  I sit down and soon the guy comes out with my food.  "Thank you so much! Also, what is your name? Sorry for not asking sooner. This place has just been busy the past few hours." He chuckles then says, "It's Chase. No need to apologize. How is your first day going?" "Great! Everyone has been so nice and leaves generous tips!" He again chuckled at my response.  " Are you new in town? I've lived here for 21 years and I don't believe I have ever seen you in school or around town in general. It's a small place, and someone as beautiful as you sure would've caught my eye." "Well, looks like you answered your own question. Yes, I'm new in town. Just arrived yesterday." I gave him a warm smile. He is a very good looking man and I'm dreading what he's probably going to ask next.  "Could I show you around town after work? Maybe grab dinner afterwards?" Shit. That's exactly what I thought he would ask. As much as I want to say yes, I just can't. If I get home even a minute late, my beating will be ten times worse.  I sigh as I look at Chase. "Sorry, I can't. I'm very busy at home. I have to unpack still. Maybe another time?" I hate that I just lied to him, but I have no choice. Yet, I said another time? Why would I give him or myself such false hope? "Another time would be great! In the meantime, could I have your number? That way if you have any questions about the area or work, I could help you out?" I hesitated for a moment, but then decided why not? Texting would do no harm.  "Sure." He hands me his phone and I type my name and number in it for him. I can't help, but notice the big smile on his face.  "Thanks! I'll let you enjoy your break. I have work to do anyway." I smile to him as he walks back to the kitchen. I look down at the burger and a small moan leaves my mouth. It smells and looks delicious. I'm going to enjoy this because I don't work tomorrow, so I won't be eating until the day after.  Halfway through eating, my phone vibrates. Thinking it's Chase already texting while working, I smile as I look down to grab it. My smile quickly turns to a frown when I see it's my father calling. 
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