Chapter Three

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Harper I thought I could entice Ryann to my bed with my intended promises. She looks too damn good too since I got home on Tuesday after work. Clearly the work of my mom’s business. I can’t say if my mom tended her or if Jenna or any one of the other workers took care of her, but she was making things worse for me. I can barely keep my d*ck in check half the time. I just need to make it through tomorrow and it’s the weekend. Maybe I can entice her better then. A loud house shaking crack of thunder boomed outside. The sky lit up a few seconds later with lightning. I’m not looking forward to listening to all that thunder, but I do love a good soothing rainstorm. I stared at the ceiling of my bedroom while I waited to see how this storm was going to go. Another crack and it was much louder than the first. I almost didn’t hear her knocking on my door. “Harper.” There was desperation in her tone. “Come in.” I called over the noise. She opened the door, and I could see how distraught she was looking. I think the storm is scaring her. Thank you storm. “Are you alright?” “I…” Another crack sounded off and she yelped, jumped, and ran to my bed. She didn’t even wait for me to invite her on my bed, she just plastered herself to my side hiding her face against me. I held my chuckle in. The lights began flickering for a few minutes before the next crack of thunder and strike of lightning knocked the power out completely. I can feel Ryann panicking. “You don’t like the storm, do you?” “No.” She said meekly. “I need to get up and light some candles. Stay right here I’ll be right back.” “O…okay.” Her voice trembled. I made my way to the kitchen. The lightning strikes were at least lighting my way enough to allow me to see what I was doing. I got some of the candles Hope and I keep for just this reason and the matches. I carried about five large jars of candles that have three wicks. I set them around my room and lit them. It gave enough glow in my room. Ryann was watching me, and her body was shivering with nerves. Her expression changed and I realized what she was looking at. I was standing there in nothing but a pair of black boxers. She sucked her bottom lip in her mouth. I don’t know if she realized she did it. She barely jumped at the next crack of thunder as she couldn’t take her eyes off from me. I approached the bed slowly. “Ryann.” I said almost at a whisper. Her eyes were hooded and the gaze she was giving was heated. She moved on her knees and reached out to touch my stomach. It felt like my stomach burned where she touched me. My stomach fluttered a little too under her touch. I clasped her hand to me. “Ryann, you have to stop now if you don’t want this. Cause I don’t know if I can control myself much longer.” I warned her. She didn’t miss a beat and she removed her hand from me and pulled her night shirt over her head. Her br*.asts were large and perfect. Her p*.ssy was perfection too. Much like the glimpse I got when we had gone swimming. I climbed on the bed hovering over her as she adjusted and laid down. I kissed her hard. She grasped my head and held me to her. I chuckled internally. I kissed down and into her neck. She arched her head back giving me better access. The storm raged around us, and it didn’t even affect what was happening. It was like we were in a bubble just her and me. I cupped her br*.ast with my hand as my other braced myself. I made my way to her br*.asts with my kisses and gave the other one attention with my mouth. She moaned and gasped when I sucked her n*p.ple into my mouth. Her hands were back in my hair. I need to take care with her. She told me she is a virgin. The way she is reacting though is as if no guy has touched her since I did too many years ago now. I didn’t get skin to skin contact then. I wish I had, because she would not have ended that night a virgin still. She’s not going to end tonight as a virgin. I trailed my kisses to her navel and lower. I pushed her legs further apart. I ran my finger against her slit. She was panting and moaning. I used my pointer and middle finger. I slipped them just between her slit and pushed them in a little bit to use them to spread her open enough. I lowered my head and flicked my tongue out between my fingers. Ryann gasped and raised her top half off the bed. I used my other hand to hold her back down. I sucked and licked her while I scissored my fingers in her the further I pressed them inside her body. She is tight and I don’t want to hurt her. When her body settled back against the bed I used my other hand to finger and circle her cl*t while I licked and sucked the nub in my mouth. Ryann’s moans and gasps were music to my ears. I felt her body tightening around my fingers. She was close and I worked her harder until I could hear it as well as feel it as her body clenched down on my fingers. I sucked her cl*t hard and she screamed. I drank from her. I have never tasted any woman like her. Her taste is sublime. “Do you want me to wear a condom?” I rasped. “No.” She gasped. I was almost undone by her no. I have never been raw with any woman I have been with. I got off the bed to remove my boxers. I could have f*c*ed her as my d*ck was jutting out from the opening. However, I want to be completely skin to skin with her. The glow of the candlelight on her flushed body from the orgasm I gave her made her skin glow. I moved back between her legs. She leaned up and looked at me. “Don’t look. It may make you a little too nervous. I will take care with you. It is going to hurt some it being your first time. I can’t help that.” She nodded her understanding. I positioned myself and guided my tip in. I braced myself over her and I leaned my head down to kiss her and distract her some. Her walls are gripping me tight. I have never had a woman grip me like this. I want to c*m just from how tight her body is squeezing me already. I pushed forward more feeding her my d*ck inch by inch. Having a big d*ck apparently runs in our family. I felt her walls stretching for me as I slipped my tongue in and out of her mouth with my kisses like I will be doing between her legs soon. I felt resistance. I played with her n*p.ple to distract her and when she moaned deep as I pinched it I plunged forward tearing through her barrier. She arched and gasped. “F*ck.” I groaned. I didn’t move. I wanted her to adjust to me. I felt her wiggle under me. “You good?” She nodded as best as she could. I worked her body slow to start with. The time it took her to adjust to me allowed me to control my need to explode in her body. She wrapped her legs around my waist, and I felt her calves resting against my *ss as I picked up the pace. “Yes…ah…Harper…you…feel…so…so…” “Yes, Baby you feel so good to me too. F*ck you feel amazing.” I groaned against her mouth as I kissed her. I could feel my release ready to go. I let my thumb slide between our bodies as I played with her cl*t. Her walls clenched on me, and I roared my release as she came on me. She screamed my name into the room. My body was shuddering as I let her body milk every last drop I had to give. We kissed intermittently as we caught our breath. I rolled off from her when I gained enough control. I pulled her and tucked her into my side. She rested her head on my chest and her hand on my stomach. I felt her tracing her fingertips on my stomach. “Is it always that good?” She finally rasped out. I leaned up and kissed the top of her head. “I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will try to make it good every time.” “You want me again.” I let out a chuckle. “If you aren’t hurting I would like to have you again.” “Now?” “Now.” I replied. I pulled her up my body and kissed her. “Ride me.” Her expression was one of nerves. I kissed her a little more to encourage her. “Help me.” “Sit up and lift your hips Baby.” She did. I grasped my d*ck and lined it up with her entrance. “Slide your body down me.” I held my d*ck while she pressed her hips down taking me into her body. She was gasping each inch I slipped into her. I was in heaven. Ryann collapsed against my chest after she screamed through her climax. I soon felt her breathing even out and I heard a light snoring. I chuckled. I hugged her to me. When I softened enough, I slipped out of her body. The lights came back on as I held her to me. That made me chuckle and want to thank the storm that much more. I tucked Ryann on the bed next to me. I got up to use the bathroom and I blew out the candles after. I crawled back in next to her and I fell asleep listening to her sleep. ~~~ I felt like I have been walking on clouds all day. I woke to Ryann still in my bed. I got in a quick session before I needed to shower for work. She was back to sleep by the time my shower ended. It wouldn’t have surprised me if she fell asleep as soon as I went into my bathroom. I left her a message on the projector to take a bath if she is sore when she wakes up. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is tender or sore and aching some. My phone chimed with a text from Hope. Hope- Can you pick me up at the airport when you get off work for six? Me- Sure. I’ll be there. Hope- Okay, thanks. I didn’t want to bug Ryann. Me- No problem. I left work at five. I noticed my baby sister Jenna pacing the lobby area of my mom’s business. I went through the glass door that separates the lobbies. “You good?” Jenna jumped a little. “Yeah, well sort of. Mom had to take grandma to the emergency room. She was having trouble breathing. I’m waiting for Mason, but he is caught in traffic because of an accident.” “Come with me. I’ll give you a ride, but we have to go to the airport to get Hope first.” “Okay. I’ll text Mason.” I nodded as we headed to my SUV. She climbed into the passenger seat and buckled herself in. I made my way to the airport. Traffic was slowing me down some it being rush hour and Friday. “So, have you decided which school you are going to attend?” “Mom and dad didn’t tell you. I’m taking a gap year. I just want to work and relax some. Go to concerts, take some trips.” “Sounds reasonable.” “How has Hope been and Ryann settling in?” “Hope is still doing Hope things. However, she seems to be conversing more now that Ryann is staying with us. Ryann is doing good. She starts school on Tuesday.” “Are you going to finally tell her you have had a crush on her all this time?” “Jenna!” “Don’t deny it Harper. I know what I saw even back then.” “I think Ryann has a bit of an idea as to how I feel.” Especially since last night. “Good. I don’t care what Mason thinks. It is not her fault what her father did. I wouldn’t want people judging any of us if something untoward was said about dad, or Uncle Jordan especially if we had nothing to do with it except to be their kids.” “You’re absolutely right.” I parked and we went in to wait for Hope’s plane to let passengers off. It landed a few minutes ago. It was about to pull up to the gate. We had to wait about ten minutes before Hope came through to the baggage claim area. Jenna rushed to Hope and gave her a hug. “You should come in and I can trim your hair for you.” Jenna offered Hope. “Yeah, maybe soon. I’m a little busy at the moment though.” Hope replied. I dropped Jenna off and drove Hope and me home. I let Ryann know I was picking Hope up and dropping Jenna off. Hope pressed her thumb to the thumb plate. The smell that greeted us had my stomach growling. “It smells so good in here.” Hope commented out loud. Ryann was in the kitchen bent over lifting something from the oven. I quickly realized she had steaks in a cast iron with rosemary sprigs I think resting on top. She set them to the side to rest as she went back to stirring some kind of creamy mixture she was simmering on the stove top. “Need any help?” I asked. She jumped a little. “Sorry.” “Uh, no I’m good. I was hoping to have it all done before you got here. Dinner is almost ready. Go change if you want.” “You don’t have to tell me twice.” Hope remarked. I could agree with her. I made my way to my room and stripped out of my work clothes and tossed on some shorts and a tank. I don’t think Hope will appreciate me eating this dinner in nothing but my shorts. Ryann was mixing the cream mixture with the mashed potatoes. I pulled down some plates and I got wine glasses. I poured each of us some wine. Hope rejoined us. Ryann began plating the food. She set roasted asparagus spears on my plate. I looked at them leery. I didn’t care much for them, but I would eat them because Ryann made them for me. They smell good and look delicious. Hope grabbed forks and steak knives. I inhaled the aroma of the food on my plate. It was making my mouth water. I cut a bit of my steak and it was so tender and flavorful like butter cutting it and melting in my mouth almost. I moaned out loud. Hope joined me. Though I didn’t want to I moved to the asparagus next. I figure if I eat them first then I can enjoy the potatoes and steak to cleanse their taste. I took a bite and before I recognized it I had devoured the spear. I picked up the next and ate it just as quickly. It had a garlic and butter flavor to it that I seemed to not be able to get enough of. I guess I like Ryann’s asparagus. I took a sip of my wine and watched as Hope and Ryann were enjoying their meals. “This is so delicious. Where did you learn to cook like this?” “My grandmother when I had to go stay with her. I would have made you her brownies, but I didn’t have time. Clearly, you arrived before I even had dinner finished.” “Please make the brownies. I will kiss you. I haven’t had a homemade brownie in a long while.” Hope begged. I’m glad she started the begging because I would have soon if she hadn’t though I would have used every method in my arsenal now to get her to make the brownies. “I’ll make them after I clean up dinner stuff and do the dishes.” “We’ll do the dishes and clean up.” I replied. Hope nodded her agreement with me. We finished eating and Hope and I began to clean up. The cleaning will help to let my dinner process a little so I can eat them. I sat on the couch after, and Hope joined me while Ryann started the brownies. We decided to take Mason and Maddie on in video games. The irony I could picture my brother every time Hope or I killed his character. We were laughing as we talked some smack to Mason. Ryann joined us when she put the brownies in to bake. I didn’t think and I pulled her into my lap and helped to show her how to play. I caught the eye Hope gave me while Ryann was figuring out how to play. I gave her a ‘this is a thing now’ look. I knew Hope would understand. She shrugged her shoulders and smiled. I’m glad she can be accepting of us.
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