Chapter Two

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Ryann It was hard at dinner to watch Harper’s dad, Jeremy, constantly eyeing me. I didn’t steal money from him, my dad did. I haven’t even seen my dad for years when he decided to take off on me. I came home from my high school graduation and our house was empty. My dad left me a note saying I should go to my grandmother’s house and she was expecting me. Jeremy pulled me aside and explained he knew it was not my fault. That was good because Mason has been giving me some weird looks off and on all afternoon. I know how badly my dad hurt people, but I didn’t know he was doing it while he was embezzling people’s money. To me, he was just my dad. My mom left when I was so little. I barely remember her. It was always my dad and me. Until he changed everything and has had me second guessing almost everything in my life. I can’t thank Hope enough for offering to help me. I don’t like that she is financially supporting me. I have no other choice right now, though I need help. There was a soft knock on my bedroom door. “Yeah.” The door opened and Harper was standing there in nothing but cloth shorts. I tried to swallow without him noticing. He is still as sexy as he was in school. Maybe sexier if that is possible. “You settled in, okay?” “I’m fine. It is a little hot in here, but I can deal with it.” “Oh, you can adjust the temperature in here if you need.” He came and sat on the edge of the bed and accessed the menu for my projector in midair. “Here, touch this and it accesses your room’s temperature.” He showed me. “This house has individual temps?” “Sort of. It is all one system, but you can program each room to be at a certain temperature.” Harper explained. “That is so cool!” I crawled next to him. “This is our digital libraries. Feel free to create your own personal lists. Trust me, it is faster.” Harper proceeded to show me more things about the projector than he had before. Is it bad of me that I sat so close to inhale his scent and feel the heat coming off from his body? All I want is for him to turn and kiss me, and maybe touch me, and… My thoughts ran away with me. “Are you alright?” “Huh?” “Am I boring you?” “No, just a little overwhelmed with how much this projector can do.” I felt stupid for saying that, but what could I say? I was daydreaming about you finally taking my virginity like I would have let you have back in school. Apparently, my body or something ignored most of my internal restraints and I lunged for Harper’s mouth. I kissed him desperately. I tried to make myself stop. Harper turned without breaking the kiss and leaned my body back until my back touched the bed. He was lying on top of me and to the side kissing me back. His lips tasted like heaven. Harper pressed his knee into my core, and I moaned. I was touching him everywhere I could reach. Just when I was about to remove my night shirt. “Harper!” Hope called. “F*ck.” He swore softly. I could agree. He got off from me and it was a good idea as the door was wide open. We scrambled to sit like we had been. “In here.” He called back. My heart was racing as Hope appeared in my doorway. “What are you doing?” She asked. “I’m showing Ryann how to use the projector better.” “Oh good. I wanted to let you know I’ll be gone until Friday or Saturday. I ordered a card for you Ryann attached to my account, so you can get whatever else you need before school starts next week. I do mean get yourself anything. If you want Ryann, can you take me to the airport for ten and you may use my car to get around. Harper, make her bring her car to Uncle Jayson’s friend Scott’s garage. I want it fixed for her, but other than that, if I don’t need my car you may feel free to use it, Ryann, even when I’m home.” “Hope, that is too much.” “No, it is not. Don’t argue with me. I don’t want something to happen to you if you are driving your car and it breaks down on you. You barely made it here. My uncle’s friend will do a good job and not charge an arm and leg for the repairs. Because let's be honest, you won’t let me just buy you a new car, will you?” “No, I won’t.” “I thought as much.” “So, I have your help with this, right Harper? She won’t do what she needs to or buy what she needs if we leave her alone. I only wish I could leave my card, but I need it. Oh, and Ryann, treat yourself to Aunt Kya’s beauty space. Get the works if you want on me.” “Yeah, I’ll take you to the airport so Ryann can sleep in, and I’ll take her shopping tomorrow.” “The card won’t come in until Monday though.” “I got her Hope.” Hope smiled. “You guys don’t have to spoil me. I can get a job once I know my schedule.” “Absolutely not! It would defeat the purpose of you focusing on your studies. Trust me Ryann, I can take care of you, and you aren’t putting any dent in my account. What good is having a lot of money if I can’t help those in need and right now you are my best friend and in need. Stop worrying and just focus on what you need to get done.” “When did you get to be so bossy, Hope?” I asked with a smile. She grinned back at me. “Want to watch a movie?” Hope asked us. “Will there be popcorn?” I asked. “Definitely.” Harper responded. “Sure.” I replied. “I’ll make the popcorn.” Harper said. I climbed off my bed and followed them out of my bedroom and into the living room. “What do you want to drink?” Hope asked. “Just some water.” We had drinks and a big bowl of popcorn. I apparently was the designated popcorn bowl holder as I sat between Hope and Harper. We settled in and Harper chose something. I love that I can watch things on these projectors. The one here in the living room is possibly the largest in the house I have seen so far. “I got her. Go to bed. Morning comes early enough.” Harper spoke low. I felt him lift me off the couch. He cradled me to him, and I pretended to sleep just so I could inhale him as he carried me to my bedroom. I could feel his heart beating against my palm and my stomach was trying to let the butterflies fly free. He laid me down on my bed and I moaned softly. “Shh.” He cooed to me. He shifted the blanket and sheet out from under me and covered me. I felt him brush my hair that fell across my face and tuck it behind my ear. I was grateful as it was starting to tickle my face. I wasn’t expecting him to lean over me and kiss my forehead. I decided then and there I would never wash my forehead again. I chuckled at myself internally. ~~~ I woke and it was just a few minutes after ten. Harper must be out still. I climbed out of bed and made my way to my bathroom. I used the bathroom and started the shower heating up. I used the water from the shower to quickly wash my hands. I got a towel out and set it over the bar on the outside of the shower door. I stripped and climbed into the shower. I know I told myself I would never wash my forehead again, but it happened. I sighed internally. I dressed in my new jean shorts Hope got me with a nice purple tank top. It is still hot. It is still mid-August. I brushed my teeth and then my hair. I decided to twist my hair and clip it with my big hair clip. I heard a snap and I realized my trusty hair clip finally died. I had to settle for using a couple of my medium hair clips to hold my hair. I may take Hope’s advice and have Harper’s mom cut my hair and such. Maybe she even sells good hair clips. I wandered into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I decided to scramble some eggs and cook up a couple of slices of bacon to go with it. The side door to the garage opened and Harper came through the door. I smiled at him, and he returned it. “What are you up to?” He asked. “I was about to make some bacon and scrambled eggs for breakfast. Have you eaten?” He shook his head. “Would you like some?” “Sure.” I nodded and while the pan for the bacon heated, I got into the fridge to get more eggs for Harper’s scrambled eggs. He sat on the side of the island on the stool and watched me. My body was tingling with his gaze on me. “Where do you want to go first?” “I need to get a backpack and school supplies. I also have other personal items I need to get.” “Personal?” “Umm, for my monthly visits.” “Got it.” “I also need to refill my birth control. I have enough for the rest of the month, but I don’t know if I’ll have time once school starts or remember to refill it for that matter. Oh gosh, I’m embarrassing myself.” “No, it is fine. You wouldn’t believe it but I sometimes have to get stuff for Hope of that nature because she forgot to get them herself. I did want to let you know I called my Uncle Jayson and his friend Scott is going to come and get your car in the morning. He said to just leave the keys under the driver’s seat.” “But how will he get in if its locked?” “He’s a mechanic he can get in.” I nodded. “I’ll leave you the address and you can go over and talk with him when the card Hope has for you comes in.” “Okay.” I removed the bacon from the pan and Harper snatched a slice up. “You’re not going to let it cool?” I looked at him a little incredulously. I watched as he winced a little bit, but chomped away at it. “Do you want more bacon?” He nodded while he was working to swallow the hot bacon in his mouth. I placed a couple more slices on the pan and finished scrambling the eggs in the other pan. Harper got two plates down and I divided the scrambled eggs between both plates. I made sure the burners were shut off and I grabbed my bacon. Harper handed me a fork when I sat on the stool next to him. All you could hear was our eating. “Oh my, these have to be some of the fluffiest scrambled eggs I have ever had.” “Thank you.” I replied after I finished swallowing my bite of eggs. Harper got me a good printer probably with enough ink to last all year. I told him I didn’t need all that I could use the printers at school. To be honest it does help me immensely because it could take a while to get my things printed at school and I have to pay for each page printed. It’s a scanner too which may help with whatever projects I’m assigned. I felt almost like I was starting first grade. I have plenty of pens, pencils, you name it, Harper got it for me. He even got containers to hold the items that will stay at home. It made sense why he got me so much. I have stuff to take to school with me and stuff at home to be able to use. I chose a sturdy backpack. I liked that it had a spot for a portable charger built into the bag. Harper was amazed it had that feature and he bought me two extra portable chargers and extra cords to be able to charge my phone and tablet. It unfortunately can’t charge my laptop. He insisted I get with the new tablet. I won’t lie, I loved that I got a purple laptop and a pink tablet. I chose a few sticker sets that I can decorate them with. It made my heart feel light because I will have good supplies and I don’t have to worry about my old laptop dying on me now. We went to the drug store, and I asked for my birth control to be refilled. We had to wait a half an hour while they filled the six month prescription. I chose my feminine products and other things I needed or could use. I know many if they knew I was a virgin would question why I take birth control, but it helps vastly with my periods. I was hospitalized a couple of times in junior high because of how bad they were. The birth control regulates them for me. I was able to find a couple of huge hair clips to replace my broken one. “Here.” “What’s this?” I asked. I turned the box Harper handed me. “It can attach to your chargers and keep your drinks hot or cold.” I chuckled. “I should do one for hot and one for cold.” I replied jokingly. Harper smirked and handed me a second one he was holding behind his back. I laughed out loud. “Thanks.” I leaned up and pecked my lips to his before I could stop myself. “I’m so…” Harper’s mouth claimed my lips. My knees became weak and wanted to wobble out from under me. He wrapped his arm around my back and held me as he deepened the kiss. I pushed against his chest until I could break the kiss. “Harper, we’re in public.” “Who cares?” He nipped my lips. He moved forward again. “Ryann Sawyer, your prescription is ready.” I heard over the store’s sound system. I took a couple of subtle deep breaths when Harper let me go so I could steady myself. That man can kiss. Yes, thank you brain I got the message. What am I going to do? I am attracted to Harper, but I don’t want to weigh him down with the struggles I’m going through, especially where my dad is concerned. I know I would have let him take me last night, but I know he could do so much better than me. I got my prescription, and we checked out with the items I chose. “Lets grab some late lunch.” Harper suggested. I nodded. I was too afraid to use my voice, it may crack. Harper opened the back to put the bags with the rest of the stuff. There was an inner liner that was keeping prying eyes out from seeing our purchases. He took us to a little Mexican food place. It wasn’t big. It was cozy though. I loved the smile of the lady who greeted us as we went in. She directed us to a booth for two. She welcomed us as she handed us the menus. I used the menu to continue to help calm my nerves where Harper is concerned. I wondered as I looked over all the amazing choices if Harper remembered I love Mexican or even Tex Mex food. I chose my favorite but continued to look over the menu. “Do you know what you want?” “Uh.” “Ryann, I know you know what you want. Are you using the menu as a shield?” “Maybe.” I replied low. Harper’s fingers hooked the top of my menu and gently tugged it out of my hands. I glanced up at him. He smirked. Luckily the server came to take our order. We placed it and Harper’s eyes pinned me to the spot. I felt myself blush under his gaze. “Should we discuss things now, or later?” Harper had a command to his tone. I cleared my throat. “Discuss what?” “Us.” “Harper…” “No, don’t Harper there is no us because you attacked me in your room last night and at the store.” I lowered my head. “What do you want there to be?” I asked. Harper let out a gasping chuckle sound. He pinned me again with his eyes. “Let me be very clear. You kiss me and I’m going to kiss you back. I have wanted you since we were kids Ryann. And when you decide to come to my room I promise we will finish what we started the night of senior prom.” It felt like my stomach flopped with nerves. “I, I… Harper.” I whispered his name. “You don’t want me. My dad hurt your dad.” “I don’t care about your dad and what he did. You didn’t do it. We can see where this goes Ryann. Don’t use your dad as an excuse to determine whether or not we can be good together. We were good together as kids. Maybe we can be amazing together as adults.” He said the last bit with such promise. I covered my face with my hands and tried to take a deep steading breath. “Harper, I’m… Gah, why can’t I say it?” “Say what?” “I’m…I don’t have.” I took a drink from my water because my mouth felt dry suddenly. I leaned in towards him. “I’m a virgin.” I whispered so low I don’t know if he heard me. His smile would say otherwise. “I’m not. Is that going to be a problem?” It almost sounded like he was teasing me. “I suppose it helps if one of us knows what they are doing.” I replied low to not attract attention to our conversation. Thankfully the food came and I could stuff my face and deal with my nerves that were fighting to feel embarrassed as the others were feeling desire and want to move forward with the promise in Harper’s tone. I was struck by a mental image of Harper hovering over me a little bit like he had last night and feeling the weight of him as he prepared to take my virginity. I cursed in my mind as I felt my panties get wet. F*ck what am I going to do about Harper? The *ss kept giving me heated looks as we ate. I wanted to swipe everything off the table and crawl over it and into his lap. His hazel eyes sparkled like he knew the affect he was having on me. “You don’t fight fair.” I said loud enough for him to hear. He cracked up laughing. I had to admit his hearty laugh was doing other things to my senses. I’m so doomed.
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