2. It couldn't be .....

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Miles pov. How pathetic it was that the wuss turned out to be my mate. Ever since I found out that she was a human four years ago, I had been hoping that she was not my mate. However, being the next alpha in line meant that I would have to treat all the members of the pack with equality. So I had treated her with respect, despite her being a human. I had successfully hidden my detest towards the lower ranked wolves. They didn’t cause me any trouble anyway. But I just didn’t like them. I would consider my entire school life a success. I had stayed away from flings and led a respectful life, just like dad wanted. He had always told me that being alpha not only meant immense power. It also meant a lot of responsibility. And he was not going to tolerate me being a man w***e. So no girls and I patiently had to wait for my mate. I didn’t have any problem with that. But when I realised that Cassandra was my mate, I just lost all hope. I have seen my mother fighting beside dad, as alpha and luna so many times. She had been that powerful kick-ass Luna and I had always looked up to her. To me, she was the most suitable kind of Luna. I also had always hoped that I also would get a strong Luna. But fate had other plans for me. I was mated to none other than the only human in our pack. The one who couldn’t protect herself during a rogue attack. What could she do during the war? I have seen so many times her so-called family try to protect her, just to keep her safe. There were numerous times that the rogues seemed to be interested in her. As if they just wanted to get rid of her and finish her off. And all of us would have to work together to keep them away from her, although we never really understood why they would want to kill a mere human. What was she? She wasn’t even worth any of that. I felt that it was such a waste of energy. It would have been so much better if she had not been there at all. I just couldn’t understand why we had to work to keep someone who couldn’t do anything for us safe. However, no matter how much I hated her and despised the fact that I was mated to her when she accepted the rejection, I felt the feeling of my heart being ripped. The pain of being rejected. Of course, she wouldn’t feel it. She was human for f**k's sake! How could she feel anything related to the sacred bond of matehood? I hated it. Why was it that only I had to feel it? I wanted her to feel the pain too. So I hurt her as much as I could with my words. Though I didn’t mean any of it, I did tell her that it would have been better if she died. I know it was just downright rude, and perhaps not what my dad wanted me to be. But I couldn’t care less. I was infuriated. This bond was just unacceptable. I kept taking deep gasps of breaths as I stomped out of the packhouse, towards the garden. After spending some time controlling myself, I made my way towards the bonfire. I halted a few metres away so that I could mask my true emotions. After putting up a happy face, and stretching my lips in a fake smile, I joined my group of friends. Among them, was Nolan, Cassandra’s ‘brother’. I felt a little bad that I had just made her cry. But I was upset. Wasn’t that a good enough reason? “Hey, man!” he greeted me, giving me the brotherly hug we always greet each other with. I patted his back a couple of times, but I was too overwhelmed by emotions to reply to him. “Hey, man, congratulations. Your dad is going to announce you as alpha.” Castor, one of our friends, congratulated me. “Really?” I exclaimed, slowly forgetting what I was worried about. “Yeah. He just announced that he would hold the alpha ceremony this weekend. You better find your mate dude!” Nolan chuckled, grinning mischievously at me. “Yeah. What is an alpha without his luna?” Castor added, grinning like a Cheshire cat. “Yeah ...just be mindful about PDA.” Nolan wiggled his eyebrows. Both of them burst out in laughter as they high-fived. I sat down beside them, silently, not knowing how to react to their playful exchange. Normally, I would have slapped their backs or given them a friendly shove. However, right now, I was just too shaken up. How would they react if they knew that I had found her? That she was Cassandra, the human girl. And how would Nolan feel, that I had hurt the girl whom he had seen and loved like a little sister? He most probably would never forgive me for rejecting her. And if he ever found out that I had told her that death would be better than her being alive, he would want to murder me. I managed to let out a nervous laugh as I sat down in response. The two exchanged confused glances. Of course, they would know about any change in me. They were the best friends I have had all my life since we were little pups. “Are you okay, man?” Castor asked. I could sense both pairs of eyes on me, searching for answers to their questions. “Yeah.....” I lied and inhaled deeply. “Yeah. I’m just... overwhelmed. Being alpha is big.....” I trailed off. That was not the real reason. But I just couldn’t say it out loud. Not to them. Especially not where Nolan was. Perhaps not to anyone. I most probably will have to live with this weird feeling for the rest of my life. “Okay, man. If you say so.” Nolan paused for some time. “But we are always here for you. Okay?” He smiled and patted my back. Offering a forcéd smile, I nodded. My heart thudded in my chest like crazy. As if something was not quite right. I had this gut feeling that nothing was going the way it should. That everything just took the wrong turn. “Dude....you look white!” Castor sounded worried as he handed me a drink. “Here. Maybe this would help?” he said. “Thanks,” I muttered as I downed the entire shot in one go. It burnt my throat, but it didn’t bring any consolation to my frantic heart. But I tried my best to mask it from everyone. I must say cool. I told myself as I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees. “Nolan!” His mother sounded frantic. “Have you seen Cassy?” My head shot up at once when she asked about my mate... No, my ex-mate. However, my heart fluttered at the mention of her. I shook my head. No. I shouldn't feel anything. She was rejected and I don’t want her. Perhaps I should get another mate instead. “No...why? I thought she went to get something from the packhouse...” Nolan looked at her, clearly worried about Cassandra. “You also came back from the packhouse, right? Did you see her?” he asked, and I felt as if I could just be swallowed by the earth. “N...no....I. I didn’t.” I stuttered. “Where could she be? She is not even in the packhouse now. And her scent is also very faint. She surely wouldn’t take two hours to go to the packhouse and come back.” Nolan’s mother was now on the verge of tears. Her voice quivered. Two hours? Two hours had passed since then? I sniffed the air, trying to catch the alluring scent of roses that my nose seemed to recognise her by. She was right. It was no longer there. But I blamed that on our broken bond. She must be somewhere close by. Perhaps hiding in the trees and crying. I thought. “Let’s go look for her?” I suggested. “Yes. We must.” Nolan agreed. Soon all three of us were rushing through the trees. His parents and Cassandra’s two friends also joined us in the search. They stopped now and then to sniff through the air. Our wolf senses had made it easy to trace anyone. I started to feel irritated once again. This human, why in the world did she have to be so sensitive? Such a joyous night is being ruined by her. Here we are, instead of rejoicing with the rest of the pack, we have to run around in the woods to look for her. Stupid human. “Her scent is leading towards the cliff.” Nolan’s father informed in urgency and soon all of us were dashing through the forest, towards the cliff. The scent of roses was faint in the air. I sniffed deeply, wanting to be sure of what I was smelling. Yes. That was her scent. I thought rejecting her would let me stop being affected by it, but I guess that was not the case. My alertness increased and I rushed towards the edge of the cliff. Frowning, I stared at the water below. The white waters of the gushing river shimmered in the moonlight. I froze in my spot. Did she...... “Look!” Olga said, picking something up from the dirt. “Her phone!” she exclaimed, furrowing her eyebrows, worried and concerned about her friend. “No!” Nolan gasped. “My Cassy!” his mother whispered, but soon she seemed to have gone speechless. “No. Stop being pessimistic. She is fine. Just... Let’s be positive.” His father wrapped his arms around his mate, who was trying her best to fight against her tears. “Nolan! Go and check.” He asked. Nodding, he rushed to check the waters of the river. Not being able to just stay there and do nothing, I too followed him with Castor right behind me. Olga and Sarah also followed us. Since we were all wolves, it didn’t take us much time to reach our destination. I scanned the area, trying to look for anything, secretly hoping that we wouldn’t find anything there. She couldn’t have jumped off that cliff. There was no way a human could survive that fall. “Guys?” Castor’s voice caught my attention. He was holding something that had washed onto the shore. It was a shoe. I gulped. “No! Cassy.” Nolan’s shaky voice made my heart sink. I looked at my friend’s broken face. I heard Olga and Sarah gasp when they saw the shoe. “Why?” he whispered shakily, holding on to the shoe and staring at it, as though it was the most valuable thing he had ever possessed. Oh no!
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