It's Irrelevant

553 Words
  "We need to talk." "Talk?" "Yes Vanessa, talk." "Talk!? I wanted to talk to you six years ago when you walked out on us. I wanted to talk to you when dad got sick and I had to support Azure and Violet. I wanted to talk to you when they died."  I yelled, earning weary glances from passers-by. "Vanessa I-" "But were you there?" I cut her off not wanting to hear her lame excuses. "No, you were not there because you went off to rendezvous with your British boy-toy and his hater-aid drinking Butler!" "What does Albert drink?" She says frowning. "Look, forget it," she says, cutting off my reply, she sighed. " I need you, We need you." "And who is this we?" Curiosity has always been one if my worst traits, its uncontrollable really. My tongue has a mind of its own when I'm intrigued. "Harry, his entire company and I." I released a rather unladylike snort earning a rather disappointed look from my 'mother'. I knew what Harry's 'company' was. And I knew damn well that it wasn't Harry's. "Why would I help you?" I ask using my hand to gesture every other word. " You ran off and never looked back. You never contacted us and never came to your children's funeral," my voice cracked on the last word to my dismay, 'don't let her see you down' thought. "You lived a f*****g good life while we struggled, while I struggled after they were gone. Now you need me? What the f**k happened when I needed you?" I seethed through clenched teeth. "When I needed my mother." I whispered in a broken voice. One I hadn't heard since high school, one I hadn't heard since Terrence turned me into the confident woman I am today. One that I refuse to use ever again. "Vanessa I understand what you're saying, okay, you hate me I get it, but I need your help. If you refuse to do this for me then do it for the thousands of people all over the world that may lose their jobs, please, just hear me out bunny." Bunny. Something struck within me upon hearing the endearment my mother once called me. "Please." She begged, grabbing my hand. My mother, Elisabeth Cambridge, never begged. So you'd understand why I had an internal battle. She never begs Nessa, she must be desperate. My stupid subconscious argued. Whether she did wrong by you or not she's still your mother. You don't have to help her, just hear her out. She clearly knew that she had me judging from the stupid smug smirk on her face. I sighed. "Fine I'll hear you out." She gasped, squeezing my hand,"Let's talk over coffee, yeah?" "Stupid nice subconscious." I muttered under my breath. "What was that?" "Nothing." Releasing my hand Lizz eyed me as if I were a freaking nut case, as she lead me towards her car. "Hey Alfred!" I chirped with fake enthusiasm, which I'm sure didn't go unnoticed. Albert narrowed his eyes at me, his distaste, he doesn't bother to hide. "It's Albert." his eyes trail up and down my body in disgust. "It's irrelevant!" I chirped sliding, in a rather unladylike manner I may add, into Lizz's Chrysler. Maybe, just maybe I'd have my mother back.
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