Chapter 1

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*Leo’s POV* “Leo!” I heard Cata scream. “Leo!” “Cata!” I yelled back as I looked around the dark space frantically. “Cata, where are you?” “You let them take me, Leo. How could you?” She asked in anger. “Cata, baby, it isn’t like that. Please, tell me where you are.” I begged her as I ran down the dark streets of Italy. I don’t know how long I had been running, before I finally heard her voice again. “Leo, help me!” She screamed. A scream of terror. One that will haunt me for the rest of my life. “Cata!” I yelled as I turned the corner. I froze on the spot when I saw her. My beautiful Cata. She was tied against a chair. Her naked body was beaten to unconsciousness. I walked closer, holding my breath. “Cata?” I whispered. When I reached her, I felt my heart drop instantly. She had five bullets in her chest and one on her forehead. “No, no, no!” I cried as I dropped to my knees as I struggled to pull her lifeless body from the chair. “Please don't do this to me, leonessa.” “Cata!” I yelled as I sat up abruptly. I was dripping in sweat as my heart beat frantically against my chest. My hand flew to my chest as I fought to control my breathing. “It was just a dream.” I whispered to myself as the door flew open. “Leo.” Lala called as she approached the bed. “Are you okay?” “Yeah.” I muttered as I stood up. “What are you doing over here?” I asked her, harshly. I closed my eyes as I tried to control my anger. My anger is towards myself, not Lala, but I couldn't help taking it out on everyone. “I was on my way to check in on you when I heard—” She looked at her hands. I cleared my throat. “I’m fine.” I repeated as I turned to face her. I tried smiling, but I hadn’t smiled since that day, so I don’t think I even remember how to. I grabbed my phone and sighed. It was only five in the morning. I guess the guys will have another early day. “Can you please get the guys ready? We are doing another search party.” I asked Lala. She quickly nodded before walking out. I walked to the bathroom and quickly jumped in the shower. I haven’t had a good night’s sleep since the last time I had her in my arms before I failed her. I put my head under the warm water as the memories flooded back. “Leo, she’s gone.” Were the last words I heard before I went crazy before I forced myself to stand on my feet. The pain from knowing I failed her was worse than the pain from the gunshots. “Leo! We need to treat your wounds!” Danilo yelled as he tried to push me back down. “Don’t fūcking touch me! I want this place locked down! No one enters nor leaves!” I yelled as my hand held on to my waist. Out of the three gunshots, that was the one that hurt like a bītch. My guys moved in the darkness before the ones I had stationed outside ran inside. One of them spotted me, trying to exit the place. “They are working on the power now.” He said quickly. “Where the fūck is Dario?” I hissed. “I’m right here, Capo.” He replied as I turned on him and swung. He fell to the ground as my hand returned to my waist. “Find Cata.” I panted as my vision began blurring. “I want her found now!” I mumbled as darkness consumed me. That was the worst fūcking day of my life. And each day after has been just as bad. I sighed before I finally jumped out of the shower. I walked over to my closet, trying to avoid looking at her clothes. We know what happened last time. I grabbed jeans and a white shirt before heading to my room to get dressed. I was putting on my Rolex when Danilo walked into my bedroom. I turned to glare at him. “You don’t have anything that I haven’t seen before.” He rolled his eyes. “What is it?” I asked him in annoyance as I put on my leather jacket. “The group that is going to search is waiting in your office for further instructions.” He said. I nodded at him before grabbing my Glock and loading it. “We will leave in ten minutes. The meeting will be brief.” I said. “After a month, do you really think—” Danilo was asking before I raised my gun to his temple. “Don’t you fūcking think about finishing that.” I growled at him. “Si, Capo.” He replied.
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