Family Affair

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[Mission: your daring breaking of a somewhat highly secure facility has impressed the boss of the iron eyes gang, now he needs you to complete a test by retrieving or destroying the incriminating evidence on him held by a former subordinate turned traitor. // Reward: 4 Infamy, Random gear, Faction system unlocked, 2000 credits.] The fact that the previous mission given to him to escape the Iron eyes group has not been completed more than told him that he was not completely out of danger yet. He was worried about this mission because he really had no idea what he was going up against. Either way, it was still the morning, and the mission would be carried out later that night, roughly ten hours from now, which means he had a little bit of time to log off. He was led to a small room by the Squirrel called Bomber, he didn’t say much to the squirrel after the door was locked behind him and bolted. Leo gave a tired sigh and logged off, he would be back in an hour. >>>> It was late, however the trio of siblings were nocturnal by nature, mostly because Leo has had to work late into the night previously and his brother and sister who were mainly preoccupied with studying. But today they were all just glued to the television, whence had started playing he had left his sister sleeping and his brother wasn’t home. He gave them a smile as he went to the kitchen to get himself a late dinner. Their house was small, just a single room, a living room a kitchen and a bath, but each of those facilities were so tiny that it didn’t matter that it was a one-bedroom apartment. Leo got out a pen and paper and started writing down some of what he experienced, his sister Phoebe came in shuffling awkwardly on both feet due to her pregnancy. She was almost due, probably another month or a month and a half and she would be a mother. “So how was it?” she asked as she took the sheet of paper to read through what he had written, Colin came from behind her and peered at the words written. “It’s no different from the real world, there’s just super powers the regular missions and rewards from the system and whole lot more opportunities. I don’t know what the consequences are for dying in the game, but I expect givene the realistic theme, it would mean someone has to start from scratch. It sorts of makes my current situation a little bit more precarious than normal. And while I know where I want to be, I don’t know how to really go about doing so, and even more so I don’t know what’s the best way to achieve my goals. I don’t want to be running around, in a game like this I don’t think there’s such a thing as a starter city, every city has its own equal opportunity, but I don’t want to go around looking for opportunities and wealth, I’m confused.” “Well its simple isn’t it! Get a nightclub!” Collin said with a little too much enthusiasm, Leo looked at the sixteen-year-old with an annoyed look on his face and asked. “What?” “Don’t look at him like that Brother he’s not really wrong you know. The best way to gain a foothold in any city is to have an establishment of substantial repute, and right now your dining with the wolves. So the best thing you can do is make a place where the wolves prowl, but the sheep’s come to graze. You’ll have access to both the criminal part of the underworld and the common people. That should feet your secret identity of Leo Freewind. A rich influential young man who made his money by running a night club for the elite, the list you made of your abilities and what they can do means that in a crowd with that much people you would be able to fetch information at the drop of a hat, disseminate it and have it archived. But to do that you’ll need a good reputation, and also you need to get very familiar with the technology in the game, it would be better if you can even learn to build them as it would help bring in more money for you. We’ve been paying attention to the forums while you played, the game is hard, and the starting points for many people are random, based on luck and their generated backstory. One guy was even spawned as the son of a president, but the thing is while it might seem like some people have higher starting points, there are other deciding factors that limits them so they don’t go too far ahead. For example, the player that became the son of a president has a mother that’s obsessed with her son so he never leaves the house and doesn’t have as much opportunities as the other players who have access to the world.” “Yeah big bro, but honestly I don’t think being a known criminal would help your club, people don’t like bad guys you know.” Colin said with an innocent look on his face as he took a spoonful of the rice in Leo’s plate. “Well if you had let me finish, then I would have come up with a plan for that!” Phoebe snapped as she looked at Colin with a sheepish look on his face, prompting a small smile on Leo’s face; he felt really warm having the both of them here like this. “You said you wanted to be an Anti-hero, and one with both legs in the hero and villain business. The heroes won’t like you, and many of them would want to take you down, and it would be the same thing with the villains. You’ll need help, both from players and the NPC AI’s. out first plan would be to raise enough money to get two other pods so that me and Collin can help you, and no! whatever it is you want to say about our futures, we don’t want to hear it. School, and the junior league team would mean nothing if we let you work yourself to death. Let’s face it, you’re hopeless without us, Colin is more athletic, and I’m a million times smarter than the two of you. You’re just our big brother, and that’s exactly what you’re best at. But right now please let us all work together to take care of our family, especially now that daddy’s not here. We will try and see if we can raise some money in the real world, in the main time I would need access to footage from your entire gameplay, ill upload most of your gameplay videos to you tube, hopefully you can garner a following. Ill also help with writing and editing your exposition and managing your forum account, just focus on playing. The baby is not coming for another two months, and I believe we can achieve a lot before then, you might not see it yet, but I believe this game has a lot of potential to go far. So right now all you need to do is get back in there, go get that wristband and when you have the proper opportunity, please make you Anti-Hero identity. Because that’s what the world needs to see, that’s how you’ll be able to play both the villain and heroes. That version of you has to be the secret behind Leo Freewind’s wealth, but they both have to be two separate people. We believe in you, so stop being yourself even in the game, and go be someone else!”
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