Knocked Out By Old Bon-Bon

1057 Words
Leo rubbed the bridge of his nose in annoyance as he listened to the constant yapping of the Alien Squirrel on his shoulder, Bomber really had a lot to say about nothing and it was slowly driving Leo mad. But if he should go along with what Triple C said, then this bloody rodent was his supervisor, guide, and assistant combined in this bloody test that he had to carry out for the iron eyes organization. He shook his head, glaring at the flight of stairs in front of him as the Squirrel rapped its tiny knuckles over Leo’s forehead. “Seriously what do you need a facemask for, you’re no celebrity and no hero, you’re the bad guy man, you don’t need no mask. Though I can definitely see the appeal within it, it would make you quite intimidating to your enemies. But if you would take my advice, I think a full face mask would be better than the half faced face mask you have on. It’s even bad that it’s a mask for a clown.” Leo rolled his eyes in annoyance, the damn Squirrel was the one who had gotten him the mask, so what did he get off on making fun of it when he was the one who provided it. The damn rodent was such a f*****g hypocrite, and he talked so f*****g much Leo was beginning to feel the beginning of a migraine, but thankfully they got to the roof of the Golden Moses motel, the same motel Leo had spent the night previously. There were a couple of guards at the access entrance to the roof, but Bomber seemed to have a reputation as they only gave him a simple nod and opened the door into what Leo could only describe as rowdy. There was a massive iron cage erected in the middle of the roof, and there were quite a few people standing around it, making a clamor as their screams filled the air. It was a rather shocking sight, because when Leo had been coming up to the building he had neither seen a sign of the fighting ring or even heard the very loud screams he was sure would wake up the whole neighborhood. “This outfit is hidden pretty well you know, they’re relying on a quad of four camouflage and sound barrier defense cube, its old tech given the haphazard way it was combined, but this is downtown Felton, the surveillance here is a lot lazier, so the camouflage won’t be discovered easily, and they can continue with their actions. But seriously Leo, are you really going to step into the ring with Old Bon-Bon, even before he left Iron Eyes, he was quite well known as a fighter, you won’t be able to win.” Leo made his way past the crowds of clamoring people, keeping his eye on the ring and the steel cage around it, and the two lizard aliens trying to get the drop on a heavily muscled man with a significant amount of grey hair, and beard twisted into an elaborate braid down to his chest. That was his target, and he watched as the man twisted past the attacks of the two lizard men, tripping one of them with a flourished and well-practiced move, and having his face bounce off the side of the cage, before grabbing the back of his neck, raising him up and bringing his back crashing down on his knee. The final lizard man gave up the fight immediately and the cage was opened for him and his very injured comrade to crawl out of the ring. The sight of this man’s ferociousness left Leo feeling chills, but this was something he had to do, so as they called for a challenger he turned to Bomber. “I’m not fighting him to win, I know I can’t beat him, but a fight is the only way I can have prolonged contact with his wrist band, so I’m fighting to lose. Make sure you bet on me loosing, ill want a cut from it later.” And with that said he shook the Squirrel of his shoulder and stepped into the ring, ignoring Bomber’s shouts of ‘you’re crazy’ as he faces the man in the ring. Old Bon-Bon as Bomber had called him was well over six feet tall and closer to seven, he was jacked and packed with muscle and sweat glistened off his well compact form. He had an eyepatch, it reminded Leo of an old villain called deathstroke. This man was really scary. “Listen Kid, id advice you to back off, you can’t win.” He said as he rolled his shoulders and looked at Leo with his tall yet lanky form and innocent face. “The fight’s not started yet old man, so whether or not I can win would be determined when the fight is over, so be patient, you’ll find out soon enough.” Leo said to him as he raised his two fist up in an awkward boxing stance. “You’ve got balls kid, I like that!” Bon-Bon said to Leo as he started circling around the edge of the ring, like a predator stalking his prey. “Well technically speaking every viable male of any species with capability to reproduce have balls, so stating the obvious doesn’t make me feel flattered or makes you smart, it just makes you stupid.” Leo said trying to incite the old man and get him to fight angry or make a mistake. He might not know much about fighting, but he knew fighters moving based and guided by anger made more mistakes and expended more energy, so he was banking on it. “It seems you also have a mouth on you, very well then kid, ill teach you to respect you elders.” As soon as he finished saying that, Bon-Bon marched across the room towards Leo, and Leo in turn marched towards him, keeping his eyes on the wristband, as he tried to come up with a plan. He threw a punch, or rather it would be simpler to say that he attempted to throw a punch, but before his hands could leave his side, the massive fist of Bon-Bon crashed into the side of his head and everything went dark. [You have been Knocked out]
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