A Proposal To Succeed

1128 Words
Leo groaned out in pain and annoyance at the pounding he was currently feeling in his head, it was crazy just how realistic this game could actually feel, but then again he did just get knocked out by a massive old man, so it was expected. He picked himself up and noticed he was laying down beside a dumpster that absolutely reeked of death; scrambling up to his feet brought him face to face with the body of a homeless person squeezed into a trash can, Leo sniffed then shifted his gaze before locking it with the same man who was responsible for knocking him out. ~bzzzt! ~ His senses almost seemed ready to go haywire as his eyes feel onto his target, he had to get that wristband away from him, and at the moment Leo could feel the piece of technology talking to him, but ultimately the language was still a bit too complex for him to be able to understand. This game really wasn’t making the usage of abilities easy, and right now he has pretty much found himself in a difficult situation. “You’ve got heart kid, I can appreciate spunk in a young man trying to make his way up in the streets of Felton, but dancing around with Iron Eyes is a ticket to an early grave. So I would advise you to give up this suicide mission of yours, because that’s what this is, a suicide mission. There’s nothing and no way you’re getting this wristband off my wrist.” Leo looked around, the Squirrel Bomber was nowhere to be seen, and this alley was pretty much isolated, there would be no help coming, but Leo was no exactly ready and willing to give up. “What if you give the wristband to me instead!” Bon-Bon raised an eyebrow and then scoffed in amusement before asking. “And why would I do that?” Leo already had an answer for that, and gullible or as Naïve as it might sound, this was the only choice he had. This was a game, it wasn’t scripted or set to follow a particular pattern like the games before Virtual reality, it was practically a fluid world, living. Breathing and changing with each decision or choice the players made. But it’s still a game in the end, so it shouldn’t be giving tasks or quests that can’t be completed, he just had to think of another way. “I can help you! I can complete certain tasks or jobs for you, and in return you’ll give me the wristband as payment.” It wasn’t until after he finished talking that he realized just how stupid his suggestion had been. In all honesty even he wouldn’t agree to such a foolish deal, and with how silent Bon-Bon was, it was obvious he didn’t think much of Leo’s suggestion.   “You must hold yourself in high esteem kid, in all honesty I suggest you just take my advice and get the f**k away from Iron eyes. Given how trashy a fighter you are; I doubt you would be able to help me with any problems I might currently have.” It seems hopeless, but Leo was not willing to give up, not at this point.   “Just give me a chance! A single chance is all I ask. Whatever your problems are, just let me try and solve them. the worst that can happen is that I fail and die, you have nothing to lose.” Leo said with no small amount of desperation in his voice.   Frankly speaking it wasn’t as if he was desperate, this was a game, there were opportunities behind every corner you turn your head. the problem just lay in the fact that Leo was not willing to back down without trying everything. So if he had to make himself seem desperate to get this done, then he will, besides he’d rather not go back to being aimless and wandering around town again, this was a direction to follow, and he wanted to see it to the end no matter what.   “Well you’re wrong kid, I do have quite a lot to lose if things go wrong. But I’ll trust you and give you a task. One that I expect you to complete before the night is over, do you understand?” Old Bonbon asked as Leo took a more solid stance and gave a fierce nod of his head.   “Very well then, this is what’s up. I need to get out of Felton city as a whole, however, that’s easier said than done seeing as Triple c’s got the eyes of his enforcers all over my business. They can’t make a move on me because they be worried about who I’ve told about the information I’ve got in this here wristband. But be that as it may, this stalemate been going on for too long, so I need to get out.   In the commercial district there’s a Roman restaurant that’s open at all hours of the day. I need you to locate the back entrance and look for security guard named Zucchini. He’s supposed to give me a new identity chip to get me off Felton city, however they have a little rat problem that they wanted me to help with. Take down the rat, get the chip and get back here before the sun comes up and I might consider letting you help take care of some other tasks in exchange for the wristband. How does that sound to you boy?”   [QUEST: Old man Bonbon has a set of tasks for you. But to get qualified for any of those tasks you have to take care of a rat problem for one of his clients in exchange for an identity chip that will get him off Felton city. //REWARD: 300 credits and Old Man Bonbon’s approval, +5infamy // 5:32:33]   Leo looked up at the weathered but still toned visage of the man in front of him and nodded his head with conviction. “I’ll take care of the rat, just have faith in me. I’ll be back before you know it.” The only thing Old Man Bonbon said as he turned around to walk out the alley, moving back in the direction of the Golden Moses Motel was.   “We’ll see.”
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