Here About A Rat Problem

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Leo came up to the main street of Felton city’s business district with a firm gaze and a hard mind. There was a main street to this district, though if Leo had to be honest he was not so sure about whether this was the only business district of the city. The city itself was extremely huge, and this was just a small part of it, not to mention this was a district that was a little bit closer to the downtown area of Felton city, so without a doubt this should be the business district of the small people. There was probably a posher district in the inner city area. But be that as it may, this place was severely crowded. The street was brightly lit as people moved from one end of the street to the other, busy going about their routines in the dead of night. There were a few nightclubs on the street, restaurants and the same thrift store he had gone into when he had spawned for the first time. He wished he had transportation of any sort as it took him quite a while to walk down, searching for the restaurant. Now there was a big problem, when Old man Bonbon said Leo had to head to a roman restaurant he didn’t exactly specify what a roman restaurant was. But Leo was suspecting Roman probably replaced Italian within the game world, or something similar. So when he came across the front entrance of the ornately designed Maximus Legatee restaurant, he immediately assumed this was what he was sent to. There was a small street in between the restaurant and its dance studio neighbor. There were other small businesses down the street as Leo was able to notice a barber’s shop and what looked to be a watch shop. There was a small alleyway that led to the back of the restaurant after he went down a bit, however there was a truck parked in front of it. Going down a bit Leo noticed a couple of waiters currently loading up the truck with small wine cartons with the name Federico Cassena written in bold red letters om it. Perhaps the restaurant was a depot for red wine or something of the sort, or better yet there could be something hidden in those wine cartons. But be that as it may Leo could not jump into conclusions, who knew what was within those cartons, just because it’s a roman restaurant it doesn’t mean there was anything fishy going on. Those could just be normal, simple, tasty alcoholic beverages being transported from one place to another. Leo walked up to one of the waiters of the restaurant, making sure to make himself look as harmless as possible. But considering he was approaching them while they were loading up a truck in the middle of the night, there was no way suspicions would not be flying around, especially given the current situation. Leo spoke up quickly, it was better to get to the point before he gets misunderstood. “Good Evening, I’m Looking for a Mr. Zucchini: I’m here about a rat problem? I was sent by Old Man Bonbon.” Leo tried to be bold, but honestly he just came off as somewhat sheepish, a young man who had no idea what he was currently doing. Try as it may his awkward and simple nature made him seem like an innocent kid who had no idea what he was doing. The waiters took a cursory look at Leo for a moment, not at all sure how to process the event currently happening in front of them. the silence, and the way some of them shifted their gaze from the boxes they were carrying and back to Leo gave him the impression that they were moving more than just wine. There was a waiter that was heavily built, his size alone was twice if not three times of Leo’s lanky frame, not to mention his height of eight feet. “Stay here and do not move, I get Zucchini for you.” It was now obvious to Leo that Romans were probably Italians. And it did sort of make sense, as this game had its lore based on earth a thousand plus years after an apocalyptic crisis. A lot of things within the planet itself had changed, but be that as it may, some remnants of the old earth might have survived in one way or the other. The accent of the roman that just answered Leo was thick, and even if he has never met an Italian before in real life, the few times he has gotten to see one in movies had built a sort of trope within his mind. Leo kept his patience as the heft man went through the alleyway and straight for the back entrance while the rest of the waiters stopped what they were doing and chose to keep a close eye on Leo. It was an extremely uncomfortable atmosphere and Leo felt really tense. He couldn’t help but think and imagine if there might have been a better way to approach this guys and ask for Zucchini. But thankfully he didn’t have to wait long as the massive guy came back, and following right behind him was four-foot man with an elaborate twisted mustache, a receding hairline that was slicked back and a well-tailored suit, that would make biggest bosses green with envy. This was zucchini? Leo had to be honest and said that he was somewhat disappointed by how that turned out. He took a step forward, about to open his mouth and relay his intentions when Zucchini swiped a hand across his lips and Leo suddenly found he was unable to say a word, like his mind wanted to talk and he knew the words he wanted to say, but they just wouldn’t come out. Zucchini gestured with his fingers and Leo felt as if the entire world was on top of his shoulders as he was forced to kneel by his own volition. It was as if his body was refusing to listen to his own commands. [You Have Been Subjected to Mind Reading, Protect Your Thoughts!] But how could he do so, all he could do was think and become scared by how this situation had devolved from his being sent on an errand to having his mind probed by a short mafia guard with a weird mustache. It was obvious that at first glance Leo could not relate the short man to a guard at a restaurant, but given what he was going through right now, he quickly understood that this was a super-powered guard. “His story checks out, get me a taxi and a get me a rat kit from the storage room. This one is pretty green, but I believe he would be able to get the job done, now hurry up boy!” the short man yelled at the massive giant of a man behind him, who just nodded his head meekly like some child being ordered around by a strict father. Leo on the other hand was still left to feel extremely scared and horrified as he was unable to even move his body one bit. The short man moved his head as if he suddenly gained an epiphany as he snapped his fingers and Leo was completely free from whatever Mental hold he had been placed in. he broke out in a cold sweat as he felt the sheer difference of power between, it left him so shaken he couldn’t even appraise the dwarf in front of him. “My apologies my friend, such security measures are required to run an establishment like this. Now how is my good friend Bonbon, hope the past few days has seen him well?” Leo was still a bit flustered, but he answered just the same. “He’s doing fine; he sends his regards to your sir.” “Oh! Well then let me give you a briefing of what you need to do. The taxi will take you to an address non, and then once you’re in the building head to room 399 on the sixteenth floor. You can just tell the doorman at the entrance that you’re from the Legatae and he will let you right in my friend. I’ll give you a…... how do they put it, Rat kit to use in handling the job. The rat is inside the room and you will see it the moment you get in. also once you’re done with the rat extermination do change your clothes, and get rid of the old ones, and then come back here for a reward. Now do you have any questions my friend?”
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